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Temperate Climate

Temperate Climate

Seeds for the South

Temperate Climate

Whereas the West Coast boasts summers that are dry and warm, the southeastern parts of the United States tend to have humid and warm summers. It's the perfect combination of powerful thunderstorms and plenty of sunshine. It may not seem like the ideal place to grow marijuana outdoors, but trust us, it is.

In general, the Southeast's temperate climate ranges from sort of hot and wet to very hot and wet. Most of it would be considered subtropical; however, parts of Florida are tropical. Growing marijuana in these regions means keeping a careful eye on humidity while also taking advantage of warm temperatures, long seasons, and ample sunlight.

Auto-flowering Strains

The Southeast is lucky to have long growing seasons, making it easy to grow multiple harvests if you use autoflowering seeds. Autoflowering marijuana plants flower without a change in the seasons. Plant your seeds just after the last frost, and they will be done at the height of summer. Plant another batch mid-summer, and you'll be harvesting before Fall. Remember to keep your plants well-watered and protected from heavy rains, and you should see great results.

High CBD Strains

THC has unique benefits and is a popular choice for many marijuana consumers. However, if you prefer to use marijuana therapeutically, select a high CBD strain. The strains on this page are well-suited for outdoors in the Southeast's wet and warm climate.

Top Strains for A Hot Yet, Temperate Climate

White Widow

Those in the mid-Atlantic states may feel limited when it comes to great weed strains to grow outdoors, but there is no reason for that. The classic White Widow, a 60/40 indica-dominant strain that produces up to 19% THC, produces reliable harvests in no time. Also perfect for late-season grows, this earthy, herbal strain loves cooler weather and is easy to grow.

Super Silver Haze

Sativa-dominant strains take time and effort to cultivate, but it's worth it for their potent, cerebral effects. That's why Super Silver Haze is a favorite to grow. This strain thrives in warm, sunny environments with moderate humidity and plenty of space to expand. These plants get tall, which helps them produce up to 19 ounces of bud per plant.

OG Kush

These compact plants are an excellent choice for anyone who wants a traditional West Coast vibes experience. With THC levels around 19%, OG Kush is a 75/25 indica-dominant strain with relaxed yet happy vibes. It's small, so it's a great choice for growing in smaller outdoor spaces. Just keep it protected from cool winds, and you'll reap the rewards in no time.


It can be hard to grow fruity strains in non-tropical climates, but the subtropical Southeast is the perfect home for this tropical tasting indica hybrid. Zkittlez is easy to grow anywhere, and it produces yields as high as 21 ounces per plant. Also, although this strain has some Sativa traits, the plants remain moderately sized, making them perfect for your backyard.

Blue Dream

This Sativa dominant strain produces an energetic yet chill experience with impressive yields and THC. It prefers a warmer climate and can grow quite tall, making it perfect for growing outdoors in the Southeast. The sweet, berry flavor of this strain can occasionally attract bugs, so be prepared to protect your plants. Otherwise, Blue Dream is easy to grow, and it's ready for harvest in just nine weeks.

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