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White Weed Seeds

The best white weed strains

The best white weed strains

White Marijuana Weed Seeds & Strains

Are you looking for the perfect white weed seeds for growing your own marijuana plants? Well, you're in luck, our premium white weed seeds are guaranteed to sprout and we ship worldwide. We focus on delivering high-quality seeds that grow into high-quality marijuana because we love growing marijuana.

Marijuana seeds are naturally dark brown in color, which has led many inexperienced or beginner growers to assume that there's something wrong with them. However, white weed seeds aren't the result of an immature seed. Their white and silver color does not necessarily mean they won't grow. Some white colored seeds will grow. What's important is that a white weed seed is dry. if it looks wrinkled, pale or dull then it's immature and it probably won't germinate.

Will White Weed Seeds Germinate?

The question you may be asking yourself is “are white weed seeds good or bad?” Any white weed seeds at I Love Growing Marijuana are guaranteed to germinate, so if you end up with one, it's still good, or we'll replace it. There's a common misconception that white seeds don't germinate as effectively as dark brown seeds but the color of the seed doesn't tell you anything about quality. In fact, tests conducted by many scientists, farmers, and seed banks indicate that white seeds germinate quicker, due to black seeds having a tougher shell.

If you're still asking the question: will white seeds grow? you don't need to. Again, our 100% germination warranty guarantees they will.

Are White Weed Seeds Female?

Another frequently asked question is whether or not white seeds can be female. Well, since we stock feminized seeds, any white weed seeds will also be feminized.

Not sure what the difference is? In simple terms, feminized seeds produce only female plants, thus removing any chance of pollination by males. We may also sell autoflowering white seeds. Autoflowers are ideal for beginners or growers in need of a fast harvest. When you grow with autoflowering seeds, there's no need to change the light cycles and your strains can flower in as little as 8 weeks.

How Much Yield Will White Weed Seeds Grow?

You may be wondering, are white weed seeds good in terms of yields? This varies based on the strain and genetics more than it does the seed. There are also growing conditions to consider. Instead of worrying about the color of a seed, it makes much more sense to think about the strain.

The Best White Cannabis Strains

White seeds may not be that relevant, but white strains are. What makes a weed strain white? The color of course! These strains feature crystally white trichomes that you don't just see - you feel them as well. Under this definition, there are plenty of white weed strains, but many consider these 3 white strains the best:

  • White Widow: an indica dominant hybrid with relaxing, yet happy effects.
  • White Rhino: a hard-hitting indica dominant version of the white widow family
  • White Gorilla: a balanced hybrid descendant of Gorilla Glue

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