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Colorado Cannabis Seeds

The best marijuana seeds for Colorado

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The best marijuana seeds for Colorado

About Colorado Cannabis Seeds

Colorado is well known for its role in marijuana. Whether it's the state's generous marijuana policy or its contribution to the popularity of CBD research, it should be no surprise that Colorado is a great place to grow marijuana - except that the climate can be a bit unforgiving at times.

If you can get your hands on some pot seeds in Colorado, you will be able to enjoy yourself immensely while growing true Colorado weed. For the most part, most Colorado weed lovers struggle with practical issues more than anything else. People who want to cultivate marijuana will first need to know where to buy marijuana seeds in Colorado -- something that is not particularly easy, especially when you're looking for high-quality genetics.

Many Colorado residents have years of experience with marijuana. The state has been Cannabis-friendly for decades, especially when it comes to therapeutic marijuana. Despite these facts, it is sometimes difficult to find a large variety . Even those who do not necessarily look for the best feminized seeds in Colorado will need to work hard to find unique strains. However, they could simply buy from a reputable source, such as ILGM, and choose from a wide variety of options.

Colorado Marijuana Seeds

Growing marijuana in Colorado can look very different depending on what parts of Colorado you're in. Parts of the state are humid, while other areas are more desert. These differences can make it difficult to explain what will thrive outdoors in this state because it depends on the specific climate and the number of daylight hours. What the state does share is a high altitude - something that benefits all types of Cannabis.

Colorado seed options tend to mirror what you might find from a local grower. Therefore, if you want something that isn't typical to your region, you may have some trouble finding it. Specialty genetics such as the best auto seeds in Colorado are not found by merely driving down the street. Even if you purchase locally, you should do some research before you buy; that way, you end up with the best possible plants.

The ILGM Difference

  • Stealth delivery - guaranteed
  • Marijuana seeds that sprout
  • Expert tips for beginners

Why are high-quality marijuana seeds so important? The facts speak for themselves. First of all, a poor quality seed may never germinate, to begin with. When you've invested time and money into growing a plant from that seed, a bad seed is the most devastating thing that can happen.

Issues with germination can occur when a seed is too old, too damaged, or, for reasons unknown, are simply “duds.” Even the most reliable seed banks can end up with duds once in a while. Worst of all, there is no way of identifying a dud until you try germinating them. That's why the best seed banks guarantee their seeds.

ILGM guarantees their seeds and will send you a replacement, should they not germinate. That way, you always know your research, time, and money will not go to waste.

Even if germination occurs, other low-quality issues can impact your plants. For example, some plants struggle their entire lives, meaning more work for you. They are susceptible to mold and mildew. They have discolored leaves. They are picky with the temperature and humidity, and they don't deliver strong yields.

These plants occur most often when a seed is functional but of poor quality. You avoid this risk when you buy marijuana seeds from well-established online seed banks. These seed shops make it easy to see people's reviews and comments about compare their experiences with specific strains. For growers in Colorado, the seed bank is a vital source of marijuana growing knowledge.

The Problem With Low-Quality Seeds

  • They may not sprout
  • They are harder to grow
  • They have lower yields

Buying Pot Seeds in Colorado: What You Should Consider

In addition to the quality of your Cannabis seed, you should also consider the type. Colorado growers should think about their local climate if growing outdoors. If an indoor setup is the goal, then growing indoors will work for almost any strain, year-round. What better way to utilize the best auto seeds in Colorado than to maximize their potential with an indoor setup where you can control every aspect of their environment?

Secondly, your level of expertise as a grower is critical. If you are a beginner, stick to beginner-friendly options. These include mold-resistant Cannabis and disease-resistant feminized seeds. Strains known for producing hardy plants with decent yields are also a good idea. The extra effort when choosing seeds will pay off.

And third, where you buy your seeds is everything. This is loosely related to the fact that your genetics need to be good. The most reliable seeds come from the most reliable seed banks. So, when you're all set up in Colorado for seed bank shipping, make sure you've ordered from a good source.


When it comes to climate, the elevation is just as important as other climate concerns. Colorado marijuana seeds do best when you understand that. In fact, the average elevation of Colorado is 6800 feet above sea level, and the very lowest point is still 2000 feet above sea level. The most important thing about this is the light and UV strength, as it has a much higher impact at high altitudes.

