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Granddaddy Purple Feminized Seeds

Granddaddy Purple Feminized Seeds

  • checkmark100% indica
  • checkmarkExtreme THC levels up to 23%
  • checkmarkGreat beginner grow
  • checkmarkDeep relaxation with a calming buzz
  • checkmarkFeminized seeds for guaranteed results
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Choosing Seeds

Feminized seeds flower and grow weed when they receive less than 12 hours of light per day. Harvest outdoors in fall, or indoors after 15-20 weeks. Professional growers use these.

Autoflower seeds grow small, easy-growing plants that you can harvest in 10-14 weeks. Great for new growers, small spaces, and multiple harvests per season!

How To Germinate

Germination is guaranteed when you soak the seeds in water up to 72 hours in darkness. When it shows a tail, put it in loose soil with fertilizer. Keep it light and damp and a seedling will appear!

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Granddaddy Purple Feminized Seeds

  • 100% indica
  • Extreme THC levels up to 23%
  • Great beginner grow
  • Deep relaxation with a calming buzz
  • Feminized seeds for guaranteed results

Grow Granddaddy Purple seeds into a bud that gives an easy high and long-lasting relaxation! This strain is a classic West Coast indica favored by marijuana enthusiasts the world over. If you want a smoke you can come back to every day? A smoke that lets you enjoy relaxation, that calms you down without locking you on the couch, this is for you!

Plant type 100% indica
THC Up to 23%
CBD Insignificant amount
Difficulty Easy
Climate Indoors | Steppe | Mediterranean
Plant size Compact
Vegetative stage 4 to 8 weeks
Flowering time 9 weeks
Yields 14 to 17 oz per plant
Taste and Smell Berry | Fruity | Grape | Sweet
Effects Euphoric | Happy | Relaxed
Terpenes Alpha-Pinene | Beta-Pinene | Linalool | Myrcene | Geraniol

Granddaddy Purple Strain Origins

This is a classic strain grown by Ken Estes in a San Fran laboratory. This is a product of crossbreeding Purple Urkle and Big Bud, two popular indica strains! If you love indica strains, you are going to fall head over heels in love as this bad grandpa is a 100% PURE indica!

The name comes from the appearance of the purple colored buds with crystallized hairs that tint to red in color. Let us tell you that seeing it is enough to crave it!

Growing Grand Daddy Purple Seeds

Are you a beginner grower looking for a great strain that produces big yields and pleasant highs? You are going to love Granddaddy Purple!

These are feminized GDP seeds. Female plants, contrary to male plants, are the ones that actually produce weed. They start flowering when they receive less light per day, i.e. in the fall or when you manipulate the light cycle indoors.

We advise also reading our germination instructions for guaranteed results.

Granddaddy Purple Plants

Since this plant is very responsive to the environment, humidity, and temperature, be sure to consider your location closely when deciding where and how to grow!

Best Climate For Granddaddy Purple

This old timer is great for outdoor growing - if you have space - as it is highly resistant to disease! Don't have the space to grow outdoors? No worries! This strain produces great bud both indoors or out. In fact, it's easier to cultivate inside as it does best growing in a humidity controlled environment (GDP likes humidity to hover around 50%).

Feeding Granddaddy Purple Plants

Visit our nutrient section to get the right plant food for every grow stage.

We recommend giving your plants:

Flowering and Yield

When growing you can expect it to take eight to ten weeks of flowering before harvest time. The plants can reach up to 60 inches in height and, depending on where you live, you'll harvest October at the latest.

Under the right circumstances, you may yield 14 to 17 ounces of bud per plant when grown outside. When you factor in how easy this bud is to grow and how pleasant it is to smoke, that makes it a great option for any grower!

Experiencing The Granddaddy Purple Strain

If you are looking for a deeply relaxing high that doesn't cement you to the couch that you can smoke all day, this is for you! The pure indica touch will calm your anxiety, produce a mild but satisfying buzz, and tackle even the worst cases of insomnia.

Along with the relaxation you'll experience a calm elation, some euphoric giggles, and possibly even the munchies (so keep some snacks handy!). Because of GDP's high THC count (up to 23%), its impact is long reaching and deeply felt by even the heaviest users!

Worried about bad reactions? Don't be! The most common side effect when using is dry mouth-and you can overcome that by simply staying well hydrated! The other side effects you might experience (although rarely and usually only then with very high usage) are dry eyes, dizziness, paranoia, and mild headache.

Granddaddy Purple Taste and Smell

This west coast classic is famous for both its distinct taste and aroma. When first lit you'll immediately pick up hints of grapes and berries. This is a great bud for people who enjoy sweet smelling smoke!

First taste matches the scent. You get a mouthful of grapes so pure it comes across like freshly pressed wine, loam, and end of day summer sweetness. Under that are smaller but distinct notes of pine cut through with the pleasant acidity of citrus fruits. Our team says it reminds them of grape popsicles on a hot summer day!

Uses for Granddaddy Purple

You suffer from stress, insomnia, anxiety, or chronic pain? Granddaddy Purple can help! Long known for its powerful impact, GDP is a great solution for medical marijuana users who enjoy a balanced, profound, but not overwhelming mind-body relaxation. Although not a munchie machine like other strains, this can help with nausea as well.

Granddaddy Purple has been said to help with the following:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Pain
  • Insomnia
  • Depression
  • Lack of appetite

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Buy Granddaddy Purple Seeds

You can choose to get just 10 Granddaddy Purple seeds. But for just a little bit extra you can mix it up with our seed variety packs. These awesome mix packs each contain three different strains that have something in common. For instance, these two mix packs both contain GDP seeds (and they come with a fine discount!):

ILGM Guarantees

When you buy Granddaddy Purple seeds we offer:

  • Discreet shipping and handling
  • Free shipping to all U.S. states
  • Guaranteed arrival of your order
  • Guaranteed germination of your seeds

Find more information in our support center.

Happy growing!

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