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Marijuana Seeds for Beginners

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Easy to Grow Marijuana Seeds

Buy Easy to Grow Beginner Weed Seeds

Are you thinking about growing marijuana and need easy to grow seeds for beginners? Perhaps you usually buy your autoflowering Cannabis seeds from a dispensary and want to save money by growing it yourself. Or you've heard that growing your own Cannabis weed seeds leads to a higher quality smoke. Maybe you're just looking for a new hobby.

Whatever your reason, we'll help you get started with some of the easiest weed seeds to grow.

There are many reasons why you should grow your own Cannabis. The most obvious: growing from feminized cannabis seeds costs less and tastes better. Plus, if you use marijuana regularly, you'll always have an ample supply on hand, just when you need it. The better question, why aren't you already growing marijuana?

If you haven't already grown marijuana, here's three reasons why you should start:

Why Buy Beginner Marijuana Seeds Online

When you purchase marijuana at a dispensary, you are trusting the growers did everything possible to grow a healthy plant. When you grow your own, you're in control. From beginner weed seeds to finished product, you decide every step and determine the outcome. That means you choose which nutrients your plant receives, and you control how much it can yield, and if it's easy to grow weed seeds or not.

Why Grow Marijuana Seeds for Beginners: Save money

You can also save money by growing marijuana at home especially with easy-to-grow feminized seeds. Want to keep it really affordable? Keep your marijuana seeds for beginners and grow more weed from those. Growing both indoors or outdoors, you can save by starting with easy to grow Cannabis seeds. The best way to grow weed cheaply is to plant a few marijuana seeds outdoors. However, even growing indoors with lights can be cheaper than going to a dispensary.

Why Grow Pot Seeds for Beginners

There is also the pure sense of satisfaction that comes from growing something from Cannabis seeds all the way to maturity. You are in charge of giving life. Plus, once it matures, you can harvest your plant and enjoy it.

There are many great reasons to grow marijuana seeds for beginners, but if you are new to it, the process might seem intimidating. However, it doesn't have to be hard. If you want to grow weed easy seeds and strains are the way to go. As long as you start with the best pot seeds for beginners, you have little to worry about.

Buy Easy to Grow Weed Seeds Online

The first step is picking the right seeds or strains. We've curated a collection of the best marijuana seeds for beginners to make that process easier and produce high yields. These seeds or strains can survive many of the common mistakes that beginner growers make, so you can get started growing without worry. These are great for indoors or outdoors.

Growing marijuana is not difficult, but you'll need to do a little preparation. Here's what you should do before you start:

Get Started: Create the right environment

Cannabis is a hearty plant that has grown on nearly every corner of Earth, however, not all Cannabis is the same. There are many varieties of Cannabis strains, each with their own ideal climate. Some Cannabis grows best in warm, humid climates. Other easy to grow marijuana strains can handle drastic temperature changes. That's why, to grow the best easy to grow weed, you need to think about the climate first. Typically, temperatures around 80 degrees Fahrenheit are ideal.

Get Started Growing Beginner Cannabis Seeds: Figure out your space

Some marijuana plants are short, and some marijuana plants are tall. If you attempt to grow a tall plant in a tiny space, you won't have the best results. Before you choose your easy-to-grow seeds, determine how much space your seed/strain will need.

Once you have completed these two steps, you are ready to plant your marijuana seeds. Our beginner seeds are perfect for those that are new to growing marijuana because they require the least amount of attention. Our network of experienced growers ranked these feminized seeds as best for beginners that are easy to grow. They are also useful when trying out a new growing method or growing space. Since these feminized seeds can quickly adapt to problems or challenges in their environment, they are perfect for anyone who is trying something new. Examples of strains like this would be Jack Herer seeds.

How We Select the Best Pot Seeds for Beginners

Choosing the best pot seeds for beginners is part science and part art. Of course, we've chosen varieties that are stable and resilient, with a short flowering time and resistance to mold. However, the best strain for beginners is one that performs without sacrificing yield or flowering time.

Choosing good feminized Cannabis seeds can be tricky. You want hearty plants that can handle a few grower mistakes. You also want something that isn't too dependent on light schedules or won't freak out if the pH is slightly off.

