From Seed to Bud

Day by Day Grow Course

Growing your marijuana plants from seed to bud can be a simple process when you know all of the ins and outs. Our day to day grow course helps you expand your knowledge and learn every little detail about helping your cannabis seeds germinate, helping your plants through the vegetative stage; all the way through to the flowering phases. Each aspect of the course is carefully designed to provide you with enough information to grow your cannabis plants safely and effectively to produce great results. Cannabis can take weeks to grow through the flowering stage, it’s an extremely important process where light cycles must be monitored. In this section, we’ll walk you through every week of how to properly look after your plants. Lastly, we have a detailed guide on harvesting, drying and trimming your marijuana plants so that the weed is ready for use.
Germinating Cannabis Seeds
Cannabis Vegetative Stage
Cannabis Flowering Week 1 And 2
Cannabis Flowering Stages Week 3 & 4
Cannabis Flowering Week 5 And 6
Cannabis Flowering Week 7 And 8
Harvesting, Drying And Trimming

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