What Are Cannabis F1 Hybrids Seeds?

F1 Hybrids: elite cannabis seeds yielding nearly identical plants like clones. Combining best traits of two strains for boosted vigor, uniformity, potency. Grower's dream!

What Are Cannabis F1 Hybrids Seeds?

F1 Hybrids are top-shelf cannabis seeds that will produce plants that are almost entirely identical to one another. They are the closest to clones in seed form. Unlike cannabis clones, which have characteristics from one mother plant, F1 Hybrids inherit the best characteristics of two parent strains, resulting in offspring with enhanced vigor, uniformity, and potency. Everything a grower wants to hear!

What are F1 Hybrids

In genetics lingo, F1 (Filial 1) means the first generation of offspring between two parents. However, for a cannabis strain to be considered an F1 Hybrid, its parent strains have to be unrelated. This means breeders must find two cannabis varieties that do not share similar genes for those specific traits. Traditionally, this was done by finding location-specific “landraces” when explorers travel the world and bring seeds back home to widen the gene pool. 

Nowadays, as landraces become harder and harder to find, breeders have to work at inbreeding varieties to create F1 Hybrids. Also called true-breeding varieties or In-Bred Lines (IBLs), these cannabis cultivars are made for the sole purpose of creating a stable strain that consistently expresses certain desirable traits.

Breeders put a lot of time and dedication into ensuring the stability of the inbred lines they’re working with, typically breeding the strain at least five generations (F5) and sometimes even up to twenty (F20).

Why are F1 Hybrid Seeds Special? 

A true F1 Hybrid can only be produced by crossing two completely unrelated parent strains, such as landraces or the above-mentioned IBLs. F1 Hybrids offer two main benefits – codominance and hybrid vigor.

Codominance means the hybrid should express the dominant traits that it shares with its parents, while hybrid vigor means the resulting offspring should have increased performance (growth rate, yield, stress tolerance, etc.)

This means that a true F1 Hybrid plant will express both the stability of dominant traits of the parents but also bring with this predictability an increased performance called “hybrid vigor” or “heterosis.” You get plants that remain “true” to their parents but are usually better performers. Conversely, strains with a shared genetic line have a higher chance of inheriting recessive traits, which will give you less predictable results but more genetic variety.

Why are Phylos x ILGM Production-Ready Seeds the Future of Cannabis Cultivation?

Through a data-driven and scientific approach, Phylos Bioscience uses biotechnology, known as marker-assisted breeding, to speed up the process of creating IBLs. Remember all the hard work breeders do to stabilize a specific strain? Well, Phylos has the ability to apply scientific techniques to speed up the process. Speeding up their phenohunts and selfing processes, therefore producing stable, efficient genetics.

Jared Reynbery, Sr. Director of Plant Breeding at Phylos, shares:

“It's so rewarding to develop this F1 seed technology that, while considered standard in most other ag industries, is quite groundbreaking in the cannabis industry. I strongly believe that transforming cannabis cultivation away from clonal production and towards seed-based production can lower production costs and labor requirements, increase efficiency, and provide medicinal and recreational users with a top-shelf product without the top shelf prices.”

This technology has been used in agriculture for a while and its benefits are proven. There is a good chance your favorite vegetables are produced using F1 Hybrids! Below, you will find some special recommendations from our team of experts. 

Phylos Elite Feminized F1 Hybrids

Phylos Elite Seeds are an innovation in the industry, providing fully-feminized F1 Hybrid seed lines that incorporate the desired characteristics of clones with the ease, resilience, and vigor of seeds. These HLVD-free seeds exhibit outstanding stress tolerance, making them superior to clonal cultivars. Phylos takes pride in the quality of its F1 Hybrid Elite Seeds, which can consistently produce top-shelf quality flower with high cannabinoid content, regardless of whether they’re grown indoors or outdoors.

Lemon Fresh Feminized

Lemon Fresh is a high-quality sativa-dominant strain with the sharp, fresh aroma of lemon citrus and gassy notes that resemble Sour Diesel. Growers love this sativa-hybrid’s fast-flowering nature and heavy yields of high-quality flowers with THC levels of up to 27%. If lemony energizing strains are your thing, you can't miss the Lemon Fresh.

Lemon Fresh Feminized Seeds

Lemon Fresh, a distinguished feminized Sativa cultivar, brings a burst of gassy lemon flavor to the palette. Perfectly embodying the essence of its name, this strain is a power-packed combination of all that Sativas embodies.

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Pineapple Donut Feminized

When it comes to flavor, Pineapple Donut has to be up there as one of the best sweet-tasting strains. This sativa-dominant strain combines the tropical tang of pineapples with the cakey sweetness of freshly baked donuts. But where Pineapple Donut truly shines as a cultivar is when you grow it, as it’s able to adapt to adverse environmental conditions to ensure you get a good yield.

Pineapple Donut Feminized

Embark on a tropical journey with Pineapple Donut, a remarkable Sativa hybrid that combines the lushness of pineapple with the cakey sweetness of a freshly baked donut.

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Sweet Tartz Feminized

If you want to grow a robust strain, then I highly recommend Sweet Tartz. This stress-tolerant strain is a great choice for those wanting to learn how to apply high-stress training to their plants without the worry of overstressing their plants.

