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Cheap Weed Seed Deals

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The Best Marijuana Deals

Cheap Marijuana Seeds

Cheap marijuana seeds are fairly easy to come by nowadays. The better question is, will those seeds grow? We sell seeds, but we think about plants! That's why cheap Cannabis seeds are never part of our inventory. Instead, check out these great deals on the best quality feminized marijuana seeds.

Cheap Cannabis Seeds for Incredible Grows

We love sharing our passion for growing via our Cannabis seeds and products. We also love making it easy for our customers to try out new products, test our grow sets, or sample a mix pack. We want you to try something different, but we know trying something new can make anyone feel nervous.

Getting you to try something new is the motivation behind many of our deals. In exchange for taking a chance on the unknown, you get a cheap way of trying out cheap marijuana seeds.

Unfortunately, many online seed shops do not share our vision. They are simply about making a quick buck. Here are some things to consider before you buy cheap marijuana seeds online at a seed bank.

Where to Buy Cheap Cannabis Seeds Online

If you think we'd sell you old, leftover cheap weed seeds, think again. We can't afford to do that. Our germination guarantee means if we were to sell a bunch of cheap marijuana seeds, we'd be flooded with refund requests.

Our specials are designed to help you expand your options, not move old products or marijuana seed we are stuck with. Our reputation for high-quality cheap weed seeds and quality grow support is not something you'll get when you simply buy cheap marijuana seeds online. We aim to do more than sell cheap marijuana seeds USA and worldwide shipping. We want to teach the entire world how to grow cheap Cannabis with our marijuana seed.

And we are doing an excellent job at it.

See Our Reviews Here

We don't want to ruin our reputation just to move products we don't want lying around anymore. We simply make sure none is lying around in the first place.

Bad Seeds Marijuana Do Exist

If you think all Cannabis seeds are the same, you may not understand why it's a bad idea to randomly buy cheap marijuana seeds online. Even if the seeds are fresh,that doesn't make them desirable. You need Cannabis seeds with good genetics since those are more likely to survive.

Every Cannabis seed has specific genetic properties that it hasinherited from their parents. It's no different than in humans. And just like humans, marijuana/Cannabis plants can rise above their circumstances with some help. The question is, how much help are you willing and able to give to ensure your Cannabis seed thrives?.

If you purchase cheap weed seeds, there's a good chance they'll have poor genetics. That doesn't mean they won't grow. It does mean they will make you work very hard for your harvest.

Cheap and On Sale, But Still Guaranteed

Just because you're getting a good deal shouldn't mean you have to purchase a dud. That's why our delivery and germination guarantee applies to all of our seeds. That includes the seeds that are on sale.

Unlike other shops that have a 'no-refund' clause, we offer the support you need no matter what you buy. We do this because we love growing marijuana, and we only sell cheap Cannabis seeds, so why worry? We promise the same level of quality and service, whether you are an expert at finding cheap marijuana seeds for sale or if you're someone that always shows up a tad bit late.

What's Our BEST Weed Seed Deal?

It depends on your definition of a good deal. We figured, since many marijuana growers appreciate having a variety of Cannabis strains to grow at our seed bank, our best deal would be our mix packs. With those, you can test a whole bunch of different strains and find your perfect fit. You can try Cannabis plants or strains that are easy to grow, give a great high, or have even other features.

Some of our favorite mix packs are:

Outside of our mix packs, the next best bet is our 'Buy 10 get 10 free' offer on cheap Cannabis seeds. The idea is this. You buy 10 cheap weed seeds, and we send you an extra 10 cheap Cannabis seeds - absolutely free! If you're looking to stock up on a few strains, this is a great option. Most people that are looking to grow a lot end up buying every 10+10 deal we offer on strains or Cannabis seeds.

You Need More than Cheap Cannabis Seeds to Grow Weed

Many people find cheap marijuana seeds, but then spend way more than necessary on growing supplies. For us, that doesn't make much sense. Why not offer affordable, cheap weed seeds, and everything that you need to grow them all in one? Wouldn't that be more helpful?

We figured it would, so we now offer Grow Kits. Our Grow Kits include our marijuana seeds for sale, plus the other things that you'll need to nurture your Cannabis plant. They are an excellent value for anyone looking into growing Cannabis or just a few marijuana plants or strains.

Check Out Our Grow Kits

Don't Be Fooled by Cheap Marijuana Seeds

Some things are simply too good to be true. Unfortunately, this can be said about many online seed banks that lure you with the promise of cheap seeds. Even if those cheap weed seeds are of decent quality, they may not be as affordable as you think they are.

With many cheap marijuana seeds shipping is not included. That means the price you see on the screen is not the price you will pay. This is not the case with I Love Growing Marijuana. Our shipping is always free, and it's guaranteed as well.

The Best Way To Buy Seeds Online from a Reputable Seed Bank

If you are going to buy cheap marijuana seeds, you should at least buy them from a reputable seed bank or supplier. There are so many things that could go wrong if you don't. You could:

  • Receive the wrong Cannabis seeds
  • Grow males or hermies
  • Get sold a different strain or seeds
  • Have a seed that never sprouts
  • Never receive your weed seeds

That's why It's important to work with someone that you trust. But how can you trust an online store? Simple, take a look at their reviews page (here's ours) and see what other people have to say. We have thousands of independent reviews that suggest you can trust us. That's why you can be confident you are getting the best quality possible!

High-Quality Cheap Weed Seeds and Excellent Service

Growing marijuana is more than buying weed seeds. It's a process that can be intimidating if you are new. For some, the entire process of ordering seeds online can be intimidating. That's why we focus on making it easy, fast, and safe, We want you to receive your seeds as fast as possible.

A seed is only the beginning. You also need the information to help it grow. That's why we provide plenty of knowledge to get you from seed to harvest. We want the Cannabis seeds that we sell to grow. Where it be our autoflowering seeds for sale, or our high THC seeds, we are here to serve you.

Find Answers on Growing Your Cannabis Seeds

Even if you are worried that you'll kill what's considered the easiest strain to grow, (our seed bank says so), we are here to help. We know growing weed with weed seeds can be scary. Thankfully, we've been there before. That's why we created a series of grow guides to help you along the way. No matter where you are in the grower's journey, we'll have something that you can follow to improve the quality and yields of your marijuana plants as well as flowering time.

Discover Our Grow Guides

Grow Help, Increase Your Flowering Time on Cheap Marijuana Seeds

What if you have a specific question that isn't covered in our guides? We've planned for that as well. If our guides can't help you, our forums probably will.

Visit our support forum to find answers to the many questions weed growers have. You can also post your own questions and get answers from expert growers who've been doing it for years!

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