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Feminized Seeds

The Industry Standard For Growing Quality Bud

The Industry Standard For Growing Quality Bud

What Are Feminized Weed Seeds?

Long ago, growing marijuana used to be difficult. You had to time everything correctly or buy expensive lights. Now, anyone can grow a Cannabis plant in their home or backyard, thanks to feminized seeds.

Feminized cannabis seeds are Cannabis seeds that are guaranteed to become female plants. This is an important characteristic because only female Cannabis plants produce marijuana. Male Cannabis plants also produce flowers; however, these flowers will not produce the THC that often defines marijuana.

To truly understand feminized seeds meaning, you must understand how Cannabis grows. Cannabis can be either male or female. Female plants are the most important because only female seeds will produce the flowers you want.

We also sell feminized CBD Hemp seeds. These female Cannabis seeds are also high in medicinal cannabinoids. Feminized Cannabis seeds are the quickest way to get a top-quality CBD hemp harvest because you don't have to worry about any pollination. You get nothing but top-shelf flowers at harvest time.

What are Regular Pot Seeds

Regular marijuana seeds are not separated by their gender. A Cannabis plant naturally wants to survive and pass its genetics onto future generations. That's why every Cannabis plant produces both male and female seeds. The hope is that these seeds will pollinate to create baby Cannabis male plants.

This is how Cannabis earned the name weed. It is so good at spreading its seeds, that baby Cannabis plants used to pop up any and everywhere. However, worldwide prohibition caused a decline in the natural spread of male and female Cannabis plants. However, you can still buy and use these non-feminized Cannabis seeds to breed new varieties of marijuana.

Feminized Seeds vs Autoflowering

Cannabis female plants also have specific lighting needs. If you do not want to manage your plant's light-needs indoors or wait for fall before your plants start to flower,autoflower seeds may be for you. These seed products grow smaller plants, however, if you buy feminized versions, you're guaranteed to avoid male plants. Autoflowering feminized seeds flower automatically after a few weeks, regardless of how many hours of light they get. All of our autoflower seeds are feminized.

How to Recognize Female Marijuana Seeds

It is impossible to recognize a female marijuana seed by just looking at it. That's why you should purchase feminized Cannabis seeds, to begin with. We've given these seeds special attention that assures they grow up strong and female. If you haven't purchased feminized weed seeds, there's a 50% chance your plant will become male. For many growers, that's a price they're not willing to pay.

Male Cannabis plants are still useful in products such as hemp, but they won't produce any noticeable THC. For most marijuana growers, the only use for a male seed is breeding. Unless you are ready to create your own strain, you should stick with feminized Cannabis seeds.

Can you Clone Feminized Cannabis Seeds?

Once you've grown a Cannabis plant from feminized Cannabis seeds, you can confirm that you have a female plant on your hands. If only you could clone it, you'd be all set. Well, it turns out that you can do just that. In fact, once you buy feminized and sprout your female Cannabis seeds, you can clone the plants indefinitely.

The process of cloning marijuana is actually quite easy. The most important part is starting out with a healthy mother plant. Our feminized Cannabis seeds come from strong genetics, meaning they are excellent candidates for cloning.

The Pros and Cons of the Best Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Feminized Cannabis seeds can seem too good to be true. Can you trust promises of a harvest without a lot of work? Many people wonder whether this means there's some kind of hidden drawback to these plants. While feminized seeds are very useful, they aren't quite perfect. Understanding feminized marijuana seeds means understanding both the pros and cons of them. There are many decisions to make when it comes to Cannabis growing products, and feminized seeds are just one of them. How do you will know if they are the right choice for you?


  • Full of Flower: Every single plant will be female and produce the flowers you want.
  • No Stress: Without male plants, there's no worry of wasting your time growing useless Cannabis.
  • Efficiency: Because every single plant will flower, growers can make the most of their space and grow nothing but harvestable plants.


  • No seeds: Since the feminized weed seeds are all female, there is no way to grow Cannabis seeds. Without males, there's no pollination, so you won't be able to breed new strains or grow from the seeds of your plants.

