Proper Watering For Flourishing Plants

The majority of plants on the planet need sufficient water to help them flourish and cannabis plants are no different. In our grow course, we’ve created a section especially about growing the most beautiful, green and lush marijuana plants that are ready for harvesting. The guides below explain what Electric Conductivity is (the number of minerals and nutrients in the soil) so that you can provide your plants with nutrient-dense soil that stimulates growth. If you’re planning on growing in pre-fertilized soil, make sure to follow our guide on how to use a cannabis grow schedule to get the best results. Nutrient solutions are vital to support the health of your weed plants, our guide shows you how you can make one at home. Water is essential to the survival of your marijuana plants, if you want to be an expert grower, make sure to read the guide thoroughly so you can keep your plants healthy and safe.
What Is EC
Cannabis Grow Schedule
Cannabis PH
Making A Nutrient Solution

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