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Steppe Climate

Steppe Climate

Seeds for the Mid West

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Steppe Climate

The East Coast and Midwest tend to have summers filled with rain and sunshine, while the West Coast often experiences mild summers with very little rain. Then there’s the area in-between – the mountainous and desert West. There isn’t a lot of rain, but that’s okay; you have plenty of sun.

A steppe climate isn’t known for growing much of anything, but many marijuana strains originated in similarly challenging conditions. What’s the most important thing to remember when growing in this climate? Keep those outdoor plants well-watered.

Auto-flowering Strains

One of the benefits of a warm Steppe climate, like what you’d find in the Southwest, is an extended growing season. In fact, in some places, you could probably get away with growing marijuana outdoors year-round. That’s as long as you have autoflowering seeds.

Typical marijuana plants need a change in seasons to flower, but autoflowers do not. They progress through their grow cycle on a reliable schedule, whether it’s March or October. Plant up to three harvests per year by starting as early as February. Grow colder climate strains in early Spring or late Fall. As long as there is no chance of frost, your plants will grow. Just remember to keep them well-watered during the hottest days of the year.

High CBD Strains

Many marijuana consumers in these areas use cannabis therapeutically. The best way to do this is with a high CBD strain. These strains have a good blend of cannabinoids, stimulating an entourage effect, unlike what you’d experience from CBD alone. The high CBD strains on this page grow well in dry outdoor climates

Top Strains for A Dry Steppe Climate

White Widow

There’s something about balanced hybrid strains that make them super appealing, and White Widow is no different. This 60/40 indica-dominant strain is easy to grow anywhere. It thrives in cooler climates, making the mountainous West perfect for this strain. Just give plants enough water and sunlight, and you’ll get a reliable harvest in about two months.

Gorilla Glue

Gorilla Glue is one of those strain that you’ll always remember. This potent plant loves a drier climate and can reach THC levels as high as 26%. Plus, it’s ready for harvest in just 8 weeks. Even better, it offers a deliciously cheesy, diesel flavor that will keep you coming back for more. Just be prepared for large plants because Gorilla Glue gets tall!

Girl Scout Cookies Extreme

Girl Scout Cookies, often abbreviated as GSC, is a famous strain for a reason. While these plants take a little attention to grow, they have impressive yields in drier climates. Our extreme variety also produces an exceptional high. Expect up to 21 ounces per plant when grown outside, with THC levels up to 21%.

Sour Diesel

Finding a sativa strain that appreciates cooler temperatures can be tricky, but Sour Diesel is an excellent option. This 60/40 sativa-dominant strain combines the growth pattern and energetic high of sativa plants with the hardiness of indicas. Give these plants the sunlight and water they need, and they’ll provide up to 16 ounces of bud per plant in about 10 weeks.

Gold Leaf

There’s a reason this strain is our signature strain. Gold Leaf is a 60/40 indica-dominant strain that’s truly mind-blowing. Putting a little work into growing this strain can easily result in yields as high as 23 ounces per plant when grown outside. It thrives in sunny conditions and mild temperatures and is ready for harvest in just 9 weeks.

OG Kush

This strain may be the source of the phrase “the real OG,” and there’s a good reason why. This little indica may take a little work to grow, but it’s a super-satisfying experience once it’s ready for harvest. Milder climates can see yields of up to 17 ounces per plant outdoors in just 8 weeks. Take advantage of the steppe climate sunshine and keep your baby watered.

Bruce Banner

There’s a reason why Bruce Banner strain is named after a huge green monster. This strain is a monster grower! The 60/40 sativa dominant strain is both tall and bushy, so yields can easily reach 19 ounces per plant in just eight weeks. Bruce Banner prefers drier environments and has a quick harvest. Whether you need to grow outside before it starts snowing or before it gets too hot, this plant is ready to produce great yields in a short amount of time.