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Weed Grow Kits

All you need to start growing in one affordable pack

All you need to start growing in one affordable pack

Marijuana Grow Kits

Sometimes it’s hard to know where to get started. Other times you simply want everything you need in one place. Whether you’re ready to start growing indoors or outdoors, our marijuana grow kits have everything you need to for indoor growing of healthy marijuana plants at an excellent price. 

Do You Need a Cannabis Grow Kit? 

When you’re ready to start indoor growing marijuana, you’ll probably want to do so the easiest way possible. Thankfully, marijuana is relatively easy to grow; however, it’s even easier when you have everything that you need in one place. A cannabis growing kit can help by including the things you need at your fingertips. 

There are many types of marijuana grow kits. Some focus on supplies, such as pots and lights, while others focus on more organic needs, such as soil, seeds, and nutrients. Whatever type you prefer, there's a cheap weed grow kit option for indoor growers of all levels. 

Deciding whether you need to purchase a starter weed growing kit is often a personal decision. Some people can plan out their indoor marijuana grow and know exactly what materials to buy. However, others can appreciate having just the right amount of supplies for their plants and situation. If you start growing indoor without an at home starter week growing kit and don’t do research beforehand, you may end up with a lot of unnecessary gardening supplies. 

Weed growing kits can also help with environment setup, especially when it comes to smell and lighting control. For growers planning to cultivate their seeds indoors, a complete grow kit can help save them plenty of time and money. Even a simple tent kit can help prevent the need for a dedicated marijuana grow room. 

There are many reasons to use a marijuana grow kit, but in the end, the decision is yours. Those who plan to grow more than 10 plants indoors at a time may save money by buying in bulk and building a room, but if you only plan to grow a few marijuana plants, a starter weed grow kit is a great place to start. The indoor grow kit has everything you need, taking the guesswork out of supplies, so you can instead focus on indoor growing your marijuana plant and indoor gardening.

Types of Weed Grow Kits

Since there are many different ways to grow marijuana, there are also many kinds of grow kits for home grown cannabis. Marijuana grow kits have a variety of methods for making the process of marijuana growing easier. Here are a few options to choose from:

Grow Tent 

The grow tent kit is the true all-in-one indoor weed growing kit. Grow tents create a controlled marijuana growing environment in any indoor room. Tents can hold a single plant or multiple plants and are easy to set up for home grown cannabis, and break down when not in use. 

Marijuana tents often include materials for hanging lights and fans for your home grow. Heavy duty options will use sturdy metal frames. Some are even compatible with hydroponic indoor growing. 

Grow Box and Cabinets, and Storage Containers

A similar but more permanent and heavy duty option is a grow box or cabinet. These are some of the best grow tent kits for indoors because boxes and cabinets sometimes include technology that automates some of the marijuana growing steps for home grown cannabis and an indoor grow. Growers can choose from systems with timed watering or lighting, or simply opt for a kit with built-in LED grow lighting. 

Complete Weed Growing Kit

If you’re growing a single plant on your patio or windowsill, you don’t need to worry about ventilation and lighting as much as someone who is growing marijuana indoors. You will need to think about your soil and pots, however. A weed growing kit for beginners, such as A Pot for Pot, can help ensure you have everything you need. Purchase a single LED grow light and place your plant in a sunny room or use one of these complete cannabis grow kits inside a grow tent for a well-organized indoor grow. 

Some weed growing kits combine multiple features such as thermometers, filters, clip-on fans, soil, and pots. When searching for your best option, consider what’s included, and read customer reviews. A grow tent that is impossible to set up will probably never get used – defeating the purpose. 

Whether you need a beginner marijuana grow kit, or just prefer having everything you need in one place, grow tents, cabinets, and kits can help you get started faster. 

More on Grow Tents, Grow Boxes, and Grow Cabinets

A grow tent (and similar setups) is a great way to give your plants what they need at an affordable price. When you use a grow tent you increase your chance of success simply because you reduce your chance of mistakes. If it is your first grow, a grow tent can help ensure you have the perfect environment for your plants. If you already have experience growing marijuana, but would like to try your hand at hydroponic systems, a grow tent is an easy to use method of planning and organizing your hydroponic system.

When choosing your grow tent, it's important to look at more than just the price. A marijuana grow tent is more than just fabric. When combined with LED grow lights, it's a home for your plants. When making your list of everything you need, here are some features to include:

  • Grow Light: Many boxes and cabinets include LED grow lights, however, you may need to add them to your grow tent. Look for included or optional grow light inserts. Whether your tent includes a light, or you need to purchase one separately, don't forget the grow light.
  • Reflective Mylar: It's dark in your grow tent! Although your plants need that darkness, they also need bright lighting. Reflective mylar works with LED grow light to produce bright healthy light for your plants, without driving up the price of your electricity bill.
  • Smell Control: Marijuana growing is a smelly hobby, and your grow tent can only mask so much. A smelly grow can often have a very unwelcome price. To help with this, look for tents, boxes, and cabinets with inline fan and carbon filter options. This is important whether you grow using soil or a hydroponic system.

