ilgm marijuana affiliate program

Marijuana Affiliate Program

The ILGM Marijuana Affiliate Program

The Marijuana Affiliate Program is, quite simply THE EASIEST MARIJUANA AFFILIATE MARKETING OPPORTUNITY ever (and it's for everyone!)

Imagine if all you had to do was tell people about a FREE eBook called THE MARIJUANA GROW BIBLE and get 20% of everything anyone you refer buys from us. That's quite easily $25 per order! Would you do it? Of course, you would! You'll find out exactly how in a moment, but first, consider this:

  • Even if you know NOTHING AT ALL about Affiliate Marketing
  • Even if you have NO INTEREST in Marijuana whatsoever
  • Even if you think Affiliate Marketing DOESN'T WORK
  • Even if you are the world's greatest SKEPTIC
  • Even if you said YOU NEVER WOULD

marijuana grow bible affiliate

The Easiest Way To Make Free Money!

Admit it, everyone (well, almost everyone) is interested in growing their own marijuana, and so they should be! Whether you want to save money, make money, avoid dodgy deals, remain anonymous, medicate freely, or whatever your reason, everyone should be growing their own. There's a massive global movement to legalize marijuana. It's legal in many places already, medicinal and otherwise. Laws everywhere are becoming more relaxed, law enforcement can't keep up, and they have far more serious contraband problems on their hands to bother with what might be in your basement or your backyard. It's far less risky now.

So, growing your own personal stash has become a whole lot easier. Watching it grow is pretty cool too, and the satisfaction of your first harvest can be quite overwhelming!

And guess what? You Can Make Money While Doing It

Look, it's as EASY as 1-2-3!

  • JOIN NOW as an ILGM Affiliate
  • Place your UNIQUE LINK wherever you have an internet presence
  • Tell everyone you know to get THE MARIJUANA GROW BIBLE, it's FREE!

Yes, it really is as simple as that! And then…

You Get 20% Of Sales You Send Our Way

Existing Affiliate Marketers already know what a good deal this is, and they know what to do, so all you guys can click here now. Thanks a 'stash', we'll see you inside!


For the rest of you 'budding' Marijuana Affiliates, here's a bit more: A lot of people are making a lot of money through Affiliate Marketing, no question. And I bet you'd like to make money on the internet too, easily if you could. However, the continuous 'sales' activities typical Affiliate Programs require can simply discourage those people who don't like to sell, who don't have all the technical skills, or perhaps the time.

I wanted to change this. I want everyone to make money on the internet, easily. So, rather than sell (or get Affiliates to sell) THE MARIJUANA GROW BIBLE I wrote, I decided to give it away for free, and let everyone make money on seed and product sales instead.

Cannabis Affiliates - Ingenious Simplicity

I think so and I think you'll agree. I firmly believe that everyone should, and plenty will, be growing their own stash soon. Really, what better way to encourage the whole world to get into the spirit of growing? All while everyone makes a decent extra income on the side! Naturally, as a fully-fledged Weed Affiliate Program, we give you everything you need to operate as a true affiliate if you choose.

You Get

  • Your own unique Marijuana Affiliate ID
  • All the images, banner ads, and links you need
  • Training, tutorials, tips, and tools that tell you exactly what to do
  • Powerful software that automatically tracks all your transactions
  • And all the support you expect from a true, professional Affiliate Program

All you need to do is place your unique Marijuana Affiliate ID links anywhere you have an internet presence. They can be on your websites or on your Facebook and other Social Media pages. You can send bulk emails, text messages, or create a blog. You can write articles or contribute to forums. You can even use Google AdWords or Pay Per Click campaigns if you choose. The possibilities are literally unlimited, and so are your earnings! Every single time someone clicks on one of your links and buys something from the ILGM store, you receive 20% of the total amount these visitors spend. Think about it, if only three people a day spend the average order value of $100, you make:

$1800 EVERY MONTH as a Cannabis affiliate!!

And you hardly did anything to generate that, so just imagine what you could earn if you put in a little effort! Plus, once you get going, you'll feel your excitement grow each day. Through your Affiliate Account, you can check your daily statistics at a glance, see the number of visitors you've sent, the number of page views, the number of clicks, and the number of sales you've generated. Of course, you can watch your earnings grow too! So, everyone, I hope I've planted a seed (pun intended) and that I've inspired you to get into Affiliate Marketing the EASY way, with ILGM on your side.

Join The ILGM Marijuana Affiliate Program




I just want my FREE copy of THE MARIJUANA GROW BIBLE

If you're not quite ready to be an ILGM affiliate just yet, grab your free copy of the Marijuana Grow Bible and become inspired! A pleasant surprise awaits you (and everyone else you tell) because when you download it, you get a FREE copy of one of my other great eBooks called MARIJUANA PLANT CARE at the same time. Then you'll almost have everything you need to get growing, and when you decide to, you effectively get a 20% discount on everything in our store once you become an affiliate. What a deal!

Thanks so much for your time, and happy earning and happy growing all you wonderful people.

Robert Bergman

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PS. Whatever you decide to do, make growing your own marijuana part of your plan!

PPS. And whatever else you decide to do, tell the world to get THE MARIJUANA GROW BIBLE today!

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