High altitudes are good for most types of Cannabis -- it's more UV and marijuana loves light! -- but they can also lead to weather that is not exactly steady. Overall, Colorado is quite dry, so lots of watering will likely be necessary. Pick a strain that will fit with all these factors.

Your location within the state matters, too, of course. There are different climate zones in different parts. These zones include subarctic, continental, humid subtropical, tundra, cold desert, and semi-arid. Find out which zone you live in, familiarize yourself with what that climate zone means, and pick a strain that suits it.

One strain we would recommend for Colorado growers is Girl Scout Cookies Extreme. It has generous yields, whether you're growing indoors or outdoors. You'll probably think they are the best feminized seeds in Colorado because of how nicely they develop. Choose an autoflowering strain if cultivating this strain outdoors.


It might seem obvious that beginner growers should stick to easy seeds. However, many people think they can outsmart their lack of experience. Always choose beginner seeds if you don't have a lot of experience growing marijuana. We recommend downloading The Free Marijuana Grow Bible to learn the basics of growing without any experience.

Seed Bank

A successful harvest depends on your ability to find the one thing that's very important in Colorado, a seed bank online that you can trust. The good online seed banks will make it easy to browse their website so that you can look through the various strain options and read what people's experiences with them have been. They should also offer descriptions of the strains and tips for cultivating that particular strain.

Basically, a Cannabis seed bank should make it easy for you to buy Cannabis seeds. This includes shipping. Remember, the ideal way to buy marijuana in Colorado is seed bank shipping. Make sure your Colorado seed source ships using stealth methods (to prevent theft) and guarantees its seeds so you can get new ones for free if you end up with duds. ILGM fulfills these requirements and then some.

Where to Buy the Best Marijuana Seeds in Colorado

If it is not clear by now, if you live in Colorado and need Cannabis seeds, you should buy them from ILGM. ILGM supports growers of all levels and provides a wide variety of seeds. Something great for growers in Colorado is a seed bank online that does a good job of shipping, informing, and has great reliability. ILGM does this and believes you will be impressed by the selection of seeds, deals, and mix packs.

The Top 5 Cannabis Seeds in Colorado

At this point, you're probably super eager to learn about some of the top-selling strains people like to grow in Colorado. Here are five of the bests so that you can get a head start on finding your perfect fit.

Blue Dream Autoflower Seeds

Blue Dream Autoflower is a lovely strain that can be grown indoors or outdoors. However, Colorado's long, cold winter months to contend with. This is why an auto strain is perfect -- with its shorter life cycle, and its lack of photosensitivity, autos like Blue Dream will reward growers with a good yield earlier than other types of strains.

Because of the cold winter, outdoor growers should germinate their seeds indoors in March and keep them indoors until Mother's Day (May). This sativa-dominant hybrid is worth the effort. It has 2% CBD and 21% THC and will give you a chill daytime high.

Durban Poison Seeds

Many Colorado growers love Durban Poison because it is relatively easy to grow, is a pure (100%) sativa, and it flowers in merely eight weeks. However, this strain should be grown indoors. It can be grown outdoors, but it will do better indoors because it gets insanely tall if you just let it run wild. Don't say we didn't warn you!

This pure sativa will boost your mood and even your focus, with THC levels up to 20%.

Hindu Kush Seeds

Another pure strain, Hindu Kush has 100% indica genes and noticeable effects. Hindu Kush is perfect for anyone who wants to try growing their hand at growing marijuana plants for the first time.

indicas like Hindu Kush will calm and relax you and often have therapeutic effects for people with muscle aches and mood disorders such as anxiety. It thrives in indoor spaces, even though it also grows well outdoors, simply because it doesn't need a lot of space.

Gorilla Glue Seeds

Gorilla Glue is a 50/50 hybrid that comes in either autoflower or feminized forms. For a shorter growing season, the autoflowering variety is ideal. For maximizing the yield, choose the regular variety, as long as you don't care how long it takes.

This strain is known for its potency but is surprisingly relaxing. Despite having 50/50 genetics, Gorilla Glue's indica side shines, relaxing you until you are super chill and feeling good.

White Widow Seeds

White Widow is a classic strain that is beloved just about everywhere. Part of the reason for this is the fact that it how easy growing this strain is. It also produces an easy-going high that is perfect for just about anyone.

There are many varieties of our feminized White Widow seeds, including autoflowering (which works better for a fast outdoors harvest) and CBD strains.

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