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Best Marijuana Seeds

Best Marijuana Seeds

The Best Feminized Seeds & Best Autoflower Seeds!

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  1. gold leaf marijuana grow kit

    Marijuana Grow Kit - Gold Leaf

    Special Price $259.00 Regular Price $309.00
  2. white widow feminized marijuana grow kit set

    Marijuana Grow Kit - White Widow

    Special Price $179.00 Regular Price $229.00
  3. Marijuana Fertilizer

    Marijuana Fertilizer

    Special Price $49.00 Regular Price $59.00
  4. marijuana high yield grow kit

    Marijuana Grow Kit - High Yield

    Special Price $249.00 Regular Price $299.00

35 Items

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Best Marijuana Seeds For Sale

If you’d like to grow some of the most popular marijuana strains around, our best sellers are a great place to look. Whether you seek the best weed strains for beginners or are curious about the best marijuana strains for a quick harvest, these products continue to be our customer’s favorites.

Custom Strains That Are Guaranteed to Germinate

The best marijuana seeds are those that grow into potent marijuana plants. That’s why it’s no surprise that these strains make our best seller’s list. We only carry the best genetics, and our custom strains must meet our high personal standards. Try these ILGM-specific strains and discover why so many growers come back for more.

Gold Leaf Seeds

Roberts’s signature strain is famous for its potency, high yields, and happy, energetic vibe. These tall plants mature in about 9 weeks.

Girl Scout Cookies Seeds

There’s always room to improve. Our version of one of the most popular marijuana strains is indica dominant with high yields and high THC.

Gorilla Glue Seeds

We improved upon one of the best weed strains with higher THC and hearty genetics. This easy to grow hybrid packs a powerful therapeutic punch.

We’ve always focused on high-quality seeds, so, naturally, our custom strains remain some of the most popular strains in our store. Whether you try these best sellers or one of our other custom strains, you sure to find quality that you won’t find anywhere else.

Quick Growing Strains for a Fast Harvest

If a fast harvest is your primary concern, autoflowering strains are probably the best weed strains for you. These are some of the most popular marijuana strains because they shorten the growing period by weeks. We only stock the best marijuana seeds. It’s no surprise that our quick-growing varieties are some of our most popular strains.

Ready to harvest? Check out these best sellers:


Autoflowering Blueberry are the best marijuana seeds for an easy, fast, and tasty grow. These indica dominant hybrids grow well both indoors and outdoors.

Autoflower mixpack

Our mixpacks give you a variety of quick-growing seeds to choose from. Grow the euphoria-inducing Amnesia Haze, tasty Blueberry, and deeply relaxing Northern Lights.

For growers, autoflowering strains are always a favorite because they grow fast and reliably. The best autoflowering strains do this while maintaining their potent effects.

Most Popular Weed Strains for Beginners

Marijuana is relatively easy to grow; however, there is a learning curve. If you are new to growing, it is a good idea to start with relatively ‘fuss-free’ strains. Needless to say, beginner-friendly strains are some of the most popular marijuana strains in our seed shop.

Whether you are new or just like it easy, we carry plenty of beginner-friendly strains in our store. For those looking for the best marijuana strains for beginners, we recommend starting here:

White Widow

This high-yielding hybrid has been one of the most popular weed strains for years. Count on the Dutch Classic for a powerful yet relaxing high.

Beginner Mixpack

A fun blend of easy growing plants to get you started. Earn your green thumb by growing the compact AK-47, high-yielding White Widow, and sweet-smelling Bubble Gum.

Beginner Grow Kit

You need the best supplies to grow the best marijuana strains. Our beginner grow kit features White Widow autoflowering seeds and Bergman’s Plant Food.

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