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Exotic Weed Seeds

Exotic weed strains you might not know

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Exotic weed strains you might not know

Exotic Marijuana Strains & Seeds

Exotic weed strains are some of the most sought after marijuana strains for a few different reasons. First of all, they’re difficult to find, making them prized possessions. Second, the process of growing these rare marijuana strains can be fun and exciting.

The most exotic weed strains are sought after by both growers and consumers but exotic weed strains can mean different things to different people. When talking about cannabis, exotic doesn’t only mean rare and uncommon. It can also mean cannabis strains grown in regions outside of your own. In other words, you’ve gotten your hands on some cannabis seeds that are not local to your specific part of the world. Another key factor of exotic weed strains is their visual appeal. The most exotic weed strains to grow usually have dense buds with purple, orange and white hues within all of that green.

“Exotic” also relates to economics. If it’s rare in your market and you have it, that means it's exotic. If you’re looking to grow the next big strain, do your research and find out which strains are rare based on market demand.
For example, certain strains are only local to California, so if you’re on the East Coast, you may want to dip your toe into California’s popular strains to identify the top exotic weed strains where you live.

The Beauty of Exotic Weed

Like rare sneakers, exotic weed strains are in a league of their own and the fact that they’re so exclusive makes them appeal to growers and consumers alike. Exotic weed strains names are often catchy and creative. That’s because they’re not as well-known so the names have to stick. Whether it’s a sweet treat or a savoury snack, exotic weed strains usually sound delicious, like something from your favorite menu.

Many exotic weed strains are beautiful. In fact for many people, the more colorful and vibrant the buds are, the more exotic they are. A simple search of exotic weed strains pictures confirms this. Keep in mind, colorful buds are often more difficult to grow. They also often contain more THC. To grow your own exotic marijuana strains, it all starts with buying the right seeds.

Growing Exotic Weed Strains

Colorful weed strains require unique growing conditions such as lower temperatures and restricted light. Depending on the strain, their flowers might go from green to another color, like purple. Growing your exotic weed seeds indoors allows you to control the growing environment so that these rare strains can flourish.

Pink and red exotic weed strains are genetically coded to show colors during the flowering stage, however you can stimulate this effect by depriving your plants of phosphorus. Certain strains can produce yellow and orange hues because of carotenoids. Similarly, increasing the alkaline conditions of your plants at the end of the flowering stage can produce vibrant yellows and oranges.

We want to help our growers get the best from their exotic cannabis seeds, our detailed Marijuana Grow Bible can help you grow beautiful rare cannabis strains.

Top 10 Exotic Weed Strains

At ILGM, we supply only the best marijuana seeds to thousands of happy customers worldwide. Even the most common exotic weed strains can be hard to grow if they have poor genetics, but I Love Growing Marijuana has seeds you can trust. Whether you’re a beginner or expert grower, our marijuana seeds are guaranteed to germinate. Here are some of our favorite exotic marijuana strains.

#1 Gold Leaf Autoflower

You’ll only find I Love Growing Marijuana’s signature strain here, making it rare. This exotic 60% Indica cannabis strain can reach levels of THC up to 21%. Expect a powerful high that puts you in a relaxed and euphoric state.

#2 Banana Kush Feminized

This strain is usually only found on the West Coast, making it one of the most exotic weed strains to grow in other regions. The beautiful buds have a hint of yellow, giving them that tropical banana vibe. Banana Kush has super high levels of THC at 27% and can be great for dealing with stress.

#3 Black Widow Feminized

As one of the most exotic weed strains, this 60% Indica dominant hybrid can achieve high levels of THC up to 25%. Cannabis folklore says that this strain was created by Shantibaba, a former co-owner of Green House Seeds. Black Widow has a high resistance to mold, pests and mildew, making it a great strain for beginner growers.

#4 Blue Haze Feminized

Combining two popular strains into something new creates a unique (and rare) strain. Sativa-dominant at 80% and beautifully blue, this strain can look reminiscent of the bluebell flower. Expect a full-body high while remaining clear-headed and engaged throughout the day.

#5 Chronic Widow Feminized

Need a top exotic weed strain? Unless you're in Holland, you may not have grown this before! Achieve high yields indoors and outdoors with this strain. This 65% Sativa hybrid will take effect after a couple of hits and you’ll be feeling energetic and spacey at the same time.

#6 Durban Poison Feminized

As a Sativa landrace strain, Durban Poison is pretty rare. It hails from sunny South Africa, making exotic to most of the world. Expect THC levels of up to 20% and a big boost in mood and focus.

#7 Pure Indica Feminized

Pure indica is another rare strain, due to it being a landrace. Pure Indica is a uniquely powerful indica with small amounts of CBD.

#8 Hindu Kush Feminized

This 100% pure Indica strain originates in the Hindu Kush mountain range between Pakistan and Afghanistan. Its native climate makes it a unique grow. Hindu Kush is one of the top exotic weed strains due to its reliable therapeutic effects.

#9 Orange Bud Feminized

If your idea of exotic means colorful buds, we recommend Orange Bud. This 50/50 hybrid has beautiful hints of orange to match its orange flavor. It’s a California native, so if you’re not from there, chances are it will be rare. THC levels can reach 18%.

#10 Carmagnola CBD Feminized

Exotic and somewhat rare, this CBD strain is actually the most famous smokable hemp strain. Earning its name from the city of its origin, this 80% Indica has high CBD and low THC. Although rare among marijuana users, this strain is a powerfully therapeutic strain with limited psychedelic effects.

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