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Cannabis Cup Winners

Rising Stars & Old School Classics

Award Winning Seeds

Are you looking for the best of the best? Want to grow the same strains that are featured in the world-famous Cannabis Cups? Cannabis cup winners are certified by experts as excellent smoke. We know they’re good, so we’ve collected some of the top high times seeds for growers and feature them in our cannabis seedbank.

What are High Times Weed Seeds?

First, you must understand who High Times is. For years, the cannabis company publishes a magazine that serves as an expert in marijuana culture. Although there isn’t an official High Times seed bank and the magazine does not breed cannabis seeds, virtually every strain mentioned by the cannabis industry giant quickly gets known as High Times pot seeds.

A High Times seeds and strains guide often includes strains that have been reviewed by the magazine, or strains that entered the magazine’s annual competition, the Cannabis Cup. These strains may be long-time favorites or new hybrids from up-and-coming breeders.

Regardless of how these strains became associated with the cannabis publication, seeds mentioned in the magazine all share one important characteristic. They are very popular among cannabis lovers everywhere. For growers, these Cannabis Cup seeds are a great way to grow what is currently in demand.

How to Find High Times Marijuana Seeds

Besides honoring their Cannabis Cup winners, the High Times Cannabis Cup also recognizes the top breeders of their award-winning cannabis strains. Their annual list of High Times top seed banks features the creators of many cup winners award-winning strains. Unfortunately for the average home grower, many of these cannabis cup breeders do not sell directly to the public.

Many of today’s High Times cannabis cup winners come from cannabis companies that protect their genetics as a way of staying competitive. That’s why it can sometimes be difficult to find a good selection of High Times seeds for sale. However, sometimes you can find a strain with publicly available genetics online, such as what you’ll find in our store.

Cannabis cup winners aren't the only award-winning marijuana strains out there, however. There is also the lesser-known Highlife Cannabis Cup and the IC 420 Growers Cup. However, our selection of award-winning cannabis seeds are winners of the Cannabis Cup.

Some of Our Favorite Cannabis Cup Winners

White Widow

This cup winner holds the honor of being one of the best indica hybrids for over 25 years. It's high-yielding, easy to grow, and produces a balanced euphoric high that has been popular with Amsterdam tourists for decades. Everyone knows the name of this world-famous strain. Purchase feminized and autoflowering seeds of this cannabis strain in our store.

Northern Lights

Another Indica cup winner, Northern Lights won the third Cannabis Cup after a cross featuring it one the second Cup in 1989. Northern Lights is one of the easiest cannabis varieties to grow. It is almost pure indica, yet it has a happy and euphoric effect that people love. Even its name reveals the pure sense of wonder you'll experience from smoking this strain. We carry both feminized and auto flowering seeds of this indica strain.

Amnesia Haze

Many of the early Cannabis Cups winners are indica, however, this Sativa dominant is a notable exception. Amnesia Haze won the 2004 Cup with high yields and high THC. The effects are creative and energetic and the smell is noticeably citrusy and sweet. We carry seeds of this strain in both feminized and autoflowering varieties.

High-Quality Seeds of High-Quality Strains

What makes High Times weed seeds different from other cannabis seeds? That’s simple; it’s their results. Here’s the thing, however. The best results start with the best genetics. Therefore, if you are searching for the best High Times cannabis seeds for sale, you must start with the best seeds in general.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve got seeds for the best strain imaginable; if those seeds are low-quality, your weed will be as well.

Good seeds are only part of the equation. Award-winning cannabis is also grown by highly experienced growers. Therefore, if you want the best possible results, you should also learn how to grow high-quality marijuana. Our free Marijuana Grow Bible and grower’s forum can help with that. Learn how to grow like a pro, and you’ll be amazed at how good your weed turns out. A little practice and you might feel confident enough to breed seeds of your own and enter a cannabis competition yourself.

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