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Weed Seed Variety Packs

Try new strains with these best buy combo pack

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Try new strains with these best buy combo pack

About Seed Mix Packs

Not sure which seeds to buy and need a little inspiration? Our marijuana feminized weed seed variety mix packs are an excellent solution to the problem of indecision. Not only are they pre-packaged based on popular attributes, but they are also generously discounted. Choose from multiple options of feminized autoflower seed variety packs for your next grow.

Beginner Feminized Seed Variety Pack

Ready to grow marijuana for the first time? This feminized seed variety pack feature some of the easiest-to-grow strains. With medium levels of CBD and average THC, they're perfect for beginner growers and consumers. The beginner mixpack includes the classic White Widow, popular AK-47, and flavorful Bubblegum. The three provide a perfect introduction to growing indica dominant, sativa dominant, and 50/50 hybrid marijuana.

Heavy Hitters Mixpack

Some days can be challenging, but the heavy hitters mixpack has everything you need to knock whatever is in your way 'out of the park.' Whether it's pain, stress, or sadness, your challenges don't stand a chance against these strains. Heavy hitters includes Gorilla Glue, Mk Ultra, and Blue Dream, two hybrids, and one sativa dominant that are known for their therapeutic effects. These plants tend to be on the taller side, so plan accordingly if growing indoors.

Feminized Autoflower Seed Variety Mixpack

Make growing marijuana easier than it already is with our autoflower pack. Autoflowers do not need your help to enter the flowering cycle, making them perfect for beginners. They are also smaller plants, ideal for indoor grows. The quick-growing beauties in this feminized seed variety pack are some of the best strains on the market. Choose from sativa dominant Amnesia Haze, indica dominant Blueberry, or the popular Northern Lights.

Fruity Kush Weed Seed Mixpack

Who says weed can't taste good? These marijuana seeds are known for their fruity flavor but also pack a good punch. Try some of these popular feminized strains with this discounted mix pack. Marijuana comes in many flavors – including Blueberry, strawberry, and pineapple. While flavor can be subtle, you will definitely notice it in these strains. Our fruity kush mixpack includes indica-dominant Banana Kush, Mango Kush, and Blackberry Kush strains.

High-Yield Mixpack

When you want to grow a lot of weed, but you only have a little space, you should consider investing in high-yield seeds. Make the most of your plants by choosing high yield seeds. The high-yield mixpack puts three of the strongest, highest-yielding strains in one place. Try out the cerebral effects of the nearly pure sativa Chocolope. Practice your pruning techniques with Big Bud, (a strain that does exactly what it claims- produce big buds), or cultivate large amounts of high-THC Amnesia Haze.

Patriot Mixpack

While good weed grows anywhere, some strains earned their popularity in the USA. These award-winning strains are some of the greatest marijuana strains of all times – according to High Times. The Patriot Mixpack includes the Indiana- bred Bubblegum, and the sativa dominant AK-47. There's also the classic party starter - Sour Diesel. These strains pack a punch but are also known for their medical benefits. This mix pack is ideal for indoor, medical, and beginner growers.

Platinum Mixpack

There is good marijuana, and there is great marijuana. Step it up a notch with the Platinum Mixpack. These plants can produce some of the skunkiest, most potent high you can grow. Prepare to enter a haze of platinum proportions. The platinum mix pack includes Purple Haze, Super Silver Haze, and Gold Leaf by Robert Bergman feminized seeds.

Spicy Mixpack

If you like your marijuana to have a bit of a kick, the Spicy Mixpack is made for you. We've included three indicas that will provide noticeable effects while still being ideal even for beginners. These potent strains are popular for medical users. The nearly pure OG Kush is a known stress fighter, Super Skunk fights pain, and the autoflowering Lowryder puts you straight to bed.

Auto 2.0 Mixpack

Autoflowers are so popular; we needed a second mix pack. The Auto 2.0 mixpack features three potent strains that are great for growing indoors. Whether you enjoy flavor, effects, or just need help relaxing, the feminized autoflower seeds in this variety pack deliver a straightforward growing experience. The best part is how fast they grow. The average flowering time is just eight weeks! This mix pack includes autoflowering varieties of Bubblegum, Jack Herer, and OG Kush Autoflower.

