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Low Odor Strains

Low Odor Strains

Strong strains without the strong smells

What are Low Odor Strains

Whether you’re worried about nosy neighbors or just want to keep your cannabis growing projects low-key, the best way to do that is with the best low odor strains from I Love Growing Marijuana. Cannabis plants tend to give off that typical weed smell, even when in the initial stages of growth. While the smell is delicious and gives an idea of how potent the cannabis will be, it can also indicate that you’ve got a little weed farm on your premises.

Low odor strains come from low odor cannabis seeds and are no different from any other cannabis plant. When growing cannabis outdoors, you may not worry about the smell, but when growing indoors, the scent of cheesy, skunky, earthy or citrusy weed can be overpowering. These low odor strains aren’t completely odorless, but they should help the grower avoid any unnecessary legal or social consequences due to a noticeable odor.

If you’ve set up the perfect growing conditions for your cannabis, you’re probably ready to plant your seeds and wait for the magic to happen. However, it’s important to understand how much cannabis can smell. When you’re around it frequently, you’ll become used to the smell. It may not seem pungent to you, but it will for everyone else.

The great thing about low odor cannabis seeds is that the flowers they produce aren’t any less potent and the effects aren’t any weaker. Their only difference is that they are easier to grow discreetly. To avoid attracting too much attention with your cannabis plants, grab some of our low odor cannabis strains and get planting today.

Most Popular Low Odor Seeds

Northern Lights is a classic cannabis strain that’s been a go-to for many cannabis consumers worldwide. This strain doesn’t just yield deliciously sticky and resinous buds, it also has fruity undertones when consumed. Northern Lights are perfect for discret grows because the plants produce a low odor while still generating strong yields. Plus they only take 8-9 week to flower. This 90% Indica dominant strain produces THC levels up to 18% providing a superior mental high and plenty of relaxation.

Famous as an OG Landrace strain, indoor Durban Poison is considered one of the best cannabis low odor strains. Durban Poison provides a relatively low odor throughout its growing phase. It is ideal for discreet grows. With this strain, expect everything you usually would from a 100% Sativa strain, such as a positive mood boost and improved focus. Durban Poison has THC levels up to 20% and the plants flower in as little as 8 weeks.

Named after the world-renowned author, Jack Herer is a 60% Sativa dominant strain that provides users with long-lasting bursts of energy. Jack Herer’s low odor and popular effects, make it ideal for growing indoors without the overpowering stench of weed.

If you’re ready to start growing your own cannabis from low odor strains, take a look at our wide variety of low odor strains to get started. Not only are our low odor seeds guaranteed to germinate, they’re also perfect for keeping your marijuana garden a little less noticeable.

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