Sweet Tartz Feminized Seeds

Sweet Tartz isn’t just another cultivar; it’s a testament to the art of cannabis breeding. Meticulously crafted by the team at Phylos, this unique hybrid combines tantalizing flavors with robust growth characteristics.

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Phylos Premium Feminized F1 Hybrids

Phylos’s premium line is filled with spectacular flavors, aromas, and plants that will be a pleasure to grow. With a discerning eye and palette, the Phylos breeding team sought out standout traits in each of these cultivars, revealing their best potential.  The end results are the highest-quality genetics at an affordable price.

Yuzu Sour Feminized

Yuzu Sour has a sweet and tangy flavor that resembles the citrus fruit it's named after, which tastes like a mix of mandarin oranges and grapefruit. But, if you truly want to enjoy the flavors of this hybrid strain, I highly recommend running the flowers through solventless extraction to reveal the full breadth of its flavor.

Yuzu Sour Feminized

Yuzu Sour, an exquisite feminized hybrid, blends the tangy zest of citrus with a well-rounded sweet profile for flavor chasers. As part of our exclusive range of seeds with Phylos, this cultivar boasts a tantalizing aroma and a balanced high.

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Biscotti Bliss Feminized

Biscotti Bliss is a premium hybrid that’s suitable for all growers. Because it exhibits robust qualities against environmental stresses, this Phylos hybrid makes for one of the best strains for growers of all levels. But besides its resilience, Biscotti Bliss also has good yields ranging from 26 to 33 ounces per square meter.

Biscotti Bliss Feminized Seeds

Embrace the delectable and decadent world of Biscotti Bliss, a hybrid that captures the essence of Italian biscotti in cannabis, bringing full flavors.

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Rocket Juice Autoflower

Phylos’s premium line of seeds also includes autoflowers like Rocket Juice. This balanced hybrid was crafted to ensure healthy and stable plants with consistent growth patterns.

For enthusiasts with an adventurous palette, Rocket Juice blends spice with gassy aromas and flavors. As for its effects, despite the name, this balanced hybrid has more of an indica-dominant effect. It’s the perfect strain when you’re looking to kick back and feel relaxed on a Sunday afternoon.

Rocket Juice Autoflower Seeds

Rocket Juice is a beautiful autoflowering hybrid that offers a potent and dynamic blend of gas and spice flavors. Reminiscent of its name, Rocket Juice lets you relax in your seat before sending your mood into liftoff so you can enjoy your day.

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Phylos Autoflower F1 Hybrids

For home growers situated in places with short outdoor seasons, Phylos autoflower seeds are the perfect solution. Plus, they’re F1 Hybrids as well. Like their feminized counterparts, these F1 Autos consistently reward you with the highest quality of flowers.

The same meticulous effort put into its feminized line also went into developing its autoflower seeds, ensuring that only the best qualities shine through in each plant that it produces. Here are just some examples:

Gooseberry Syrup Auto

Gooseberry Syrup is an indica autoflower strain that will appeal to growers of all skill levels. New and aspiring growers will love this autoflower for its small and easy-to-manage size, which grows no bigger than 2 feet tall. Gooseberry is a great high-yielding autoflower.

Gooseberry Syrup Autoflower Seeds

Gooseberry Syrup is like a little bundle of joy for your senses, blending the quirky tartness of gooseberries with a dash of sweet, syrupy goodness. Each puff brings a floral note grounded in earthy pine and gas, creating a really distinctive and enjoyable aroma that's hard to forget. And here's the cool part – it's not just about the taste and smell.

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Grease Monkey Auto

Grease Monkey was originally a photoperiod strain from the Pacific Northwest. Now, thanks to Phylos’s innovative breeding expertise, this F1 autoflower has higher yields that can compete with a super auto, which is an auto strain that produces high yields.

Grease Monkey Autoflower Seeds

Grease Monkey is an intriguing autoflowering hybrid that combines the hearty flavors of pine and gas with the convenience of a quick grow cycle. Its genetics create a cultivar that’s easy to cultivate and delivers a satisfying experience that calms you down and fills your body with a warm, cradling glow.

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Lime Glow Auto

When it comes to capitalizing on the best traits of an autoflower, look no further than Lime Glow. This F1 auto grows compact plants, which is great for making the most out of the growing space that you have, especially if you don’t have a lot. Lime Glow has a fast turnaround, taking only 80 days from seed to harvest.

Want to try growing multiple harvests in a single season? Try your hand at cultivating Lime Glow. It won’t disappoint either, as you can expect a harvest of around 15 to 19 ounces per square meter.

Lime Glow Autoflower Seeds

Step into a world of zesty, earthy delight with Lime Glow, an autoflowering hybrid that brings the fresh and tangy flavors of lime to your garden. With an electric green hue to the flowers and a very loud nose on it, this cross brings the absolute best qualities of each of its parents to life in a spectacular way.

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The quality of Phylos’s autoflower seeds doesn’t stop at Lime Glow. All the cultivars in their full Phylos autoflower lineup have yields that compare and even compete with super autoflowers. Moreover, their F1 Hybrids are guaranteed to have increased growth rate, stress tolerance, and yield because of ‘hybrid vigor.’

If you wish to know more about F1 Hybrids, how they are created and how cannabis breeding works in the first place, read our in-depth article about F1, F2, S1, BXL, and IBL Seeds. There you'll find out exactly what you want to know about breeding cannabis genetics yourself.