Grow Skills

Expert Tricks for Better Results

So, you’ve bought some cannabis seeds, you have the growing conditions prepped and you’re ready to become an expert cannabis grower. With decades of experience in marijuana horticulture, we’ve developed a guide full of tricks that you can benefit from when growing your own weed. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, we’re there and there are a few tips in here that you’ll need to produce the biggest and best yields. In this section, you’ll find everything from fimming and drying cannabis, all the way to transplanting and pruning your marijuana plants. In this section, you’ll also find out the best time to harvest your marijuana plants and the difference between wet and dry trimming. If you want to become an expert cannabis grower, follow these guides and you’ll be growing high-quality cannabis in no time.
Fimming Cannabis Plants
Wet Trimming
Pruning Cannabis
Dry Trimming
Drying Cannabis
When to Harvest Weed
Super Cropping Marijuana
Topping Cannabis Plants: Why, When & How
Transplanting Cannabis Plants

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