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Arizona Cannabis Seeds

Arizona Cannabis Seeds

The best marijuana seeds for Arizona

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Arizona Cannabis Seeds

While Arizona was far from optimal for marijuana growers in decades past, that all changed in 2020. Nowadays, the recreational use of marijuana is legal in Arizona (in limited quantities). You can grow up to six plants in your backyard (or a maximum of 12 for households with multiple people). No more medical marijuana card needed!

Unfortunately, this doesn't mean finding cannabis seeds in Arizona will be easy to find.

The state of Arizona made it legal to grow marijuana for recreational use, however, finding high-quality cannabis seeds from established businesses isn't the easiest endeavor.

In general, it's hard to find marijuana seeds in Arizona. You certainly aren’t going to find the best feminized seeds in Arizona at any local seed banks just yet -- if ever. It is legal to grow, but for now, don’t expect to buy marijuana seeds in Arizona - even in Phoenix.

So what can growers located in Arizona do? Your best bet is to order your marijuana seeds from an established seed bank online. If you’re a grower in Arizona, a seed bank online will have already established itself as reputable You can check their reliability via reviews and buy cannabis seeds discreetly. An established seed bank such as ILGM can ensure you’re starting with the best cannabis seeds.

Arizona Marijuana Seeds

Arizona is headed in the right direction, particularly with its decision to legalize recreational marijuana in the 2020 elections. However, that does not mean that growing marijuana in Arizona is a straightforward process.

Many find growing cannabis in Arizona challenging because marijuana seeds in Arizona are still very hard to come by. Of course, that is what happens when you make laws to legalize marijuana cultivation, possession, and use but don’t take the required steps to set up the essential logistics. In other words, pot seeds in Arizona simply are not available  to sell yet.

Arizona Marijuana Rules:

  • Possess One Ounce
  • Grow Six Mature Plants
  • Give Away Up to an Ounce

Access to cannabis seeds certainly complicates things for people; however, it is not the end of the line for people who want to grow their own marijuana (or continue growing marijuana, depending on their experience level). Aspiring Arizona cannabis growers can instead order their marijuana seeds elsewhere (such as online) and grow legally within Arizona.

For the best results, growers should have their cannabis seeds delivered to Arizona via seed bank online. When you have the entire internet at your disposal, you can end up with the best auto seeds in Arizona pretty easily. You simply buy cannabis seeds in Arizona via seed bank shipping.

Don't be afraid to buy marijuana seeds online. There is no downside if you choose a reputable source. A few online seedbanks are tried and true within the global marijuana growing community. ILGM, for example, has been providing a wide selection of marijuana seeds for 25 years now -- which is pretty impressive when you consider the age of the internet. Have your seeds shipped anywhere -- including cannabis seeds to Arizona -- in discreet packaging.

Part of the upside of buying from online seed banks is that they often have some of the world’s finest genetics. You'll not only find cannabis seeds for sale, but you can also read the reviews and comments of other growers, helping you know what you are getting into. The more reputable seed banks often offer some kind of guarantee on their seeds, such as if one or more marijuana seeds fails to germinate, they will replace them for free. We do.

Buying Pot Seeds in Arizona: What You Should Consider

Considering the ability in Arizona for seed bank shipping to send you just about any cannabis seeds under the sun, finding your perfect option can be a bit overwhelming. Let’s take a look at some of the things to consider when picking out your perfect seed strains. Whether you want the best feminized seeds in Arizona or the best auto seeds in Arizona, or something else altogether, we’re sure you can find what you’re looking for online.

In general, the climate, your level of expertise, and your choice of seed bank should be your top considerations when sourcing cannabis seeds.

How to Pick the Perfect Seeds

  • Consider your climate
  • Know your skill level
  • Choose the best seedbank


The first characteristic to consider before you buy marijuana seeds is the climate. Think about the climate your placing your plants in, and purchase cannabis seeds designed for a similar climate. In general, Arizona cannabis seeds are those that thrive in a steppe climate.

However, don’t forget about elevation. Arizona’s elevation goes from quite low (just a hundred feet above sea level) to quite high (more than 12,600 feet above sea level on the peak of Mt. Humphries). Elevation can impact the climate. So, wherever in Arizona you live, it is worth paying attention to whether you're planting in a desert or a canyon if you plants are going outdoors.

For many Arizona growers, you may choose to grow indoors. Indoor growing gives you the advantage of harvesting year-round. Your cannabis seed choice is limited to whatever your grow room can support.

For outdoor Arizona growers, there are a couple of seed strains you may want to consider. First of all, you could try a variety of auto flowering seeds, such as ILGM’s Autoflower Mixpack. This variety pack includes Amnesia Haze, Blueberry, and Northern Lights. These strains do well either indoors or outdoors, and, because they are auto flowering, will have shorter growing seasons.

Another strain option is Zkittlez, which does well in both indoor or outdoor settings. Zkittlez is especially good for beginners.


