Feminized Seeds

Don’t have time to cull male cannabis plants? With feminized marijuana seeds, you’ll get beautiful buds with every grow. 

Whether you’re looking for Sativa or high THC, with feminized seeds you’ll only grow female plants. Get flourishing weed without any pesky males in the mix!

Autoflowering Seeds

Whether you’re a beginner or simply looking for a low maintenance grow, you’ll want autoflowering cannabis seeds

With no changing light cycles, autoflowering marijuana seeds can be grown all year round from seed to bud in as little as 10 weeks!

High THC Strains

Get a powerful buzz from your beautiful bud, take a look at our High THC collection and get the most from your weed seeds.

If you’re feeling brave, test our Extreme-THC Weed Seeds collection out. 

Beginner Cannabis Strains

If you’re just starting your cannabis growing journey, we’ve got just the weed seeds for you. 

We’re here to pass on all the trade secrets in our how-to-grow section. Let us guide you to growing your own cannabis plants in no time. 

Why Choose ILGM Marijuana Seed Bank?

Free Shipping

We offer fast, reliable delivery and all shipping on orders in the United States is FREE. Delivery to Australia is free on orders above $150 USD.

Guaranteed Delivery

If for any reason your pot seeds don’t arrive, we’ll ship your order to you again for FREE.

Guaranteed Germination

We stand by the quality of our cannabis seeds, that’s why we have a 100% germination guarantee. 

24/7 Expert Grow Support

Get expert advice and help with our grow guides, forums and comprehensive cannabis strain database. 

Medical Marijuana Seeds

I Love Growing Marijuana firmly believes in the use of medical cannabis to remedy a number of conditions. At our online seed bank, you’ll find cannabis seeds that suit your every need.  

Highest Yielding Seeds

Small seeds, big yields

We have a variety of high yield cannabis seeds that are perfect for when harvest time comes around. 

Marijuana Seeds USA

Cannabis seeds for growing indoors so you can control every aspect. 

Find outdoor cannabis seeds to match your climate in the United States. 

Marijuana Fertilizer

Expertly engineered nutrients for your pot seeds, helping you to achieve healthy plants and bigger yields. 

Marijuana Grow Kits

Purposely packed full of everything you need to start your cannabis cultivating journey including marijuana seeds, fertilizer and protector. 

Seed Combo Packs

Struggling to choose one strain? ILGM’s seed mixpacks let you experiment with different strains, all in one big bundle of joy.

About I Love Growing Marijuana Seed Bank

Hey fellow cannabis growers, lovers and enthusiasts, I’m Robert Bergman – the founder of the ILGM seed bank. For the past 25 years, I’ve spent my time learning everything there is to know about cannabis cultivation; from the biology of cannabis seeds and plants to running a fully-fledged industrial plantation. 

Like most cannabis growers, I started off small with a grow setup that consisted of only 5 plants in my home. But, soon after, I started working on larger cannabis cultivation projects that involved a lot more plants, alongside working in labs to crossbreed genetics to create high THC or high CBD strains with high yields. 

With around two decades of experience in the field of cannabis cultivation, I decided to bring my knowledge to you to help you become expert growers, too. Pot seeds can require a lot of love and care and after working with marijuana seeds and plants for so long, you could so that I’ve been around the block. I’ve come across every possible growing situation and now dedicate myself to helping other growers benefit from my experience to high-quality marijuana plants. 

The Best Place to Buy Marijuana Seeds Online

Are you ready to grow some of the finest cannabis in the world? First things first, you’ll need to get yourself some cannabis seeds from a top-notch seed bank. Ensuring that you buy your cannabis seeds from a reputable source like ILGM guarantees that your cannabis seeds will sprout and are exactly what you pay for. Also, we’re so confident that our seeds are the best on the market that we back them with a germination guarantee. Happy customers are what drives us and here, you’ll find thousands of positive reviews about our marijuana seeds.    

Not only do we have an extensive collection of premium quality marijuana seeds, but they come at affordable prices too. Worried about your privacy? I Love Growing Marijuana is known for its fast and discreet shipping policy and that’s why cannabis growers come to us when purchasing their seeds. We ship worldwide and we guarantee delivery; if it doesn’t arrive for any reason, we’ll send you a replacement.

Choosing a Cannabis Seed Bank

Here’s how to buy the best weed seeds. 

Need to Know Where to Buy Marijuana Seeds?

When you’re ready to start growing your own marijuana plants, you’ll need to order weed seeds and it’s always best to source from a reliable company. Marijuana seed banks source and distribute varieties of seeds from around the world and are available for purchase, whether you’re a recreational or medical grower. 

Stick to a reputable USA seed bank when purchasing your cannabis seeds online. I Love Growing Marijuana are experts in the field of cannabis growing, that’s why we can offer you the best seeds at the best price. Whether you’re looking for cheap weed seeds or pot seeds for a particular climate, we’re always here to help. 

ILGM: The Best Marijuana Seed Bank for Exceeding Your Expectations

A lot of marijuana seed suppliers just want a quick sale but here at ILGM, we have always wanted to build a community of cannabis growers that are enthusiastic as we are. We want to be the best and most reliable cannabis seed bank online, helping you to find cheap weed seeds, delivered directly to your door with a 100% guarantee. 

How are we different from other seed banks? We don’t just help you to buy cannabis seeds but guide you through every step of the growing process. Buying seeds is only the first step, we’re here to help you understand what you can do with those seeds with the right guidance. 

Still not convinced? We have plenty of reviews that we’re the best:

All it takes is a simple search and you’ll find that ILGM is rated as one of the best seed banks online according to various cannabis-related websites. We’re popular amongst growers because we’re one of the few international marijuana seed suppliers that have been around for years. Not only is ILGM reliable but we also ship your order with 20% free weed seeds for free. 

We know what it’s like, buying something online and it turns out to be a dud or not what you expected. That’s why our pot seeds come with a guarantee. Here, you’ll find some of the greatest pure Landrace Sativa strains, high THC strains, Indica dominant strains and medical CBD strains. ILGM has something for every cannabis enthusiast. 

We’re all about high-quality cannabis seeds at a low cost

Growing the biggest and most beautiful bud shouldn’t break the bank. At ILGM, we have superior-grade feminized seeds that are guaranteed to grow, matched with our germination guarantee and a bunch of free seeds, you’ll never miss out on producing plants at a fantastic price. 

Purchasing from I Love Growing Marijuana

Buying seeds from ILGM is easy and fun. You’ll get the best deals on the finest cannabis strains from around the world. 


We make paying for pot seeds easy and we accept most major payment methods. ILGM is one of the few online seed banks that accept orders paid for with cash. Our secure system allows customers to also pay using their bank account or Bitcoin. You may notice that when purchasing feminized cannabis seeds at ILGM, your credit card issuer may block the charge. Don’t worry, we can still complete your order by processing an alternative payment method. 

Fast and Free Worldwide Shipping

At ILGM, we provide free shipping to customers within the United States and free on orders over $150 USD to Australia. We’re one of the few online seed banks to ship worldwide and we send our orders out each day to hundreds of happy customers. Orders typically arrive between seven to ten days but they can often arrive in as little as two. 

Stealth Shipping

Our seeds are shipped out discreetly directly to your door. Our stealth shipping has reliably delivered cannabis seeds around the world for years, helping cannabis growers like you grow huge plants without worrying about their privacy. Not many cannabis growers want to receive a package that says weed seeds showing up at their workplace or even their home. We study the best way to ship your order discreetly so that you’re guaranteed to get it.