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Mississippi Cannabis Seeds

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18 Items

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Mississippi Seed Bank  

If you’re thinking about growing cannabis seeds in Mississippi, you’re in luck -- it’s a great place to grow weed. This is especially true when you think about Mississippi’s climate. The biodiversity of the Magnolia State is incredible, and that’s not a coincidence -- plants love Mississippi.

Whether it’s lady fern, boxelder, pecan trees, dogwood, or cannabis, Mississippi has a huge array of native plants that just love to grow there. As everyone knows, Mississippi’s climate is hot and humid in the summer months, and its winter months are temperate. Rainfall can occur at any time of the year, but the humidity is super high in the summer because of the prevailing southerly winds.

This means if you're growing cannabis seeds that like humidity and water, they will grow like a charm within  Mississippi. People love to grow pot seeds in Mississippi, and the fact that the grow season (the hot summer months) lasts so long does not hurt one bit.

Mississippi Marijuana Seeds 

While Mississippi’s climate makes things relatively easy for those with the right kind of seeds, getting those marijuana seeds in Mississippi, to begin with, can be a major challenge for residents. It is not like you can just walk down the street to your local garden center and ask for weed seeds. Nope, you’ll need to turn your sights elsewhere.

Some people source marijuana seeds from friends’ plants or find free seeds in the bags of weed they bought. This works, but you’ll need to think about quality. While your friend might know what they are doing and only produce the highest quality plants, chances are this is not the case. Most people do not have that luxury and must buy and find their marijuana seeds themselves.

Quality is everything when it comes to growing marijuana. This is also why so-called “bag seeds” -- free seeds you find in the weed you purchased from your local dealer -- are, many times, useless. Even if they sprout, the chances are very high that your plant will struggle during its life. However, it’s worth emphasizing that most of these marijuana seeds will not germinate.

If you want your cannabis seeds to produce marijuana, you need good seeds. Think about the lost investment. You’ve likely already spent time and effort on supplies - which could include grow tents and lights, preparing to grow weed. How would you feel if you went through all of that effort, only to have your seeds fail? It’s not worth it.

However, having your marijuana seeds not germinate is only one thing to worry about. You should also think about your seeds’ genetics. Even if you’re not aiming to grow the best feminized seeds in Mississippi, you’ll want their genetics to be solid. Cannabis seeds with poor genetics struggle while growing, and you might quickly find yourself in the throes of a boring, frustrating agricultural expedition if you don't research before you buy marijuana seeds for sale. Poor quality cannabis seeds have worse health, lower yields, and are susceptible to diseases and pests like molds, mildews, and infestations. They’re also a lot more difficult to grow! You will have a much better time if you invest in some higher-quality marijuana seeds, to begin with.

For those searching for high-quality cannabis seeds for sale online so that they can grow them in Mississippi, the seed bank itself will be the most important factor in the quality of their weed seeds. Whether you are somewhere else or in Mississippi, a seed bank online might claim to produce reliable, high-quality seeds shipped to your door - but you can say whatever you want on the internet! How do you know it is true?

Your best bet is to buy marijuana seeds online from a well-established cannabis seedbank with positive user reviews to show for it. It’s also a good idea to choose a seedbank that includes some sort of guarantee for its cannabis seeds, like ILGM’s germination guarantee. If your marijuana seeds don’t germinate for any reason, you’ll receive replacement seeds for free. A germination guarantee means the breeder trusts the quality of their product, which is a very positive sign for any grower.

Buying Pot Seeds in Mississippi: What You Should Consider

Cultivating marijuana in Mississippi is more than choosing cannabis seeds. You need to choose the right marijuana seeds. Proper cannabis seed selection makes a huge difference in the quality of your harvest. Whether you want to grow the best auto seeds in Mississippi or any trustworthy cannabis seeds that will do well in your setup, there are several factors to consider before you buy marijuana seeds for Mississippi via a seed bank online.

It can be overwhelming to look at the huge selection of Mississippi cannabis seeds online at seed banks such as ILGM. But as long as you know the key characteristics to look out for, finding a solid strain should not be a problem. There are three factors worth considering - climate, expertise, and seedbank. Here’s how the climate you’ll be growing in, your growing expertise, and the cannabis seedbank you order from impact your end results.


Considering the climate seems relatively straightforward, but many people overlook this when buying weed seeds. You must buy marijuana seeds that will grow well in your climate. In Mississippi, the climate is clear: hot and humid. Specifically, the state is mostly humid subtropical, although some of the northeastern parts are oceanic. Winters are short, and summers are long, hot, and humid. You’ll have uncomfortably hot weather from May through September. While people might not want to hang out outside during this weather, plenty of plants are more than happy to grow in it.

You need strains that do okay in humidity. Some marijuana strains are prone to developing mold or mildew, which primarily happens in wet conditions. You can always grow these strains (or any strains, really) indoors, as you will have more control over the weather conditions there. But if you’re growing outdoors in Mississippi, buy cannabis seeds that like heat and humidity.

