Grow Monster Plants Outside

The outdoor section is all about how you can get the biggest and more beautiful cannabis plants when growing them outside. Expert cannabis growers need to know what to expect when cultivating cannabis outdoors. The guides below are essential to help you prepare your outdoor area for growing cannabis seeds and plants, along with any complications that may arise when cultivating marijuana. If you’ve got a big backyard and your neighbors don’t complain, then growing outside may be the option for you. In our Outdoor Marijuana Grow course, you’ll find plenty of information on the best locations, growing techniques and which marijuana seeds are perfect for growing outdoors. Soil isn’t the only option to grow cannabis seeds in, we’ve created a DIY hydroponics course that shows you how to use clay pellets to grow your cannabis in. We highly recommend that you read our guides if you want to grow your cannabis outdoors as they provide a lot of insight into nurturing and maintaining your plants throughout the growing process.
Outdoor Marijuana Grow
DIY Hydroponic System

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