Introducing The Next Generation of Cannabis Genetics: ILGM x Phylos Bioscience

ILGM and Phylos Bioscience have joined forces in an exclusive partnership to provide homegrowers with the highest-quality seeds. This partnership underlines our ambition to be the partner of choice for the home-growing community.

Introducing The Next Generation of Cannabis Genetics: ILGM x Phylos Bioscience

Pin back your ear holes and listen to this! We have some exciting news to share. ILGM is proud to announce an exclusive partnership with Phylos Bioscience.

Phylos takes cannabis breeding to a whole new level through a scientific approach to developing the strongest, highest-yielding, and most chemically complex cannabis genetics we have had the honor of housing in our store. This is the first time Phylos has made its genetics available to the general public, and you can only find them here at ILGM.

First things first!

Of course you want to learn more about our partnership, but not before you've seen the list of Phylos cultivars we're adding to the ILGM store

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Take a Look at Phylos Partner Research Facility in Oregon

Sometimes, seeing is believing, and a picture says more than a thousand words. We can do you one better. Check out what we saw during our visit to Phylos’ facility.

Verifiable Proof of High-Quality Flower

If you need more proof that Phylos genetics are next-level in terms of potency and aroma profile, just look at the Certificate Of Analysis (COA) we will be providing on all our Phylos product pages. These reports will give you a verifiable indication of their potential.

I say “indicator” because reaching that potential depends on your skill as a grower and how much love and care you give these ladies. In any case, you can see the results from the lab tests for each available cultivar below:

What Makes Phylos Genetics So Special?

Jesse Pinkman said it best: “Yeah, Science!”

In the case of Phylos Bioscience it couldn’t be more apt. That’s because “Science” is what sets Phylos apart from all other breeders we’ve ever worked with. And I’m not just talking about existing science discovered by others. No, I’m talking about a solid decade of in-house R&D to decipher the entire cannabis genome and use that research to develop their own “DNA marker-assisted breeding program.”

In layperson’s terms, that means that Phylos looked at tens of thousands of plants to find genetic markers associated with traits. Using those markers, Phylos could find plants with naturally occurring better versions of preferable genes that will express the desired traits.

Through marker-assisted breeding, Phylos was able to take the offspring of two parent plants that already showed promising genetic traits and identify whether or not the resulting child plant possessed the better version of specific genes they were looking for.

Cheddar Cheeze Feminized Seeds

Cheddar Cheeze stands out with its unique combination of cheese, garlic, and mango aromas. The nose on this cultivar harkens back to the classic legacy aromas of UK Cheese.

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In traditional breeding, this is done by growing a multitude of children from that one crossing to full maturity and “eyeballing” whether any of those children have the specific characteristics (phenotypic expressions) the breeder is looking for—which could be anything from more resilience to faster flowering time, higher yield, or higher potency.

As you can imagine, this process is labor-intensive, time-consuming, and requires a lot of grow space to house all those offspring, hoping that one or two might have the right combination of preferred genetic traits from their parents.

By using marker-assisted breeding, Phylos was able to speed up that process by looking at the DNA of the resulting seedlings to see if those improved versions of desired genes were present. If not, they stopped growing that seedling and moved on to the next, and so on and so on—all the way until they found a winner.

Grease Monkey Autoflower Seeds

A compelling combination of pine and skunky gas that appeals to those who favor a musky aroma that’s sure to be potent.

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I hope, dear reader, that you will appreciate all the hard and time-consuming work our traditional breeders have put into the ILGM genetics. All the genetics you’ve been getting from us have been created by expert breeders who’ve been in the game for decades and certainly know what they’re doing — otherwise, we wouldn’t be working with them in the first place.

But, yeah, Phylos did apply the scientific method to speed up the selection and breeding process, which left a lot of room for optimization. So much so that we here at ILGM can say—with full confidence—that Phylos’ seeds offer some of the best, most robust, and most stable genetics we’ve been able to offer our customers to date.

Just have a look at the selection of Phylos seeds we have in the store right now. You’ll find easy-to-grow, high-yielding, stress-resistant, fast-growing, and highly potent beauties like those below. 

Phylos Bioscience Cannabis Seeds, a Brand New ILGM Partnership

What Does the Future Hold for the Phylos X ILGM Collab?

We’re already excited that we’re able to offer these 15 spectacular Phylos feminized and autoflower cultivars—we’d be exceedingly happy if it were only these 15. But we won’t stop there! Throughout the rest of this year, we will release more hot new Phylos genetics for you to pick from and experiment with. They are only and exclusively available here at ILGM.