A good one to try is Strawberry Cough. These female plants thrive both indoors or outdoors and are easy to grow, even if you’re a beginner. Strawberry Cough is so low-maintenance, some might even say these marijuana seeds are the best feminized seeds in Mississippi! This cannabis grows on the tall side, so if you’re trying to keep your plants discreet, indoors may be a safer choice.  But we’ll leave that for you to decide.


Now is the time to be honest with yourself: how much real-life experience do you have growing marijuana? Honestly answering this question will help you immensely on your hunt for the perfect seeds. It’s better to grow cannabis that matches your own skills than to grow the best auto seeds in Mississippi simply because they’re the best. If you don’t know what you are doing, you’ll realize it when it’s time to harvest. In summary, choose beginner cannabis seeds if you’re a beginner. To improve your skills, you can also download the Free Marijuana Grow Bible.

Seed Bank 

Last but not least, the seedbank you order from is critical. You need reliable marijuana seeds -- and these come from a reliable seedbank. In Mississippi, seed bank shipping is also essential. You want your marijuana seeds shipped discreetly and safely; otherwise, you’re wasting your money. Buy cannabis seeds from a seedbank that guarantees its deliveries and has experience practicing stealthy shipping. ILGM does both of these things and has decades of experience to prove its reliability.

Where to Buy the Best Marijuana Seeds in Mississippi

For growers in Mississippi, seed bank shipping, quality of seeds, and general reliability are essential factors when choosing where to order seeds. ILGM has all of these and more. With decades of experience, ILGM is a reliable source for marijuana seeds in Mississippi. We also make the process easy with detailed descriptions of each marijuana seed type to know what to expect and how to grow it well. We also explain common effects, potency, flavors, ideal climate, and whether the strain is good for beginners.

No matter what you’re looking for in Mississippi cannabis seeds, ILGM is your reliable source. We also offer a germination guarantee -- if for some reason your marijuana seeds don’t germinate, we’ll send new ones for free. If that doesn’t guarantee quality, what will?

The Top 5 Cannabis Seeds in Mississippi 

Choosing your perfect cannabis strain can be a challenge. To make your search a little easier, we have selected the five top-selling feminized cannabis strains for growers in Mississippi. This gives you a glimpse of some of the best strains and hopefully jump-starts your search for the perfect seeds.   

Blue Dream Seeds 

Blue Dream is a beginner-friendly strain that is easy to grow both indoors or outdoors in Mississippi. However,  you’ll have a slightly easier time indoors since this plant prefers a bit lower humidity than average Mississippi summers can offer. 

We recommend Blue Dream feminized auto flowering marijuana seeds for indoor growing. It is fast flowering, making it easier and more fun for even the most impatient grower. This 20% indica, 80% sativa hybrid produces THC levels of up to 21%. 

Durban Poison Seeds 

Durban Poison is a 100% sativa landrace strain that works best indoors in Mississippi. While it loves sun and heat, it’s not a fan of humidity. On top of that, feminized Durban Poison seeds are best grown in a hydroponics setup. That can be tricky, so we do not recommend it for beginners. 

Durban Poison produces a happy high that puts people in a great mood and increases focus. THC levels can reach up to 20%.

Hindu Kush Seeds 

Hindu Kush is another strain that is not a fan of humidity. However, it is a really good choice for beginners, as long as you’re growing it indoors in a dry environment.  Hindu Kush plants tend to get dense and bushy, which is part of the reason they should avoid humidity -- their bushy branches could attract mold and mildew. For the best results, make sure your grow space is well ventilated. 

Cultivating this plant rewards you with a lovely 100% indica strain with THC levels of up to 18%. Its calming effects are immediate and effective.  

White Widow Seeds 

White Widow comes in all sorts of varieties, meaning there will be something for everyone. It is a universally loved strain, with easy-going, balanced effects (which come from its balanced 60% indica and 40% sativa genes) and easy-going cultivation. 

White Widow does well against disease, making it ideal for new growers, even outdoors. You could grow this plant outdoors in Mississippi; however, if you want smaller, less noticeable plants, choose the auto flowering cannabis seed strains.

Gorilla Glue Seeds 

Another beginner-friendly strain, Gorilla Glue, comes in both feminized and auto flowering seed strains. You’ll want to grow this plant indoors because it likes it warm but also dry, so Mississippi’s humid weather is not ideal. Despite this drawback, Gorilla Glue is fun to grow and is very rewarding - even for beginners. To make things even easier, go for the autoflower strain, which shortens the amount of time you’ll spend waiting to harvest quite a bit. It also keeps the size manageable. 

People love Gorilla Glue because of its super-strong THC potential - (up to 26%!). This fully balanced hybrid relaxes the body and the mind.

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