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Sativa dominant plants grow slender leaves for an uplifting high

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Sativa dominant plants grow slender leaves for an uplifting high

What Are Sativa Seeds

Everyone loves a great Sativa, but they aren’t always the easiest to grow. We want to help with that! That’s why the cannabis sativa seeds for sale in our seed bank are carefully selected for their ease of grow and guaranteed effects.


Sativa is native to the tropics. The hot weather and long summers in that region allowed the plant to develop a long flowering time – much longer than Indica, which is from a harsher climate. Sativa cannabis is found in places below a latitude of 30o N, such as Thailand, Mexico, India, and Nigeria.

Sativa seeds look exactly like indica cannabis seeds. It is difficult, if not impossible, to tell the difference between the two by just looking at them. That’s why you’ll want to make sure that you purchase all of your marijuana seeds from a reputable supplier.


Sativa cannabis can grow quite tall, sometimes reaching up to 15 feet high. It also boasts slender leaves and buds that grow in a spiral around the branches. Sativa cannabis seeds are soft and will not have any markings on them. The leaves tend to be a light shade of green. You’ll also notice that your yield is slightly lighter than you would expect from a similarly sized Indica since the growth pattern is not as dense.

Of course, it’s unlikely that you’ll choose to grow either pure Sativa seeds or pure Indica seeds- especially since cannabis seeds for these strains are rare. Instead, you’ll probably see hybrid cannabis sativa seeds for sale, which are a mixture of both, but with stronger sativa traits.


Sativa strains and hybrids high in sativa provide an effect that is more energetic than what you’d experience with an Indica. They also tend to cause creativity. Consuming Sativa is less likely to result in a feeling of being stoned and more likely to be invigorating, opening you up to fresh ideas. Many creative types enjoy using Sativa to help them dive deeper into their art.

Sativa is less often used for therapeutic purposes because many people prefer a more relaxing high. However, it is helpful for certain conditions, such as depression, fatigue, and ADD. Although many medical marijuana users choose high CBD strains or Indica-dominant strains, a sativa-heavy strain may also provide relief.

If you use marijuana recreationally, you’ll probably love the giddy psychoactive experience of Sativa. It is especially popular in a social setting. Many people either smoke or vaporize it, but Sativa can also be consumed any way that you prefer.

Growing Sativa Marijuana

While Indica is generally easier to grow than Sativa, sativa cannabis seeds do have their advantages. For example, Sativa plants don’t stay in the vegetative state as long, which is the phase when you’ll spend the most time on heating and lighting. This means cannabis Sativa seeds are cheaper to grow indoors. Sativa plants can also handle humidity and heat much better, which is great if you’re growing indoors during the summer.

Indoor or Outdoor?

When you plant your Sativa cannabis seeds, it’s important to keep in mind how large your plant can grow. Since they can be up to 40 percent taller than Indica, you might need to plant those seeds outdoors (if you live somewhere with a warm enough climate) or in a room with tall ceilings. When growing indoors, pick the best marijuana seeds for your space – some strains grow taller than others. You can control your plant's height by topping them in the third and fifth weeks of the vegging stage.

Sativas put on most of their height during the bloom phase, so you will probably want to trim it once it reaches two feet tall. If you don’t, you might find that your plants are damaged from getting too close to lights or the ceiling. The roots need space as well. When planting your marijuana seeds, leave plenty of container space for the plant to explode in size. This will allow more space for the plant and ultimately lead to more THC.

Keep in mind that Sativa strains are extremely sensitive to environmental factors. Sativa seeds do not do well in the cold and have extreme difficulty with root zone pH, water quality, and sub-standard nutrition. For the most successful indoor grow, use hydroponic nutrients or organic soils. Otherwise, if your Sativa plant is stressed or damaged, it might develop hermaphroditic blooms.


Sativa seeds also do best in high-light environments. Up to certain limits, the more light available to the plant, the better it will respond. Just remember to keep the temperature below 85 degrees Fahrenheit and the humidity between 55% and 65%. This is especially important during their flowering time.

Your Sativa cannabis will produce most of its essential oils and THC as it flowers. If you want Sativa strains to mature faster, shorten the length of the “day” (light period) to eight hours during the weeks immediately before harvest. After you’ve harvested your Sativa, properly dry it so that it’s ready when you’re ready to use it.

The Best Sativa Seeds for New Growers

Cannabis sativa can be difficult to grow for multiple reasons, but that doesn’t mean new growers should be afraid. Pure sativa is quite challenging, but many sativa hybrid strains are not. That’s why even the greenest grower can grow the best sativa plants without living in the tropics. It's all about knowing which marijuana seeds to buy.

Strawberry Cough Feminized Seeds

This 80/20 sativa-dominant hybrid strain is known for being easy to grow. Strawberry Cough marijuana seeds are perfect for anyone looking for great flavor and serious sativa effects.