Feminized Cannabis Seed Options

There are many aspects to good marijuana. The best marijuana for you to grow will have a combination of different features, depending on what you're looking for. You might prefer different flavors, go for high THC levels, or primarily care about your female plant's yield. Regular Cannabis seeds and feminized Cannabis seeds can offer many features, ensuring that you can find exactly what you want.


Different autoflowering feminized seeds can have wildly different flavors. Each strain has its own flavor profile, from sweet and light to savory and cheesy. The flavor depends on the terpenes in the strain. The best feminized Cannabis seeds offer all sorts of terpenes, so even the pickiest grower can find the flavor and scent that they want.

THC and CBD levels

THC and CBD are the two most important chemicals for most marijuana growers. THC is the compound that produces the high so many people know and love. Meanwhile, CBD products are becoming extremely popular for their ability to calm anxiety and help people relax without causing a high. Different people prefer different amounts of THC and CBD.


Depending on the strain genetics and the THC and CBD levels, two different feminized plants can have very different effects. indica plants tend to offer relaxing effects that are heavy on body buzz, while sativa male plants help energize people and provide a serious head high. Different crosses between the two can produce interesting, blended effects.

Indoor or outdoor cultivation

Every plant has a preferred environment. Some plants evolved to live in cool, dry mountains, while others adapted for wet, tropical heat. That means that some plants work better indoors, where you can control their environment. Others thrive outside where they can grow as aggressively as they want.


indica plants tend to remain small and bushy, while sativa plants are tall and slender. This can make a big difference in where you can best grow feminized Cannabis seed. Different crosses might be huge and bushy, while others are short and slender. Make sure to choose a strain that will fit the space in which you want to grow.


For growers looking to maximize their harvest, you should research the expected yield before you buy female marijuana seeds. Some plants offer incredible yields without a lot of work, while others remain more modest. To make the most of the best feminized cannabis seeds, start by knowing what to expect from your strain.

Flowering time

Strains can vary wildly in how much time it takes for them to flower. Some feminized seed strains, especially autoflowering strains, flower quite quickly. Some flower in just eight weeks. Other strains can take as long as eleven or twelve weeks, significantly slowing down your harvest. If you have a timeline you want to follow, find high-quality female weed seeds for sale that grow at the speed you want.

Easy Growing

What if you want a strain that's low-stress and low-effort? When you buy feminized seeds you are already halfway there. However, we also have easy-to-grow feminized Cannabis seeds for sale as well. These are the best feminized seeds for beginners and those who prefer to keep it simple.

  • Gorilla Glue: This is the perfect strain for a gentle knockout at the end of the day. Gorilla Glue offers growers an incredible 26% THC levels and yields that can reach 18 oz. per square yard in just eight weeks. It's famous for growing easily and quickly, making it the perfect choice for a home grower.
  • White Widow (10+10 FREE): Feminized White Widow is another easy grow strain that we're offering at a great price. It has THC levels up to 19% and harvests of up to 18 oz. per square yard. Any new grower will see success with this strain, and reap the herbal, earthy flavor as a reward.
  • Chocolope: For growers who need some energy, Chocolope is the easiest choice. It's simple to grow and yields up to 23 oz. per square yard inside. The chocolate, coffee flavor is paired with up to 19% THC. Combined with its harvest time of ten weeks, it's the perfect choice for a new grower that's thinking about buying feminized seeds.

Best Place to Buy Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Feminized Cannabis seeds make growing marijuana easier, but you still need to know what you are doing to grow the best quality weed. The seed bank at I Love Growing Marijuana combines high-quality feminized Cannabis seeds at a great price with expert growing knowledge. Our focus on your growing success makes us the best.

If this isn't enough to convince you, read some of our reviews. Growers around the world love our guaranteed shipping, excellent price, professional customer service, and, of course, our vast feminized seed selection.

High Quality, yet Cheap Feminized Seeds

Buying feminized Cannabis seeds can be expensive because making a feminized seed is expensive. The feminization process costs money, causing breeders to charge more for these types of Cannabis seeds. However, we can offer cheap feminized seeds because we buy from our breeders in bulk. You get the price benefits of our bulk, wholesale purchases without sacrificing quality.

Female plants are the most important part of growing Cannabis. Female seeds are the ones that produce the flowers you want. The best feminized seeds help you avoid growing male plants. Don't waste time growing anything else.

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