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Alaska Cannabis Seeds

The best marijuana seeds for Alaska

The best marijuana seeds for Alaska

Alaska Seed Bank

Alaska is a relatively friendly state to grow and enjoy marijuana. According to local laws, any adult (age 21 plus) can possess as much as an ounce of marijuana. Beyond that, Alaska residents are also allowed to grow their own Cannabis plants, as long as they keep them to six or fewer plants, of which a maximum of three may be mature. That means that the remaining three could be seedlings.

For those in Alaska who would like to grow weed for personal use, ordering online from a reputable seed bank is the best bet. Online seed banks, such as ILGM, provide a wider range of seeds, allowing you to check out reviews, descriptions, and other information. This helps growers all around the world find the perfect strains for them, which makes it easier to grow their own plants.

If you are a grower in the state of Alaska, make sure you get top-notch seeds by buying them in Alaska from a seed bank online. Just because marijuana can be legally grown here doesn't mean it's easy to find top quality Cannabis seeds in Alaska. Luckily, online seed banks will do the trick!

Alaska Marijuana Seeds

Like many other states, Alaska voters have somewhat recently legalized marijuana, although, at this point, it's old news. In November 2014, voters voted in favor of Alaska Marijuana Legalization, which allowed people who were at least 21 years old to possess as much as an ounce of marijuana and to grow their own plants for personal use.

Alaska Marijuana Rules:

  • Possess One Ounce
  • Grow Three Mature Plants
  • Maintain three Young Plants

This opened the door for growers of all stripes to grow legally and freely. As long as they stayed below the limit of 3 mature plants and 3 young plants at once, they were fine.

Despite its legality, it isn't very easy to find high-quality seeds in Alaska, especially not at a reasonable rate. Because the seed bank options are limited, the seed options are going to be even more limited. The only way to ensure you are getting the seeds you want and at a quality price is to order from a reputable online seed bank.

For growers in Alaska, seed bank shipping is usually fast, discreet, and convenient. While it isn't illegal to order seeds to an Alaska address these days, it helps with any possibility of theft or other unwanted attention if the package is not recognizable.

Finding the best quality seeds might not seem like such a big deal to hobbyist growers. You might think this is just for people looking to grow the best auto seeds in Alaska and not for someone who just wants to grow a few plants and enjoy a bit of homemade weed.

But really, getting good quality seeds (with good quality genetics!) makes a gigantic difference to any grower, whether beginner or veteran, hobbyist, or professional. The quality of your seeds will determine precisely how high their potential will be, whether that means the plant's health or the THC levels at the end. In either case, your life as a grower will be much easier if you invest in high-quality seeds from the start.

Poor Quality Seeds Waste Time:

  • They probably won't grow.
  • The plants will be weaker.
  • They take longer to grow.

Poor quality seeds are ones that will cause issues in all sorts of ways. Sometimes it's difficult to identify when the seed has caused the problem. That's why it's a good idea to take that variable out of the equation by purchasing high-quality seeds from the beginning.

Bad seeds might be ones that have been damaged somehow or are very old (more than a few years). They might not germinate at all, or perhaps they will take a very long time to germinate but never grow out of their seedling stage. All of these potential issues can be avoided by buying your seeds from a reliable seed bank online.

Additional problems that can come from bad seeds include poor health and just general difficulties with growing. All this can be avoided when you order from an online seed bank, as you can read reviews about those specific seeds and be forewarned of any difficulties to expect. You could also avoid that strain altogether because of it. For finding the best quality pot seeds, Alaska residents are going to want to turn their eyes to cyberspace.

Buying Pot Seeds in Alaska: What You Should Consider

For those interested in buying marijuana seeds in Alaska, whether that means purchasing the best feminized seeds in Alaska or anything else, there are a few pointers worth considering while perusing the online seed bank options. Some aspects of growing can make a huge impact, such as the local climate (particularly for outdoor growers) or how much experience you have as a grower. Let's take a look at some of the main pointers worth considering.


Many growers choose to grow indoors because it is easier to keep the grow climate under their control, making for a steadier and more predictable life cycle for your plants. Part of the appeal of growing indoors is that you can do it anytime you want, no matter the season. This makes it especially useful for growers located further north, such as in Alaska, because their summer grow season is much shorter than in warmer climates.

Still, many people prefer to grow outdoors. For one thing, the lighting (the sun) and some of the watering (rain) are completely free when you're growing outdoors.

If you want to grow Cannabis outdoors, the most important thing to pay attention to is your local climate and the ideal climate of your chosen strain. For Alaska residents, choosing a strain that is known to do well in northern climates will make a big difference in the quality of your grow.

Alaska also has many different climate regions, including arctic, subpolar oceanic, and subpolar continental. Check out which of these regions you live in, and choose your seeds accordingly.