Another critical aspect to consider is how experienced you are as a grower. Growing weed is not the time to be overconfident; if you’re a beginner, get marijuana seeds designed for beginners! If you’ve grown a few seasons before, you might still want to stick with beginner seeds, depending on how much you learned and how in-depth you want to go this time around.

To improve your skills, a bit of reading can be as useful as the experience of growing cannabis. Download The Free Marijuana Grow Bible to improve your skills or to get a sense of what growing cannabis entails.

Seed Bank

You can be the best, most experienced grower around, and it still won’t make much difference if you buy poor quality seeds or get duds that don’t germinate. Alleviate these possible issues by buying from a reputable seed bank and having your cannabis seeds shipped.

You don’t want to risk purchasing low-quality cannabis seeds. To put it simply, reliable seeds come from reliable seed banks. You can tell if a seed bank is reliable by its reviews, the number of years it has been established, and its seed guarantees (i.e., if they will replace your seeds for free if any of them are duds). ILGM checks all of these boxes.

The ILGM Difference

  • Stealth delivery - guaranteed
  • Marijuana seeds that sprout
  • Expert tips to help you grow

Where to Buy the Best Marijuana Seeds in Arizona

Of the most established online seed banks around the world, ILGM is one of the top choices. We’ve been selling marijuana seeds for a quarter of a century, and we’re known for providing consistently high-quality reliable seeds. That’s why we guarantee our seeds. That means, if any of your cannabis seeds fail to germinate, ILGM will replace those seeds for free, no questions asked. This peace of mind allows the grower to buy their seeds with full confidence.

Buying from ILGM is a great way to get introduced to different marijuana seed strains. Our wide selection makes it easy to peruse all types of marijuana seeds, sorting by climate or type (i.e., autoflowers), or difficulty. Sometimes perusing ILGM’s pages provides a better idea of the type of strains available, to begin with, and how people feel about different cannabis seed strains (as seen in the comments).

You can grow cannabis for recreational use in the state of Arizona. It's all about learning how to grow the best marijuana, even if you’re starting from scratch. The best Arizona cannabis starts with the best weed seeds.

The Top 5 Cannabis Seeds in Arizona

After all this, you’re probably wondering what the best strains for Arizona growers might be. We have compiled a list of cannabis seeds you may want to try growing in Arizona. Check out some of the following options -- all top sellers -- and see if any of them are the right strain for you.

Durban Poison Seeds

Durban Poison is a landrace strain that does best in sunny climates (like Arizona). These weed seeds do well in indoor setups, where you can give them all the light they could ever want! This 100% sativa strain flowers quickly -- just eight weeks from germination to harvest! This strain also has fairly high THC levels of 20%.

Many people enjoy cultivating this strain as much as they enjoy smoking it. These resilient plants do quite well under many conditions. That’s why, if you’re a beginner, you probably won’t run into issues with this strain.

Hindu Kush Seeds

Hindu Kush is another strain with no hybrid genes -- this time, however, it’s a 100% indica. It does well if the climate (whether indoors or outdoors) is dry and warm, so Arizona is the perfect environment.

Hindu Kush has strong genes, making it a very beginner-friendly strain that grows under many conditions, so anyone new to growing marijuana will enjoy this pure indica. Its THC levels get up to 18%, and it calms and relaxes the user, also helping with conditions like muscle tension and pain.

White Widow Seeds

You have probably already heard of White Widow because it is a very popular strain, both for its effects and ease. This strain is especially popular with beginners and is well known for being a beginner-friendly strain.

ILGM has different varieties of White Widow available, including an autoflower version that is smaller and finishes its life cycle faster, a “regular, feminized” type, and a CBD-heavy version. If you’re growing weed outdoors, we suggest autoflowers because of its faster flowering time and small size.

Gorilla Glue Seeds

Gorilla Glue is a delightful combination of 50% indica and 50% sativa genes. It also works really well for beginners because it is resilient and leaves plenty of room for error. ILGM sells an auto flowering version that is ready for harvest before the intense summer heat, which is especially helpful outdoors.

Gorilla Glue is known for its very high THC levels -- it clocks in at up to 26%! And the high is both uplifting and relaxing, making for a potent but approachable kind of weed. Gorilla Glue is great for all sorts of growers and weed connoisseurs, from beginner to veteran growers, from chill smokers to regular users.

Blue Dream Autoflower Seeds

Blue Dream is an auto flowering weed strain that is perfect for beginners (or anyone else looking for a low-effort grow). Although it is an autoflowering strain and is, therefore, smaller than its non-autoflower counterparts, Blue Dream weed plants have a high yield. That means, you will get more bang for your buck.

Because of their ruderalis genes, these plants stay relatively compact, and the flowering period is between eight and ten weeks. This is a sativa-dominant(80%) hybrid marijuana strain with high THC levels (21%). It produces a chill, easygoing high.