Baked Sweets Mixpack

If you're confident at growing marijuana and are ready to try something new, these tasty indica dominants will make harvest time even more rewarding. Some of our sweetest strains, if the smell doesn't make you hungry, their cannabinoids will. Baked Sweets includes our version of Girl Scout cookies, Girl Scout Cookies Extreme, the mood-lifting Cherry Pie, and the addictively relaxing Candy Kush.

Berry Mixpack

What's your favorite berry? We've gathered the seeds of the best berry-flavored marijuana and placed them in one convenient pack. If you're a fan of sweet and earthy, we've got you covered with Blackberry Kush, Blueberry, and Strawberry Cough. The Berry feminized seed variety pack includes both sativa dominant and indica dominant strains. It is suitable for both beginning and experienced growers.

Bling Bling Mixpack

Have you ever seen trichomes that glistened so brightly it were as if they were saying, “bling, bling”? This mix pack will help the experienced grower recreate that experience with Gold Leaf, Super Silver, and Crystal. That bling isn't just for looks. These strains in the Bling Bling Mixpack aren't just potent; there also cannabinoid-rich with high levels of both THC and CBD.

Blue Mixpack

If you've been feeling blue, a little Blueberry goes a long way, especially when it's the parent strain of a potent hybrid. Want to see for yourself? Our Blue Mixpack includes some of the best feminized blueberry hybrids for lifting spirits and reducing pain. This mix pack includes the easy-to-grow, indica dominant, Blue Cheese, the tall and potent Blue Dream, and the euphoria-inducing Blue Haze.

DEA Mixpack

With THC levels that can reach 25%, and mind-altering euphoric highs, these are the strains your parents warned you about. The DEA Mixpack includes two indica dominant and one easy to grow hybrid that are known for their strong effects. Choose from Chemdawg, LSD, or the Snoop Dogg approved Green Crack. We DARE you to resist growing these potent strains.

Dreamy Mixpack

Drift away into a better state of mind with these heady Cannabis strains. In addition to high THC levels, the strains in this mix pack also include various levels of CBD to soothe the body as well as the mind. Designed for the experienced grower, this pack is well worth the effort.

Get ready to get lost in a dream. The Dreamy Mixpack includes the sativa dominant Blue Dream, and the indica dominant California Dream, and Skywalker OG.

Dutch Classics Mixpack

Can't make it to Amsterdam? No problem. The Dutch Classics mixpack makes it easy to grow these international favorites at home. Save yourself the hassle of a flight and reach new heights without even leaving your home. In this feminized seed variety pack, you'll have your choice of White Widow, Power Plant, and Jack Herer. Whether you are just starting out, or want some ol' reliables in your garden, these classics will not disappoint.

Cash Crop Mixpack

Get the most from your investment with these high-yielding strains. Boasting yields that can reach anywhere from 25 to 30 oz per cubic foot, these feminized seeds deliver real results come harvest time. Save big on your next harvest of both indica and sativa dominant weed. The Cash Crop Mixpack contains Amnesia Haze, Big Bud, and Chocolope seeds.

indica Mixpack

Whether you enjoy smoking indicas or prefer growing smaller plants, our indica Mixpack is the best way to buy feminized indica seeds. Designed for both beginner and advanced growers, these seeds grow into sweet-smelling buds with profoundly relaxing effects.Grow some real relaxation. The indica Mixpack includes three 100% indica strains: Pure indica, Granddaddy Purple, and Bubba Kush.

Juicy Mixpack

Bring on the citrus! These orange and lemon strains are uplifting - helping you power through stress, sadness, and possibly even boredom. As fun to grow as they are to enjoy, experienced growers can challenge their skills with this feminized seed variety pack of both indoor and outdoor strains. The Juicy Mixpack features Orange Bud, Super Lemon Haze, and Agent Orange seeds.

Kush Mixpack

Some say the word kush means high-grade marijuana. This mix pack explains why that might be true. Packed with heavy-hitting indoor indicas, these are not mellow strains. Beginner and experienced growers will appreciate these strain's potent effects despite minimal growing effort. Perfect for growing in small places, the Kush Mixpack includes Hindu Kush, Master Kush, and Bubba Kush.

