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Alabama Cannabis Seeds

Alabama Cannabis Seeds

The best marijuana seeds for Alabama

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About Alabama Cannabis Seeds

Marijuana laws in Alabama have yet to keep up with the rest of the United States. Local regulations (as of 2020) make possessing any amount of marijuana a crime. In fact, possession is punishable by $6000 in fines and as much as an entire year in jail. Plus, if they believe you possess marijuana for a reason besides personal use, you will be hit with a felony.

If you have already had a marijuana possession crime, then it is automatically a felony. A felony means prison for at least a year and a day, but it could mean as long as ten years. You could also pay as much as $15,000 in fines. Worse yet, even possessing drug paraphernalia is a crime in Alabama, although it’s a misdemeanor - with jail and up to $6,000 in fines.

Growing marijuana is also illegal -- and if you’re growing too many plants, the state of Alabama may say you have an “intent to distribute,” which would make it more than a possession charge. A distribution charge can easily land you in jail for a decade or two with tens of thousands of dollars in fines.

With these rules in mind, growers cannot buy cannabis seeds in Alabama from any local seed banks (since they do not exist). Instead, they must buy marijuana seeds from an online seed bank. For growers in Alabama, a seed bank online will need to be reputable and have a record of discreet and reliable shipping. Growers don’t want people to identify what is in those packages, so in Alabama, seed bank shipping is essential. Luckily, reputable, online seedbanks with tried and tested discreet shipping methods are around, including

Alabama Marijuana Seeds

Marijuana seeds in Alabama have been difficult to acquire for quite awhile. This difficulty is doubly so for those looking for superior cannabis seeds or even some of the popular seed strains in Alabama. The backward Alabama cannabis laws are the main reason for this. Whether it’s the harsh mandatory minimum sentences or the felonies for growing too many plants (even if you’re growing it for personal medical use and don’t intend to share with anyone), when it comes to seeds Alabama does not make it easy.

Any amount, other than personal use (which may depend on how someone else interprets personal use), is a felony. Cultivation, depending on the exact situation, can lead to as much as a lifetime in prison. In other words, it isn’t the easiest thing to find cannabis seeds for sale and grow pot seeds in Alabama -- especially ones that produce top-level weed.

So, if you’re looking for something high-end - like the best feminized seeds in Alabama, you should buy marijuana seeds online. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t use just any seedbank, as it’s important to find high-quality marijuana seeds for sale. You should also find somewhere that ships weed seeds discreetly, for example,

You might be wondering why the quality of the seeds is such a big deal. If you buy (or find, or acquire somehow) low-quality cannabis seeds, you will quickly realize your mistake. Bad seeds, whether they are too old, have inferior quality genes, or have not been kept in good condition, such as during their shipment, might not germinate at all, let alone have a healthy life cycle.

Sometimes you just end up with a dud seed for no reason at all -- this can occasionally happen, even with the reputable seed banks. The key is to make sure that the seedbank will guarantee its seeds. The way ILGM does it, for example, is to guarantee germination, so if any seeds (or multiple seeds, which is unlikely) don’t germinate, simply let us know, and we will send new seeds, free of charge. This is another way to tell if the seedbank likely offers good seeds -- they won’t want to have to send you two shipments, so they prioritize delivering top quality seeds -- perhaps even the best auto seeds in Alabama, for example -- on their first try!

For those living in Alabama, a seed bank online is an absolute necessity for growing marijuana. You can find information about each seed and strain, especially when it comes to growing advice, such as climate recommendations, flowering time, and the various experience of actual growers who have purchased those seeds. Whether you’re looking for something special, like the best feminized seeds in Alabama, or just some “regular” high-quality seeds, online seed banks like ILGM are going to be your best bet.

Buying Pot Seeds in Alabama: What You Should Consider

There are several factors worth considering when shopping for your perfect marijuana seeds. The first and most obvious is climate. If you plan to grow your marijuana plants outdoors, your local climate will make all the difference when selecting your seeds. Expertise is the next factor -- how experienced are you at growing marijuana? Are you an absolute beginner? Even if you do tons of research beforehand, nothing beats the experience of growing it yourself. The third factor is your choice of seedbank. Different seedbanks have different seed offerings -- so make sure to choose the one you know you can trust. You want a cannabis seedbank with more than just a lot of seeds to choose from, they should also have top-rated seeds.


Since you’ll most likely be growing your marijuana plants in Alabama, you’re going to need to select seeds that are suitable for the Alabama summer heat. In Alabama, the local climate depends mostly on how far north or south you live. In the northern parts, the hardiness zone is between 0 to 5 degrees Fahrenheit, while the furthest southern tips are 15 to 20 degrees Fahrenheit. The areas in between have hardiness zones that fall in between those ranges.

