Seeds for Sunny Climates

These mostly Sativa strains thrive in sunny climates


Seeds for a Sunny Climate

In sunny climates like California, these outdoor marijuana seeds thrive well!

Sativas are known for being energetic and uplifting. These are not the type strains that will make you tired or sleepy. Many of these strains have pain relieving properties and are ideal for medical users.

Sativas are great cannabis seeds for outdoor growing in sunny areas because they need a lot of sun, and can grow very tall to reach it. Outside, these plants will have plenty of room to grow. If height or space is a concern, be prepared to prune these plants.

Growing Outdoor Sunny Seeds Indoors

Because of their size and energy needs, these seeds are perfect for outdoor use in a sunny location. However, with planning and a little extra work, they can be grown indoors. If growing indoors, your seeds will need more energy than other strains as well as extra space.

Many outdoor strains, like Bruce Banner, can be grown indoors with proper pruning. To keep space under control, use techniques such as fimming or topping. You should also plan to spend more money on lighting since these plants thrive in sunny conditions. They will need extra light to recreate a sunny outdoor environment.

Should You Choose Outdoor Sunny?

Outdoor sunny seeds are sativa and sativa hybrids that grow very tall and hearty. If you live in a Mediterranean or tropical climate where there is plenty of sunlight and long summers and can support growing a tall plant, these strains might work well.

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