Outdoor Alaska growers should consider fast-flowering strains of marijuana because they will make full use of the summer months without risking frost or other climate issues when the fall approaches. One such strain is Blueberry Autoflower, one of the best auto seeds for Alaska because of its shorter flowering time -- 8 weeks total.


The fact of the matter is that you don't need to buy the best feminized seeds in Alaska to have a good grow. The most important thing is that you pick seeds that fit your climate and your own skillset. If you're a beginner, there is no reason to pick seeds on the higher end of the difficulty spectrum. Start with seeds that are classified as “easy to grow,” and before germination, read up on some of the most important aspects of growing from our Free Marijuana Grow Bible.

Many growers are tempted to try their hand at something more challenging, but we do not recommend doing that. It is easy to start with too high of a difficulty and regret it later. If you aren't able to keep up with how nitpicky your plant is, the yield will be disappointing in the end. So, do a bit of homework by reading some grow guides, and make sure you start off simple!

Seed Bank

A final point worth considering iswhere you buy your seeds. The most established, reputable seed banks are online these days, such as ILGM. Online seed banks have a multitude of high-quality seeds to choose from, as well as accompanying reviews from people who have grown those seeds already. This allows users to not only read the seed bank descriptions of the seeds but also see what people's real experiences with them were.

ILGM makes searching for your perfect seed easy with filters based on preferences, such as fast-flowering.

Where to Buy the Best Marijuana Seeds in Alaska

For Alaska growers, it is highly recommended to purchase their Cannabis seeds from a reliable online seed bank. We recommend ILGM, of course, because we designed it to be the most convenient, well-rounded collection of seeds possible. You can sort by your skill level, your climate, or any preferences you might have for the type of effects the buds produce.

Shipping is also an important part of online seed banks. Packages are susceptible to being stolen or damaged along the way, especially if anyone can tell what's inside it by looking at its exterior. To prevent this, ILGM ships seeds in a discreet, protected package that will ensure your seeds arrive safe and sound on your doorstep or in your mailbox.

The ILGM Difference

  • Stealth delivery - guaranteed
  • Marijuana seeds that sprout
  • Expert tips to help you grow

The Top 5 Cannabis Seeds in Alaska

Whether you are a new or veteran grower, it helps get a sense of the top-selling strains. Keep reading to find out how to grow these top pot seeds in Alaska, either indoors or outdoors in thesummer.

Blue Dream Autoflower Seeds

True to its name, Blue Dream is a dream to smoke (or consume whatever way you desire). It is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain (80%) and has some Cannabis ruderalis mixed in, which makes it an autoflowering strain.

Because of its ruderalis genes, this strain is a smaller, shorter plant than other options. This plant is quite hardy and, because of its short flowering time of only 8-10 weeks, can easily be grown in climates like Alaska. It's also easy for beginners to grow.

Durban Poison Seeds

Durban Poison is a 100% indica strain that can get very, very tall if you let it. Because of that, it is generally recommended to grow these plants indoors rather than outdoors, where it can run wild (seriously, they can get up to 8 feet tall). If you can, using a hydroponics setup for Durban Poison seeds is recommended.

Durban Poison has a short flowering time -- just 8 weeks! -- even though it isn't an autoflower. These plants, being pure indicas, leave users super relaxed, uplifted, and just happy to exist.

Hindu Kush Seeds

Hindu Kush is another pure indica that should be grown indoors if you're an Alaska grower. However, it is easier to grow than Durban Poison (above), so it suits newer growers a little bit better.

Hindu Kush plants produce sweet, earthy buds that are pleasing to most users and make them feel calm and sedated, like many indicas and indica-dominant hybrids. It makes some users quite sleepy, which has therapeutic uses, but it also means you should wait until evening to use this strain. Its flowering time is also quite short, at 8 weeks.

White Widow Seeds

The White Widow strain can be found in just about any coffee shop in Amsterdam, and, thanks to our wide selection of seeds that deliver worldwide, it could be found in your backyard as well!

White Widow is well known for being easy to grow, but it also delivers high yields. Being a popular staple just about everywhere, White Widow seeds can be found in several different varieties. That includes feminized seeds and autoflower seeds, which grow faster and are smaller in stature, lending them to being more easily grown in the Alaskan climate. Best yet, White Widow buds have a balanced hybrid effect, at 60%/40% indica/sativa, which will make you feel euphoric, creative, and happy.

Gorilla Glue Seeds

Gorilla Glue is a 50/50 hybrid that is one of the more popular strains. It has won multiple awards for its excellent genetics.

These plants do get rather tall, making them more suitable for indoor growing where they can be kept under control. They also come in an autoflower variety. Autoflowers are smaller plants overall and have a shorter lifespan (which means they grow faster).

For Alaska outdoor growers, we recommend the autoflower variety so you can ensure that the entire lifespan takes place during the warm and sunny months. This strain will make you feel uplifted and euphoric and has an intriguing mix of sweet, sour, and cheesy flavors.

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