Finding a marijuana strain that has all of these qualities without sacrificing quality is where many beginners fall short. That's why at many pot seed shops, the weed for beginners is often flavorless and low-yielding. ILGM believes you shouldn't have to sacrifice quality and high THC for ease of growing.

The Best Beginner Marijuana Seeds to Buy

These types of Cannabis seeds are nearly guaranteed to deliver easy to grow weed :

Beginner-friendly: Feminized Seeds

Cannabis plants are both male and female, or feminized seeds, and when the genders are grown next to each other, they tend to reproduce and create feminized seeds. While this doesn't seem like a problem, it can make growing marijuana a lot harder than necessary. Simply put, male Cannabis plants reduce the quality of your marijuana and aren't the easiest Cannabis to deal with.

Feminized seeds will not grow into males. However, if you plant ordinary Cannabis seeds, there is a good chance some of those seeds will be male. Male plants do not produce marijuana. They also fertilize your female plants and reduce THC levels. If you didn't use feminized seeds and discover males in your garden, remove them.

Since male Cannabis seeds are such a hassle, we recommend growing feminized seeds. These Cannabis seeds are guaranteed to be females.

Beginner-friendly: Autoflowering Seeds

Marijuana plants love the sun and naturally grow with it. This is useful when you live in a very sunny area and have plenty of time. Unfortunately, many growers do not have this luxury. That's why the best strain for beginner growers is one that doesn't wait around for the sun.

Regular marijuana seeds will enter the flowering stage once the seasons start to change. If you are growing indoors, this means you will need to recreate this by creating a specific light cycle. If these strains or plants do not receive the correct change in light, they will not flower. In other words, there is plenty of room to make mistakes with regular / beginner Cannabis seeds.

Autoflowering seeds produce some of the easiest Cannabis to grow. These marijuana plants flower in just 8 weeks and do not rely on a change in sunlight.

Beginner-friendly: Mold- Resistant Seeds

Mold is one of the most common problems that new growers experience. However, it doesn't have to be. Some marijuana strains are more resistant to mold than others, making them easier to grow.

Mold typically occurs on Cannabis plants that are grown in high humidity and low heat. It can also happen in plants with dense flowers and little airflow. Many beginner growers suffer from mold because they do not have the ideal environment for growing marijuana. Indoors or outdoors, our mold-resistant seeds help prevent dangerous mold growth.

Beginner-friendly: indica Seeds

If space is a concern, indica strains are typically the way to go. Compared to sativas, these plants are a lot smaller, and therefore, easier to maintain. indica plants produce dense buds in a compact plant and are perfect for growing indoors. and are easy to grow.

indica plants also grow faster than sativa dominant, making them ideal for anyone looking for a quick harvest. If you are looking for easy-to-grow feminized seeds, indica dominant are the easiest marijuana strain to grow.

We Make It Easy to Start Growing Marijuana

If you're new to growing your own marijuana, you might feel overwhelmed by how much there is to learn. No fear! We have decades of experience and are here to guide you along your path.

Before You Grow

Setting up the right growing environment is essential to growing high-quality weed. Read our growing guides to learn how to set up your grow space. We'll also help you with more advanced topics such as:

  • moisture in your soil
  • humidity in the air
  • room temperature

Of course, our beginner-friendly seeds need no training, but for the best results, it is a good idea.

While You Grow Beginner Pot Seeds

Since you're a beginner, you'll likely make a few beginner's mistakes. That's okay, we've all made them! However, those mistakes can have serious consequences and even ruin your entire crop. Our combined experience has helped us learn the most common mistakes so we can help you avoid them. Buying your seeds is just the beginning of the process. We help you along the way with:

Seed to Harvest the Easy Way

Growing marijuana does not need to be hard- especially when you start with the best Cannabis seeds for beginners. Simply set up your growing space, make sure your plant's roots have plenty of space to spread out and give your plants a comfortable temperature and plenty of light.

You may also want to review the growing laws in your area – as they can vary widely. However, growing a few marijuana plants for personal use is okay in many areas.

In a few short weeks, (often, less than 10 weeks, you'll be ready to harvest. Then it is time to dry, cure, and store your buds for future use. Whether you decide to smoke, vape, or cook your marijuana, you'll likely enjoy the fresh taste of your homegrown weed. In no time at all, you'll have grown your first successful crop of marijuana.

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