Alabama’s overall climate category is temperate, so most seeds known to do well in temperate climates will do well in Alabama.

Alabama growers you might consider Zkittlez autoflowers. Some consider this one of the best auto seeds in Alabama, and it's popular for good reason. This feminized cannabis is a combination of sativa, indica, and cannabis ruderalis, a rugged cannabis species from Siberia. It has plenty of flavor and THC, yet requires very little effort. Zkittles autos are the perfect little plant to keep discretely in your backyard.  Auto flowering strains will enter their flowering phase automatically, without the need for changes in lighting.


This one is easy. If you aren’t an experienced grower, don’t buy seeds that have a difficulty level anywhere above “easy” or “beginner.”

There are ways you can improve your grow technique, of course, even if you haven’t grown before. A reliable guide that will show you the ropes before you start can help you be on your way to cultivating more difficult marijuana strains. Eventually, you’ll be able to grow whatever you like, no matter the difficulty! We recommend reading The Marijuana Grow Bible to get started.

Seed Bank

If you don’t trust the seedbank you’re buying from, how can you trust the seeds they give you? A key aspect of making sure you get quality seeds is to buy from a reputable seedbank. Otherwise, you won’t know what you’re going to get.

ILGM focuses on providing detailed information about each of our strains, and we guarantee our seeds. That means if your seeds do not germinate, you’ll get new ones -- free of charge! The guarantee helps ensure that you will end up with successful seeds and makes it more likely to achieve a successful harvest. Some of the most popular seed strains in Alabama are at ILGM. Because there is no Alabama seedbank for you to visit in person, do the next best thing - buy your seeds online from a  trustworthy source.

Where to Buy the Best Marijuana Seeds in Alabama 

Cannabis seeds in Alabama are hard to come by because of the current regulations. This does not mean it is impossible, however. It just means you should consider this fact when purchasing seeds. So how can you get your pot seeds in Alabama? An online seedbank, of course!

A trusted worldwide seedbank -- that also delivers your marijuana seeds to Alabama -- is Here you can find all the information you need to decide which weed seeds you want to plant, as well as reviews from other growers and information about ideal growing conditions.

Most importantly, the quality of ILGM’s seeds is well-known. Growers who order from ILGM continue to do so time after time because of the consistency of our weed seeds. Until the laws change and there is an Alabama seed bank right around the corner, ILGM is your next best bet.

The Top 5 Cannabis Seeds in Alabama

For growers in Alabama, seed bank shipping has always been important. Luckily, ILGM makes the process easier. When you order from ILGM, you receive a discreet package, so there’s no need to worry. Your only concern is to decide which marijuana seeds to buy. Let’s look at the top five cannabis strains for growers in Alabama to help you with your choice.

Hindu Kush Seeds

These feminized seeds are a full-on indica, clocking in at 100%! Hindu Kush cannabis seeds work well for beginners because this plant is very hardy and leaves some room for error. Ideally, you should keep Hindu Kush indoors. This works well because it is a compact plant that fits nicely in small spaces.

White Widow Seeds

White Widow is a popular and beloved strain to grow, and ILGM offers multiple variants of this classic strain. Its auto flowering version, for example, will bloom much faster and is especially suitable for outdoor growing because of its more compact size. It also doesn’t need the light to get it to enter the flowering phase, so the long Alabama summers might allow for two growing seasons within one, so to speak, if you time it right.

Gorilla Glue Seeds

Gorilla Glue is a perfect hybrid, with 50% indica and 50% sativa genes. Its auto flowering version, available at ILGM, is the best option for Alabama growers because it grows fast, stays a manageable size, and does well outdoors. Because these plants are more compact, the autoflower version works well for keeping things as discreet and hidden as possible.

Blue Dream Seeds

Blue Dream has a very fitting name because it is truly a dream to cultivate. It is easy, even for absolute beginners, making it one of the ideal strains for anyone looking to start growing marijuana in Alabama for the first time. It's not a mild strain, however. With its high THC levels, even veteran growers enjoy this strain. For a discrete experience choose the auto version. It stays compact and dense rather than tall.

Durban Poison Seeds

Durban Poison is a 100% sativa strain that performs well indoors because you can maintain its environment. These cannabis seeds have a short flowering period, at only eight weeks, and are simply a joy to grow. Durban Poison also grows well outdoors in sunny environments, but because the plants don’t stay super compact or short, you can more easily keep it discreet indoors.