OG Mixpack

With their popularity and legendary effects, it should be no surprise that we gave OG strains their own mixp ack. This collection of feminized seeds includes OG Kush and its offspring, Skywalker OG and Fire OG. If you are new to growing or consuming marijuana, the OG Mixpack is not for you. These strains are popular for good reason, and it's not for being mild.

Outdoor Mixpack

The strains in the Outdoor Mixpack will have you tasting the outdoors with every exhale. This earthy blend of two indicas and one sativa is perfect for hiking, camping, or at least feeling like you're doing those things. When you need a change in your environment, these strains can do the trick. Experience the great outdoors with feminized Amnesia Haze, Super Skunk, and OG Kush seeds.

Persian Mixpack

Explore marijuana's Persian roots with three classic indicas. Designed to relax and delight, these strains feature moderate levels of both CBD and THC. If these exotic strains seem daunting, don't worry; their small size makes them perfect for the indoors. They're also very easy to grow. This feminized seed variety pack can give you a new perspective on chill. The Persian Mixpack includes Pure indica, Hindu Kush, and Afghan.

Pop Culture

Superheroes and sci-fi are a part of popular culture because the characters live unimaginable lives. These strains bring a little pop culture into your life. Go from angry hulk to the pleasant Bruce with Bruce Banner, gain incredible energy like the Black Widow, or travel to new galaxies with Skywalker OG. The feminized seeds in our Pop Culture pack won't make you a superhero, but they may make you feel like one.

Power Mixpack

The Power Mixpack is a collection of hard-hitting hybrid strains that deliver reliable effects and generous yields. This feminized seed variety pack includes something for every grower. Test your growing skills with the sativa dominant Trainwreck, or start with the easy-to-grow, quick flowering Critical Mass. There's also the South African – bred Power Plant.This Mixpack is best grown indoors.

Premium Mixpack

It takes a lot to earn premium status, but the strains in the Premium Mixpack are worthy of that honor. These tall indica dominant hybrids produce potent marijuana plants with long-lasting effects and high yields. They are the best of the best for experienced growers.

Our premium strains include Bergmans' Gold Leaf, California Dream, and Chronic Widow.

Purple Mixpack

If you are looking for a good blend of options, our Purple Mix is the perfect feminized seed variety pack. Purple makes trying out different genetics easy. This collection includes two sativa dominant strains, Purple Kush and Purple Haze, and one 100% indica, Grand Daddy Purple. Besides their color, there is one thing that these strains have in common. They're all easy-to-grow.

Rainbow Haze Mixpack

Life is more colorful when you're enjoying the strains in our Rainbow Haze Mixpack. These sativa-dominant hybrids are known for their mood-enhancing qualities, but they can also be quite relaxing. This mix pack is easy to grow for experienced growers, as these feminized seeds are perfect indoors. This colorful blend has Purple Haze, Blue Haze, and Super Silver Haze seeds.

sativa Mixpack

If you like your marijuana plants big, the sativa Mixpack will not disappoint. These tall sativa dominant hybrids are also surprisingly easy-to-grow. As long as you provide plenty of space and light, you'll be rewarded with a good blend of flavors in 10 weeks or less. Enjoy feminized seeds for the citrusy Super Lemon Haze, berry-flavored Strawberry Cough, and chocolate-dipped Chocolope.

USA Mixpack

The United States is famous for many things. The marijuana strains in our USA Mixpack highlight some of the best the USA has to offer. Try chilling on the shores of Hawaii with some Maui Wowie. Maybe relax on the beach with some LA Confidential. Or perhaps, hanging out with friends with some NYC Diesel is more your speed. Whatever your 'flavor,' the feminized seeds in this collection provide a little bit of it all.

Widows Mixpack

There's something special about widows. They are the perfect choice for mellowing out after a long hard day. Our Widows Mixpack combines two beginner and one advanced widow for those who love what these strains have to offer. Fill your garden with the indica dominant White Widow and Chronic Widow or grow the 50/50 hybrid Black Widow indoors. This collection of feminized seeds has everything you need to relax appropriately.

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