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Kush Strain Origins

Kush may be the fine wine of the cannabis world. Considered some of the best, these strains are posh, elegant, and full-bodied. Landrace Kush strains originated from remote, mountainous terrains all over the world. Some of the most popular Kush strains that we know today come from regions like Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Northern India. Kush cannabis seeds can produce high-yielding, beautiful plants. That’s part of the reason they're so desired, but that doesn’t mean they need to be expensive. I Love Growing Marijuana carries plenty of high-quality Kush strains at an amazing price.

One of the most popular cannabis strains is Hindu Kush. It arrived in the United States in the 1970s and quickly gained popularity as one of the go-to cannabis strains for cannabis enthusiasts. Kush strains are usually Indica or Indica hybrids but there are some Sativa dominant strains thanks to creative breeding.

As an epic Landrace strain, Kush strains garnered a reputation for being untouched and pure, growing in their natural environment and always providing users with a mellow and happy high.

Growing Kush Seeds

I Love Growing Marijuana stocks a wide variety of Kush seeds, including a Kush mixpack. We’re proud to not only sell high-quality Kush seeds but also help our customers become growing experts as well. Experiencing Kush is like enjoying a vacation without booking a flight or hotel. Kush seeds develop into cannabis plants that deliver an extremely relaxing high for the body and mind.

Thanks to Kush strains’ rugged origins, they’re used to growing in harsh terrains around the globe. That means when it comes to colder climates, your plants are more resistant to harsher growing conditions. Expect flowers in around 9-10 weeks with most Kush strains. For the best possible grow experience, check out our guides for tips and tricks that teach anyone how to grow kush cannabis seeds into flourishing high-yielding plants.

Popular Kush Strains

Kush has become a bit of a legend in the cannabis industry; for consumers and growers. They’re not just easy to grow, but they also create a chilled out high that hits all the sweet spots without any of the negatives.

One of the most popular Kush strains is OG Kush. This 75% Indica / 25% Sativa strain has an intense smell to go alongside its euphoria. Some can smell its pungent aroma from a mile away. In fact, the sour and citrusy aroma is the signature of this strain. OG Kush can flower in as little as 8-9 weeks when grown indoors and contains up to 26% THC content.

Hindu Kush is one of a few original Landrace strains grown in the 1970s United States. When Hindu Kush seeds start to grow, expect them to flower in 7-8 weeks. This pure Indica strain is ideal for evening and nighttime use. Many use it to unwind after a long day or quickly fall asleep.

The Kush seed collection at ILGM provides a variety of high-quality cannabis seeds for beginners, intermediate and expert growers. Whether you’re just starting your cannabis journey or you consider yourself a professional grower, each one of our hand-picked Kush seed options can help you grow the finest Kush around. Select your Kush seeds today and get started growing some amazing marijuana.

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