Two types of growers should always consider using tents, cabinets, or boxes when growing marijuana indoors. One is the first time grower. When growing marijuana indoors for the first time, we recommend starting with a tent, due to their price and ease of use. For the best grow experience, purchase a heavy-duty (prevents light leakage and water damage to your floor) tent with an included LED grow light.

Hydroponic growers can also use tents, but they should focus on heavy-duty options for the best results. Mylar hydroponic tents feature removable trays and observation windows so your plants remain undisturbed while you have everything you need to manage your plants. Mylar hydroponic tents are also suitable for soil plants.

Everything You Need to Grow Healthy Marijuana Plants

Grow kits, tents, and cabinets are an excellent way to get your marijuana growing project started; however, you won’t get very far without seeds. We think a grow kit for marijuana should include nutrients and seeds. That’s why our marijuana grow kit combines our best marijuana seeds and nutrients at a great price.  

Sure, a grow light is important and pots are essential; however, if you don’t start with high-quality seeds, your plants will never reach their full potential. That’s why it’s a good idea to start with a weed growing kit with seeds. When you choose ours, you won’t just have the best seeds; you’ll also have the best nutrients to help your plants reach their full potential.  

The ILGM Grow Kit Includes:

  • 20 High-Quality Cannabis Seeds for soil or hydroponic growing
  • Marijuana Nutrients for up to 10 soil or hydroponic plants
  • Marijuana Plants Protector for up to 20 soil or hydroponic plants

Combine ILGM’s seed and nutrients grow kit with a complete marijuana grow kit and a grow tent for the ultimate beginner-friendly setup for up to 20 plants. It’s perfect for growing the best plants with the proper amount of nutrients both indoors and outdoors. 

Buy the Best Home Weed Growing Kit 

Our complete cannabis growing kits are an all-in-one, price-effective solution for the well-prepared marijuana grower.  We’ve gathered everything you need to get started growing – from seeds to nutrients – packed it up nicely into a marijuana grow kit and discounted it. Simply decide where and how you plan to grow, and you’ve got everything you need for up to 20 plants.

Beginner’s Grow Kit: The beginner’s kit features 20 White Widow autoflowering seeds, Flower Power nutrients, and Plant Protector. White Widow plants are already very easy to grow, but they are even more so when autoflowering. Plus, you can expect a healthy harvest, thanks to your supply of some of the best marijuana nutrients around.

Gold Leaf Grow Kit: Grow Robert’s premium strain, Gold Leaf, at a discount. The Gold Leaf kit includes 20 seeds, Flower Power nutrients, and Plant Protector. Gold Leaf is a heavy-duty strain that's not too hard to grow. Grow amazing marijuana with this set; just add soil and/or water, light, and love. 

High Yield Grow Kit: When you need to grow the most bud from the least amount of plants, this set has you covered. The High Yield grow kit includes 20 Big Bud feminized seeds, Flower Power nutrients, and Plant Protector. Boost your yield further with a LED grow light or hydroponics. Get ready to grow a lot of marijuana!

Medical Grow KitOur medical grow kit includes 20 Harlequin seeds. Harlequin has high levels of CBD and low levels of THC, perfect for therapeutic use without the familiar THC high. Grow under a LED grow light and use a carbon filter for a discrete grow. This kit also includes Flower Power nutrients and Plant Protector.

White Widow Grow Kit: Grow one of Robert’s favorite strains – White Widow- at an amazing price. These plants are perfect for indoor growing and are incredibly easy to grow when paired with Flower Power nutrients. The grow kit includes 20 feminized White Widow seeds.

Trust ILGM for Your Weed Growing Needs

The health of your plants is just as important as the presence of a carbon filter in your grow tent. That's why we include our weed growing kit for sale alongside our high-quality seeds.   We know that having everything you need ready to go while growing weed can make the process of cultivating marijuana plants incredibly easier. That’s why we also partner with A Pot to Pot to offer our high-quality seeds in their small indoor weed growing kit. 

Give your plants an extra boost with our complete seed and nutrient kits while also saving on the price of some of our most popular seeds. ILGM’s marijuana grow kits include 20 seeds, nutrients, and plant protection for up to 20 plants. It’s your all-in-one growing solution for an entire season. 

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