As its name implies, Strawberry Cough is a sweet, fruity strain known for causing a cough on the first puff. After that, however, it offers a light, relaxing, yet euphoric high. It’s both relaxing and energetic, making it a perfect daytime experience.

The small amount of indica genetics gives Strawberry Cough an appreciation for cooler climates, so even temperate growers can try growing this outside. The plants get tall quickly, so indoor growers should make sure they have enough room. Other than that, these plants are low fuss and have a reasonable flowering time. You can produce up to 17 ounces of bud per square yard (gr / m2) in just eight weeks.

Maui Wowie Feminized Seeds

This tropical-tasting strain is easy to grow just about anywhere - no need for tropical temperatures! Maui Wowie weed seeds are a great way to get a taste of the Big Island without having to travel beyond your backyard. This 80/20 sativa-dominant strain is a tasty way to get into growing sativa strains at home.

Maui Wowie is a perfect pineapple strain, with an aromatic scent and flavor. It offers a light but energetic high that’s great for daytime use. Expect THC levels as high as 20% - this strain is no slouch! The high comes on evenly, leaving you relaxed, giggly, and ready to do crafts in no time.

Growing these cannabis seeds is a breeze. Maui Wowie is native to Hawai’i, so in most places, it’s best to grow inside. However, all you need to do is keep an eye on the humidity and give it lots of light, and these plants will yield up to 17 ounces per square yard (450 gr / m2) inside.

Chocolope Feminized Seeds

Chocolope feminized sativa seeds are some of the most energetic sativa seeds for sale USA and worldwide. They’re also impressively easy to grow. The strain is 90/10 sativa-dominant, making it an intensely cerebral strain that’s perfect first thing in the morning.

The pungent chocolate and coffee flavor makes Chocolope a unique experience in the cannabis world. These are some of the most creative cannabis sativa seeds on the market, with a super-lifted, super-energetic buzz. THC can easily reach as high as 19%, so it’s also an absolutely euphoric experience.

Chocolope is an interesting sativa strain for anyone to grow, but indoor growers see particular success. It’s easy to reach yields as high as 21 ounces per square yard (600 gr / m2) with lots of inside light. It's one of the best sativa strains for new growers. Just keep the humidity down, and this strain is super forgiving.

Amnesia Haze Autoflower Seeds

If you want something reliable like clockwork, then look at Amnesia Haze seeds. They are also some of the best sativa cannabis seeds for beginners. These weed seeds are autoflowering, so they do not rely on the light cycle to flower. That's one less thing to worry about.

Amnesia Haze weed seeds grow into sativa plants that produce a flavorful, euphoric smoke with an energetic and uplifting buzz. THC can be as high as 18%. It’s heavy on citrus and earthy notes in both its scent and flavor profile. Expect a tasty high every time with this strain.

Autoflower plants remain compact, so new growers also don’t need to worry about space issues if they choose to keep these seeds inside. These feminized Amnesia Haze seeds are ready to harvest in eight weeks, making these the perfect Sativa to grow for a truly ‘hands-off’ experience.

Super Silver Haze Feminized Seeds

Super Silver Haze provides a long-lasting energetic high that is the definition of Sativa! That’s why Super Silver seeds are one of the most popular sativa cannabis seeds online and offline. These marijuana seeds are not as easy to grow as the above options, but with some marijuana growing experience, you can produce high yields (up to 19 ounces per square foot/ 800 gr / m2) and THC levels that can reach 18%.

Growing Super Silver Haze weed seeds can be moderately challenging. If you grow Super Silver seeds indoors, you’ll need plenty of space. If you plant these weed seeds outdoors, you need the perfect temperate environment. For the best results (and highest THC), stick to hydroponics. You may not be able to grow Super Silver plants on your first grow, but they are the perfect strain to try after you’ve had some practice.

Buy Feminized Sativa Seeds

Growing your own cannabis means you can produce the best quality of marijuana possible. By starting from marijuana seeds from a seed bank, instead of buying from a dispensary, you get to control every aspect of the growth process, including hydration, soil quality, fertilizer, and final preparation. Many marijuana users prefer growing their own cannabis for both the massive cost savings and the greater level of control from being in charge of every step.

When it’s time to buy feminized sativa seeds, shop at the I Love Growing Marijuana seed bank.

There’s a reason so many people trust the ILGM seed bank for buying sativa seeds online. We are honest. You can be confident that the weed seeds you’ve ordered are the weed seeds you'll receive. You can also be confident that you’ll have the knowledge to grow them. That’s because our seed bank doesn't just sell sativa seeds USA and worldwide; we also provide expert growing support so that those seeds reach harvest. For both beginner and experienced growers looking to buy sativa seeds online, rely on our seed bank for the highest quality cannabis seeds you can buy.