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Feminized Seeds

Are you looking for amazing bud guaranteed every grow? Then you want feminized weed seeds.

With feminized seeds you cut the guesswork to get the most from your grow. No pollination from male plants and guaranteed flowers!

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Autoflowering Seeds

Are you a beginner, or simply looking for a fast grow? You want autoflowering cannabis seeds.

With no light cycle management even the newest grower can grow their own year round. Great results from weed seed to bud in just 10 weeks!

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High THC

Guaranteed to blow your mind!

Our High THC selection is perfect for those seeking some strong effects!
Or try our Extreme THC strains.
If you dare...

Medical Strains

I Love Growing Marijuana is a firm supporter of the medical use of cannabis. We’ve selected some of the best strains to support the treatment you need.

Why Choose ILGM?

Free Shipping We ship daily to the U.S. , Australia, New Zealand and West-European countries.Shipping to the U.S. and Europe is FREE.Shipping to Australia requires a $25 fee.
Guaranteed Delivery If your order does not arrive, for whatever reason, we will ship your seeds again.For FREE! It’s only fair.
Guaranteed Germination We stand by our seeds, and strive to give you the best experience possible!
24/7 Expert Grow Support With our forum and Grow Bible, we're here to provide all the info you need!
About Us

Beginner Seeds

For those just starting out we selected strains that are relatively easy to grow. Find the best autoflower and novice strains here.

High Yield

Our high yielding section contains the best cash crops we could come across.

I received my seeds to USA in under 1 week. Great service and incredibly fast. Stealth shipping was a brilliant packing idea. Can't wait to get these growing!!

Mr Talley Mane

United States

Took a chance and finally decided to try ordering seeds online. Thank God I settled on ILGM for my first experience!

First pull of purple haze 1.1lbs!!!

Shroomz420 aka Lucy

United Kingdom


Some strains flourish more indoors while others have a love for the sun. Pick your personal climate.


Some of the best conventional ánd biological nutrients to boost your yield!

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Complete Sets

Whether you’re just starting out or just hunting for a bargain, these complete sets provide all the seeds, nutrients and boosters to get you through your grow.

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Mix Packs

Can’t choose what strains to pick? We have you covered! Try our mixpacks and choose from fruity, spicy, autoflower and more sets.

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About I Love Growing Marijuana

My name is Robert Bergman. For the past 25 years I have been growing marijuana in and around Amsterdam. Starting out in small home-based setups with just 5 plants, moving on to industrial sized plantations and laboratory breeding.

Those days of large scale growing are behind me. Now I am on a mission to share my knowledge about growing weed. In two decades of growing I have tackled about every problem there is. From plant care, to security, from obtaining quality seeds, to harvesting and selling. Now the time has come to share.

In 2012 I teamed up with some friends and started I Love Growing Marijuana as a platform for sharing my knowledge. As the blog grew in popularity I gathered fellow breeders to bring you the best seeds available on the market. Why? Because we all just do love growing marijuana. Read more...