Small Weed Plants

No Space To Grow? Check Out Our Small Weed Plants


Small Weed Plants

You want to grow weed. Congratulations! Your problem is you don’t have space. The space you do have is small, and you don’t have outdoor access for growing. Thankfully, we can help. With our small weed plants collection, you can grow great mini weed from something as small as a windowsill!


Simple. With these strains, available in both indica and sativa, you can enjoy both autoflowering or traditional feminized seeds that produce compact plants packed with great pot.

What Are The Average Grow Times For Compact Weed Plants?

Good question! On average your small autoflowering plant should start flowering between 27-30 days. Your plant shouldn’t grow any bigger than 60 centimeters (about 24 inches). Not interested in auto-flowering options?

No problem!

We also offer strains that were purposefully bred with smaller plants. That way you get the same great grow size without the need to maintain an autoflowering option.

Why We Love Small Marijuana Plants

Everyone here at ILGM loves small pot plants. Why? Two reasons. One, they are easy to grow. If you are a first time grower worried about getting it right, this low labor solution is a great entry into growing. The small size of the plant means there are fewer costs and it’s easy to keep track of!

Two, not everyone has a lot of room to grow! Don’t get me wrong, I wish everyone had a room that produced a couple of pounds of bud a season. Sadly that’s rarely the case. That’s why short marijuana plants are a great alternative. With them, you can grow great bud without having to take over what little space you have.

Furthermore, these plants are sturdy and adaptable. If you grow outside, they can handle high winds. If you want to grow inside, you can get results with something as simple as a windowsill or scale to more complicated methods involving trellis and grow light setups.

Whether you want to grow on the windowsill, a flowerpot, or grow box, our compact pot plants are guaranteed to germinate and produce pot you love!

Marijuana Fertilizer

Some of the best conventional and biological nutrients to boost your yield!


Grow Kits

Whether you’re just starting out or just hunting for a bargain, these complete sets provide all the seeds, nutrients and boosters to get you through your grow.


Variety Packs

Can’t choose what strains to pick? We have you covered! Try our mixpacks and choose from fruity, spicy, autoflower and more sets.


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