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Indoor Marijuana Seeds

The best marijuana seeds for growing indoors

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The best marijuana seeds for growing indoors

Indoor Weed Seeds

No space to grow your marijuana outdoors? You can grow indoors using artificial lighting and a controlled environment. With the best indoor marijuana seeds, you only need to focus on the wind, light, and humidity.

Why Grow Indoors?

Indoor growers do not have to worry about outside elements, such as climate and weather conditions, destroying their Cannabis plants. Instead, they can plant their seeds indoors and enjoy fresh marijuana all year round. Indoor seeds come in a variety of strains, whether you enjoy a mellow hybrid, powerful indica, or euphoric sativa. Growers of all levels are sure to find their perfect strain.

There are numerous benefits to growing marijuana indoors. A significant benefit is control. When growing indoors, the grower has complete control of the environment. They can control the water, air, light, nutrition, and temperature that the plants receive. This also means the chance of pests and diseases diminishes substantially. In other words, growing marijuana indoors increases the likelihood of a healthy crop, which can also improve potency and yield.

The Advantages of Growing Indoors

Growing marijuana indoors comes with plenty of advantages. There are no time constraints, and you don't have to trust the local environment. Without the problems caused by outdoor pests, weather, and disease, you can get an impressive harvest in almost no time. Choose indoor seeds to:

  • Harvest quicker
  • Grow whenever you want
  • Worry less about pests
  • Gain complete control over lighting and temperature

Best of all, you don't need that much space. You can grow a marijuana plant with as little of four-square feet of free space.

If you can make the space, growing marijuana plants inside will give you the best chance of success.

The Disadvantages of Growing Indoors

Growing plants indoors does have a few disadvantages. The obvious one is space, and there's a limited supply of it indoors. You will need to learn how the make the most of your space or limit the number of plants that you grow at a time. If you plan to grow more marijuana than you have space, this can be a problem. Here's what you should keep in mind:

  • Large plants can overwhelm small rooms
  • Lights can be expensive
  • You lose the space for other purposes
  • Not every roommate wants to live with indoor plants

Indoor grows are best for many small plants or just a few big plants. However, if you plan ahead, you can mitigate this.

Save time. Grow Indoors

For growers on a schedule, indoor marijuana strains are a great option. This is because the flowering time of a marijuana plant grown indoors is much shorter than one using outdoor growing. When growing outdoors, you need an entire growing season, which can take about 3-5 months. Indoor growing, on the other hand, only takes about 8-10 weeks.

Try Out New Strains

Is there a potent strain that you've been dreaming of growing? Some of the most rewarding strains pose more of a challenge for beginner growers due to their specific needs. Indoor growing makes it easier to create the perfect environment for these prized strains. If you can maintain an optimal growing environment, you can grow nearly any marijuana strain.

More Control

Some strains are delicate or prone to pests. These plants benefit from a little more care and protection than hardy outdoor strains, but they make up for it with impressive harvests or sky-high cannabinoid levels. By growing these plants inside, you can give them the care they need without risking a cold snap destroying your crop.

Multiple Harvests

When you're not tied to the outside world, you can grow more plants, more frequently. When you're not connected to the weather, you can get multiple harvests in a single year. In fact, some indoor strains allow you to harvest as often as six times a year if you're working with the best indoor strains.

Selecting Your Indoor Seeds

Finding indoor marijuana seeds for sale is not that challenging because many strains are suitable indoors. Unlike outdoor seeds, these seeds will receive the perfect environment from their grower. When you buy seeds from indoor marijuana seeds instead of the seeds from clones, you continue the legacy of a strong plant that does well under controlled environments. However, you do not necessarily need to plant these seeds indoors. Some indoor seeds do perfectly fine outdoors, whereas other strains should be outdoors due to their large size.

With so many options, it is best to consider these three factors:

  • What strain are you interested in, or what type of high do you want to achieve?
  • How much space will you have for growing your weed plants?
  • How much marijuana would you like to yield from your labors?

Many indoor growers prefer to buy indoor marijuana seeds that grow into average-height plants that stay compact and manageable. However, if you have enough space to grow something larger, your options are far greater.

The 6 Best Indoor Marijuana Seeds

The best indoor grows start with the best indoor marijuana seeds. If you want to order indoor marijuana seeds, these six seed strains are the best indoor marijuana seeds to grow.

AK-47 Feminized Seeds

This strain is a potent plant that can hit up to 20% THC levels with ease. While the plants can grow large, they stay compact if you keep them trimmed. In just eight weeks, you can harvest up to 14 ounces per square yard.

Amnesia Haze Feminized Seeds

If you want a strain that's going to provide an impressive indoor harvest, look no further than Amnesia Haze. It provides yields as high as 25 ounces per square yard in nine weeks. THC levels on this 80/20 sativa-dominant strain can reach 21%. This is an impressive return on the feminized indoor marijuana seeds cost.

Critical Mass Feminized Seeds

CBD is an important part of the Cannabis experience. Critical Mass feminized indoor marijuana seeds offer up to 9% CBD levels, 22% THC levels, and up to 17 ounces of bud per square yard in just eight weeks. Best of all, these plants are incredibly easy to grow, so even beginners will enjoy the process.

Northern Lights Feminized Seeds

indica-dominant strains like Northern Lights are compact plants perfect for growing inside. This strain offers up to 16 ounces per square meter in nine weeks and thrives on indoor environments. The strain can reach THC contents of up to 18% for a comfortable, stony high.

Power Plant Feminized Seeds

This is an energetic, euphoric strain that's easy to grow. Power Plant can provide up to 18 ounces per square yard in just eight weeks. It has a powerful THC content of up to 20%, making this a quick, simple, and intense strain for anyone to try.

Trainwreck Feminized Seeds

This strain is anything but a train wreck! It offers an intense sativa-dominant high with a THC content of up to 21%. Keeping it away from outside pests can help secure up to 25 ounces of bud per square yard in nine weeks – an absolutely incredible yield! If you want to buy extreme yield indoor marijuana seeds, these are the right choice.

Creating the Perfect Environment

When growing marijuana indoors, the grower must create the perfect environment for their plants. If you want your plant to thrive, you must consider every aspect of nature, including the sun, rain, and wind. You also need to provide the correct amount of lighting, which includes darkness.

If you plan to grow a more challenging strain, you may need to make additional adjustments. Your indoor grow space could need fans, humidifiers, or heaters. Many growers also use carbon filters and exhaust systems to remove the odor that is associated with flowering plants.

An indoor growing environment can also utilize advanced growing setups to improve yield or potency. These can include hydroponics, aeroponics, and other soil-less mediums. Advanced setups allow even more precise delivery of nutrients for higher yields and more potent harvests.

Growing Indoor Marijuana Seeds

Indoor marijuana seeds grow best with the proper environment and lighting. However, soil-less mediums often benefit from nutrients such as Bergman's Plant Food. Keep growing areas clean to prevent pests and molds.

Most plants will be ready for harvest within 10 weeks. Autoflowering and other fast-flowering varieties can finish in about 8 weeks.

When it's time to harvest, dry, and cure for the best results.

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