Continental Climate

Seeds for the North East


Continental Climate

The Northeastern part of the United States has warm, humid summers that don’t last very long. This isn’t the ideal climate for outdoor marijuana growing; however, our continental climate strains are up to the task.

The continental climate is known for its humidity, which typically doesn’t mean well for growing cannabis plants. When growing outdoors, protect your plants from the rain with a greenhouse if possible. These strains have high mold resistance, which helps them thrive in high humidity conditions.

Auto-flowering Strains

The further north you travel, the shorter your growing period. The problem is, you must harvest your outdoor plants before the first Fall frost, and that can sometimes be hard to predict. For a predictably timed harvest, choose autoflowering cannabis.  These strains are some of the fastest flowering strains around. Our continental climate auto-flowering strains are ideal for growing outdoors in Maine, New York, or any northern area any time you want a fast-performing grow.

High CBD Strains

Marijuana contains many cannabinoids, THC, and CBD being two of the most popular. Our high CBD strains combine THC and CBD to produce a therapeutic entourage effect.  The high CBD strains listed above are suitable for growing outdoors in the Northeast.

Gold Leaf

Gold Leaf is an impressive strain for many reasons. These plants get tall, which is one reason they offer such an impressive harvest. They also thrive in many different environments as long as they have the room to expand. Growers can expect THC levels up to 21%, making Gold Leaf an excellent choice for growers who want a truly euphoric but relaxed high. The earthy, slightly spicy flavor is appealing as well.


There aren’t many fruity strains that are as well-known as the candy-flavored Zkittlez. This 70/30 indica-dominant strain is easy to grow indoors or out as long as it’s getting lots of light. It’s a great strain for experienced marijuana consumers, and it can easily reach THC levels up to 23%. The fruity, slightly peppery taste is delicious, as well. It’s clear from your very first puff why this strain was named after a sweet, tropical candy.

Blackberry Kush

Some plants really have it all: appearance, yield, and a great buzz. Blackberry Kush has all that and more. This 80/20 indica-dominant strain appreciates some extra nutrients during growth, but it rewards you with an attractive, purple plant. You can expect yields up to 17 ounces per plant outside. Your harvest will be ready in just eight weeks, and you can expect THC levels up to 20%. The sweet, earthy flavor is an excellent accompaniment to the relaxing high.

Wedding Cake

Even beginning growers find growing this strain to be a piece of cake. Wedding Cake is an easy grow that’s resistant to most types of stress. This 70/30 indica-dominant strain offers an impressive yield, between 18 and 21 ounces per plant outdoors. The 17% THC content combined with the sweet, vanilla-ginger flavor makes Wedding Cake a great choice for people new to using bud as well. It’s a relaxing but not fuzzy high, letting you remain focused while you unwind.

Marijuana Fertilizer

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Variety Packs

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