Plant Care

Give The Best Care For The Best Results

Like all plants, marijuana plants need expert care, attention to detail and maintenance so that they survive and produce some of the most beautiful buds on the planet. Luckily for you, we’ve combined trade skills and knowledge to bring out a series of guides that will help you look after every aspect of your marijuana plants. Cannabis can often be subject to diseases and fungi, which can cause bud rot and other harmful diseases. The guides below can help you to check your plants for symptoms, alongside helping you to understand the anatomy of cannabis plants like the root system and the function of the leaves. Pests are also a huge problem, especially if you’re growing cannabis outside, down if you follow our guides, we’ll explain which bugs are harmful and how you can prevent them from ruining your plants. Plant care is essential to grow high-quality cannabis, we highly recommend that you read this section thoroughly to give your plants the love and care they need.
Marijuana Plant Symptom Checker
Bud Rot
Functions of Cannabis Leaves
Marijuana Root System
Cannabis Nutrients
Weed Plant Problems
Cannabis Pests

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