a Pot for Pot

With a Pot for Pot, just add water and an autoflower seed to harvest in only 80 days



a Pot for Pot has created a complete kit so that anyone can grow their own organic cannabis at home. Everything you need is in the box. Just add a seed from Robert Bergman, water, sunshine, and a little love to harvest up to 8 oz in 80 days.

Visit a Pot for Pot for your all in one solution to "grow cannabis like a houseplant"
Our simple directions take you through the process step-by-step and make it easy to grow your own natural herbs right on your desk or balcony, or in your living room or home garden. When you grow at home, you save money, protect the environment, and avoid harmful artificial pesticides and other nasty stuff. We believe everyone should experience the joy of growing your own home buds!

Marijuana Fertilizer

Some of the best conventional and biological nutrients to boost your yield!


Grow Kits

Whether you’re just starting out or just hunting for a bargain, these complete sets provide all the seeds, nutrients and boosters to get you through your grow.


Variety Packs

Can’t choose what strains to pick? We have you covered! Try our mixpacks and choose from fruity, spicy, autoflower and more sets.


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