Mold Resistant Strains

The best mold resistant strains for humid environments!

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The best mold resistant strains for humid environments!

Growing Cannabis in Cold, Damp Areas

Cannabis can survive many things, but mold isn’t one of them. Reduce your risk of losing your harvest to bud rot by growing mold resistant strains.

While rain is good for marijuana plants, too much of it is not. When plenty of rain isn’t combined with plenty of sunlight, it is a recipe for disaster. Cold temperatures after heavy rains can lead to mold.

Mold spores grow quickly in cold, wet conditions. Once they’ve made a home on your marijuana plant, there is very little that you can do. Unlike powdery mildew, you can’t simply wash away the damage. Mold spores travel with the breeze and can ruin your plants in as little as a week.

The only way to fight grey mold on marijuana plants is to prevent it. The easiest way to avoid mold is by growing in a controlled environment. However, if you plan to grow outdoors, you should consider growing cannabis that is resistant to mold.

Protecting Marijuana from Mold

The Cannabis species is an expert at adapting to its environment. Because of this, some strains are naturally better at resisting mold than others. In general, indica plants are more likely to develop mold due to their compact nature and dense buds. However, some indica dominant strains developed less dense buds, and are, therefore, more resistant to mold.

Other marijuana strains are considered mold-resistant when trimmed. This means these strains are hearty enough to withstand advanced growing techniques, such as lollipopping and low-stress training. These pruning techniques reduce the chance of mold by increasing airflow and light exposure.

How to Prevent Mold on Cannabis Plants

Mold is possibly the worst thing that could happen to your plants. Here are five ways to avoid it.

  1. Grow indoors and monitor your humidity levels
  2. If growing outdoors, grow in pots so you can move your plants indoors at night
  3. Prune your plants to encourage thorough light exposure
  4. Use mold prevention products such as Mold Control
  5. Grow mold resistant strains

Whether you grow indoors or outdoors, you should protect your marijuana plants from mold. If you must grow outdoors, here are some of the best strains to try.

Outdoor Mold Resistant Cannabis Strains

Growing marijuana outdoors in an area that is prone to mold is challenging but not impossible. It simply requires some preparation. When considering outdoor strains mold resistant should be your primary concern.

Here are three of the best mold resistant cannabis strains for growing outdoors.

Purple Haze

Purple Haze is a world-favorite sativa dominant hybrid with just enough indica qualities to survive cold and wet growing conditions. Although you will get the best results growing this strain indoors, this easy, yet hearty strain still produces in cool environments.

Plant these seeds for THC levels that can reach 20%.

Purple Kush

This compact plant is one of few mold-resistant cannabis strains that are 100% Indica. It also has THC levels that can reach an impressive 22%. You’ll want a little bit of experience before growing this strain, however. Although you can worry less about mold, it’s still very dense. Prune your plant if growing outdoors.

Purple Kush seeds reach the flowering stage in 8 weeks and yield up to 9 ounces.

Blue Cheese

If you are new to growing marijuana outdoors and there is any chance of mold, you should grow Blue Cheese. This easy-to-grow strain is a popular mold-resistant cannabis option because it grows anywhere. It also flowers fast, making it easy to beat the cold, wet fall.

Blue Cheese seeds yield up to 9 ounces and have THC levels that can reach 19%.

Outdoor Mold Resistant Autoflower Strains

One way to prevent mold growth on cannabis is to avoid growing in environments that encourage mold. Since mold spores prefer colder temperatures, avoiding cold wet weather is an excellent method. If you are growing outdoors, this means harvesting before the rainy season begins. Autoflowering varieties make that option easier.

Here are three of the best mold resistant autoflower strains for growing outdoors.

Northern Lights Autoflower

Northern Lights is rumored to have come from Washington State, where mold is a common issue. Despite this fact, it didn’t stop this indica dominant strain from thriving. Perhaps it’s because it’s taller than most Indicas. Northern Lights Autoflowers are easy to grow, however, for the best results, give it plenty of light.

The autoflowering variety flowers in 8 weeks and produces up to 18% THC.

Jack Herer Autoflower

Jack Herer is a hearty hybrid that stays small and easy to grow. Due to its size, it is perfect for indoor grows, however, you could grow this plant outdoors in cooler climates. For the best results outdoors, plant this strain at the beginning of summer, when it will receive plenty of sunlight.

This autoflowering strain yields up to 6 ounces of high THC marijuana in eight weeks.

Sour Diesel Autoflower

Sour Diesel is another compact hybrid that grows best in sunny indoor grows. However, this hearty psychedelic plant will also produce potent buds in cooler climates. Although Sour D plants can develop powdery mildew in warm dry climates, they are less likely to develop mold. Outdoor growers will appreciate how easy this pungent hybrid grows.

Sour Diesel Autoflowers yield up to 6 ounces of marijuana per plant.

Why You Should Buy Mold Resistant Strains from ILGM

Mold on your marijuana plants is due to the environment; however, some plants are better at avoiding mold than others. If you want to grow healthy plants that can survive any environment, you must start with healthy seeds.

I Love Growing Marijuana specializes in high-quality marijuana seeds that are guaranteed to germinate. We also provide high-quality support to help those seeds reach their harvest. Whether you are new to growing or are attempting to grow mold-resistant cannabis outdoors, we’re here to help.

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