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Mediterranean Climate

Mediterranean Climate

Seeds for the West Coast

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Mediterranean Climate

The West Coast loves marijuana, and these strains love the West Coast. Available as both Indicas and Sativas, Mediterranean strains grow well where it’s dry and warm. Add in plenty of sunshine, and you’ll see high yields. Feminized seeds help prevent accidental pollination.

A Mediterranean climate has dry summers, but some rain in the spring and fall. Hot Mediterranean climates, such as Southern California, have hot summers and dry conditions. In contrast, Northern California has warm summers, while the Pacific Northwest has cool summers. If you are growing outdoors in Seattle, for example, choose cool strains.

Auto-flowering Strains

In areas with shorter growing seasons, such as the Pacific North West, autoflowering seeds may be a wiser choice. When growing outdoors, you must harvest before the temperature drops, and it starts to rain. Autoflowering varieties typically flower faster than our feminized strains, making them ideal for beating the Northwest Fall.

They also perform well in cooler climates.

High CBD Strains

CBD has soothing therapeutic benefits that are well-loved by many. When combined with THC, it creates a unique entourage effect. The high CBD strains listed above are perfect for outdoor growing on the West Coast.

Top Strains for a Mediterranean Climate

White Widow

Getting a serious harvest can be as simple as planting the right strain. White Widow is a forgiving plant that can produce more than 18 ounces per plant outside. With a creative, euphoric high, this is a strain that will make you appreciate high yields even more. It doesn’t hurt that it’s a smooth, pungent smoke, either.

Super Skunk

Skunky-weed lovers adore this super strain. Not only is it super easy to grow, but it’s also super easy to smoke and offers super harvests. A single plant can yield up to 21 ounces outside. Just give your Super Skunk plants plenty of light, and they’ll provide you with a harvest in just 8 weeks. THC levels can reach 20%, so Super Skunk has super effects, too.

Gorilla Glue

There aren’t many strains that are as easy to grow as Gorilla Glue. This perfectly balanced strain is famously easy to cultivate. It can yield as much as 16-18 ounces of bud per plant outside. Even better, it offers an uplifting, euphoric buzz that makes this strain a fan favorite for many.


This well-known purple strain is a flavorful favorite for many. Blueberry weed is an 80/20 indica-dominant strain, so it’s cold-hardy, but it needs lots of room to bush out. Keep the interior leaves of this strain trimmed, and you can expect yields as high as 25 ounces per plant outside. Cool nighttime temperatures encourage the purple color of the bud.

Granddaddy Purple

Pure indica plants are hard to find, which is why Granddaddy Purple is such a great strain. This 100% indica plant is easy to grow even for beginners. It stays compact, but it can provide yields up to 17 ounces in just nine weeks. Even better, Granddaddy Purple can have THC levels up to 23%, giving you an intensely relaxing buzz.

Amnesia Haze

This 80/20 sativa-dominant strain is a lime-green plant that’s worth the effort it takes. You’ll get the best results from this high-yielding strain in a Mediterranean climate. Expect outdoor harvests of up to 25 ounces of weed per plant. Amnesia Haze plants get quite tall, so they’ll especially enjoy their space outdoors. They also benefit from some bug protection to see the best results.


When you want a quick turnaround of some high-powered bud, Zkittlez is a perfect choice. This candy-flavored strain is ready for harvest in just eight weeks, so you can experience the uplifted, calming high for yourself quickly. The attractive, multi-colored buds make this a fun grow as well. You really can taste the rainbow when you grow Zkittlez!

Bruce Banner

This monster of a strain is green, mean, and ready to blow your mind. Bruce Banner regularly hits THC levels as high as 25%, and it doesn’t take much work to grow. The biggest problem with the strain is how large and pungent it is. As long as your neighbors don’t mind, growing Bruce Banner is the quickest way to get potent weed in no time flat.

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