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Items 1-100 of 139

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A Look At Marijuana Seeds

There’s a lot that goes into the quality of seed. The most important factor determining the health of the plant is its genetic makeup. That’s why purchasing seeds from a reliable supplier is an absolute must! When you buy from a trusted seller (like us) you ensure you are getting the best product possible making your grow a guarantee right from the start.

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You want the highest quality marijuana possible no matter your needs. Whether you want medicinal relief, or just to get high - we’re here to help. Growing doesn’t have to be overwhelming. The key to great grows is starting with the right seeds. That way even beginners get great grows and amazing bud-even if you have a ‘black thumb’.

To ensure you get the best crop possible we don’t JUST sell you great seeds, we also provide dozens of grow guides specifically tailored to issues you face. We also provide a support forum you can visit to get answers from experienced growers.

Once you grow your first crop and are ready to move up we offer more advanced seeds for growing everything from:

- Extreme THC
- High Yield crops

And More!

Fun Facts About Marijuana Seeds

  • You can’t tell the cannabis types simply by looking at the seed. Your best bet to get the grow you want is to only work with a supplier you trust. This is doubly important because each strain has different growing requirements!
  • Although seeds can vary in size a little, they rarely are larger than a pea-with most being about the size of a match head.
  • The fatty acids Omega 3,6, and 9 are all found in nearly perfect balance in marijuana seeds. However, if you want to enjoy a balance of them you can find the same quality Omegas in hemp seeds at a fraction of the cost.
  • In 2007 researchers found cannabis seeds in a 2,700-year-old grave in China.
  • It’s commonly believed marijuana use goes farther back than recorded history.
  • The best place to store your seeds before growing is the inside door on your fridge. Make sure you store them in a dry space to protect against mold and so they don’t germinate before you’re ready.
  • It’s legal to possess, but not grow, seeds in most countries.
  • During the Dutch golden age of sea exploration, hemp seeds were carried on long voyages and used for a wide range of benefits.
  • Most commercial bird foods have hemp seeds which has led to the urban legend of people finding random marijuana plants in their backyard.

Growing Marijuana Seeds

The first step to great grows lies in getting your seed to sprout. I’m going to say this again - this isn’t difficult. All you need is to follow proven methods and simple steps. For instance, you want your seeds to be both moist and warm. These signal to your seed that it is time to sprout.

Soon your first white tendril appears, congrats! This is the taproot and the one from which all other roots will grow.

During the germination phase, you need to keep your roots moist. It’s also suggested to use a heating pad or incandescent light to ensure the plant stays warm. Be gentle during this time and avoid touching the taproot. When you do plant the seed, do so with the taproot facing down.

As the taproot grows the seed will push up and eventually burst through the soil surface. Next, you’ll start to see leaves. They are called cotyledons. After that, you’ll get leaves with jagged edges. This is a signal that your care for them is going to become strain specific.

When you reach this stage refer back to our guides and forums for the best practices to grow the specific strain you planted.

Discover Our Guides

Choosing A Trusted Supplier

When you order your seeds you don’t know how they’ll be sent or when they’ll arrive. When you work with a trusted supplier you ensure everything you order makes it to you in the proper condition. When ordering from bad suppliers you often get pale green or white seeds that are not likely to sprout.

That’s Why We Have Thousands of Positive Reviews

Great suppliers ensure healthy seeds are sent out in every order. That’s why even if you get a crushed seed from a trusted supplier you can still plant it and grow a hardy plant!

Where To Buy Marijuana Seeds That Grow

Chances are if you are reading this you already know who we are. If you don’t then welcome! We are the largest and best-reviewed marijuana seed supplier online. We offer strains for everything from medical to recreational along with seeds even the newest beginner can grow and get a great crop from.

If you are tired of getting overpriced marijuana at the dispensary then you’ll be amazed at both the quality and yield you can enjoy when growing your own marijuana with seeds from a supplier you trust! But don’t just take our word for it! Check out what thousands of satisfied customers have to say!

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