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Purple Weed Seeds

The best purple weed strains

What Gives Purple Weed Strains Their Color?

Purple weed seeds are popular with growers that want vibrant looking plants with that extra visual appeal of beautiful purple and blue buds. Some growers believe purple weed strains produce better-looking buds, while others prefer the taste and scent of popular purple weed strains like Purple Kush or the famed Granddaddy Purple.

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, growing your own purple weed seeds is easy when you start with strong genetics. We feature a large collection of high-quality seeds at I Love Growing Marijuana to help you achieve your weed-growing goals.

Purple weed strain seeds aren’t too hard to come by when you know where to look but the weed itself is in high demand. Cannabis enthusiasts around the world consider purple weed to be the holy grail. Many go to big lengths to ensure their plants have that distinctive hue covering their beautiful bud.

But, what exactly gives purple weed strains their color and does it provide any additional benefits?

The best purple weed strains developed their color thanks to two factors. The first is flavonoids, a class of compounds that give plants certain properties. The flavonoid that controls the pigment within plants is called Anthocyanin; it gives their color, depending on the pH level. The second is temperature. Lowering the temperature during certain stages of a purple weed strains plants’ growing cycle can impact its color. So, those dark purple weed strains that you see are the result of anthocyanin within the strain’s genetics or cooler temperatures while flowering, which encourages the development of richer colors.

Most purple weed strains have anthocyanin, but this flavonoid also occurs naturally in many common foods such as blueberries, grapes and eggplants. Studies show that antioxidants are helpful because of their anti-inflammatory properties within the human body.

Popular Purple Weed Strains

For the best experience growing, start with the best purple weed strains! Here’s a list of the top 4 purple weed strains today. Grab these purple weed seeds from ILGM or save even more money with our purple weed mix.

#1 Granddaddy Purple

Possibly one of the most famous purple weed strains for sale is Granddaddy Purple. Not only is this strain beautiful it’s also great for beginner growers and contains high THC levels up to 23%. Granddaddy Purple is a 100% Indica strain and provides a calming and relaxing effect.

#2 Purple Haze

You must be good if a legendary rockstar dedicated a song to you. Yep, we’re talking about Jimi Hendrix. Purple Haze is a 70% Sativa and is considered one of the best purple weed strains in the world. Cannabis experts believe this strain is a cross of Haze and Purple Thai genetics but no-one is certain. Expect a powerful mood-elevating high that carries you through the entire day.

#3 Purple Kush

Looking for buds covered in beautiful purple hairs? Purple Kush is the one for you. It looks beautiful and smokes like a dream, making Purple Kush a grower’s delight. This 100% Indica strain makes our list of purple weed strains with THC levels that can reach 22% THC. It also has a tart and sweet flavor that’s delightful on the lips. Purple Kush is known as the master of relaxation; so, expect an all-over warm and euphoric high.

#4 Purple Punch

Another purple indica, this hybrid delivers beautiful colors and a fruity taste. Expect a succulent mouthful of blueberries and grapes that leaves you feeling happy and floaty-high.

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