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Idaho Cannabis Seeds

The best marijuana seeds for Idaho

Idaho Cannabis Seeds

Idaho is a great place to grow weed. While the winters may be a bit cold, come spring, the growing season begins! With the central and eastern parts of the state experiencing a generally continental flavor, the western region has a noticeable maritime influence from the Pacific Ocean. Summer days experience hot and humid afternoons and comfortable nights, great for sitting outside and enjoying the warm summer breeze next to your beautiful garden.

Famous for its many crops such as beets, onions, chard, carrots, and potatoes, Idaho is also home to many native plants. From tall trees such as the grand fir to low shrubs like the Low Sagebrush, Idaho is home to many warm-weather plants.

Growing cannabis is one thing, but finding marijuana seeds for sale is another. Unfortunately, when it comes to cannabis seeds in Idaho, things are a little bit tricky. It’s difficult to find pot seeds in Idaho. The good news is that all you have to do is go online to find a large selection of high-quality seeds online. The best seed banks for buying marijuana seeds in Idaho have a strong online presence, and for growers in Idaho, a seed bank online such as ILGM is a great way to go.

Idaho Marijuana Seeds 

Idaho residents can easily purchase high-quality seeds that successfully germinate even if they have trouble finding them locally. If you’re looking for marijuana seeds in Idaho, a seed bank online is your best possible solution. Buy your seeds online and have a better chance of success.

 You may be wondering, why bother with high-quality cannabis seeds? Can’t you just use the random cannabis seeds that you found in your bag of weed and grow those? The reality is, these cannabis seeds are called “bag seeds”, and they are typically unusable. You may occasionally get lucky and stumble upon a seed that will germinate, but the chance of that weed seed flowering and producing usable weed is very slim.

Bag seeds are bad. However, simply not being “bag seeds” does not make them high quality. Low-quality marijuana seeds may be a result of wear and tear. Even if they were high-quality cannabis seeds at one point, over time, they took the abuse. Now, these marijuana seeds are dramatically less likely to succeed. 

 There is also a lot to be said about the cannabis seeds age. Like any biological material carrying genetic information, as cannabis seeds get old, their viability decreases. Bag seeds, and any other poor-quality marijuana seeds for sale, are particularly worth avoiding. They can destroy the confidence of any grower, new or old. You can do everything perfectly when trying to cultivate a low-quality weed seed, but no matter what you do, it will be a disappointment -- and that can be soul-crushing.

The last thing to consider before you buy marijuana seeds (especially if the source is unreliable) is that cannabis seed quality is only one aspect of overall harvest quality. Just because your cannabis seeds come from a high-quality plant - even if they germinate - does not mean the resulting plant will give you high-quality buds. You need feminized cannabis seeds.

Cannabis plants are either male or female. While both flower, only female cannabis plants produce usable buds. When you buy marijuana seeds, you want to ensure those weed seeds are high-quality and produce high-quality cannabis plants with buds for you to enjoy. Don’t waste your time on a weed seed that never sprouts or growing cannabis plants that will never produce the yield you want. Make sure you buy marijuana seeds from a seed bank with experience, resources, and reliable products to guarantee your satisfaction.

Since there is no Idaho seed bank to find good marijuana seeds, your best option is to fire up that computer or unlock the device in your pocket (or your hand) and buy cannabis seeds online! Luckily for those in Idaho, seed bank shipping is reliable and stealthy, as long as you are ordering from one of the most reputable online cannabis seed banks. One such seed bank is ILGM, which offers stealthy shipping and a guarantee on its wide variety of high-quality marijuana seeds.

Buying Pot Seeds in Idaho: What You Should Consider 

If you’re ready to buy marijuana seeds online, you can move on to the next step - choosing your cannabis seeds. Perhaps you’ve already perused the options for cannabis seeds. Now,  you might wonder how to select your perfect cannabis strain. 

 We recommend three criteria for deciding which strain will work for you. These criteria are climate, expertise, and seed bank. You should think about Idaho’s climate if you plan to use the great outdoors for growing cannabis seeds. If you’re growing your seeds indoors, choose a cannabis strain that works well in the environment you can create and maintain. 

If you are a beginner grower, you shouldn’t start with expert-level cannabis seeds -- you’ll need ones that are explicitly easy to grow; that way, you can avoid the inevitable disappointment that comes with a low-quality harvest. 

Finally, your seed’s genetics is critical for a successful harvest, and which cannabis seed bank you buy from can make the biggest difference in the quality of your marijuana seeds. That’s why you should think very carefully about the cannabis seed bank as well.


The climate a certain strain grows in is possibly the most important factor for outdoor growers. Different cannabis seeds are genetically suited to different climates. For those growing in Idaho, the hardiness zones can range from -25 degrees Fahrenheit all the way up to 10 degrees Fahrenheit. Idaho has different hardiness zones throughout the state, so always research your local area before planting. 

Because of Idaho’s extremely strict marijuana laws, it’s best to cultivate cannabis indoors. This is by far the more secure option, as it is unlikely that anyone will notice your marijuana plants if they are tucked away in an indoor closet deep in the recesses of your home.

For beginners, a good starter strain is Wedding Cake. It is easy to grow and is, therefore, a good choice for those new to the art of cannabis cultivation or those that prefer to keep things easy. Wedding Cake has good resistance to pests and disease and does well under different types of environmental stress. It also grows in nearly every climate- as long as there isn't snow on the ground. That means that you could plant it outdoors in Idaho if you are so inclined.


Many experienced growers look back on their earlier attempts at growing and think, “I wish I had started with easier seeds.” Buying cannabis seeds that are too difficult is one of the biggest mistakes you can make as a beginner grower. Growing marijuana is easy to do; if you study hard enough, you should be able to ace the “test”, right? 

Unfortunately, that’s not quite how it works. Most growers gain their skills from experience and do their homework. It takes a couple of tries growing marijuana to really get good at it in the real world, and Idaho does not make getting that experience very easy. Therefore, if you’re a beginner, buy beginner cannabis seeds -- but also do your homework. Check out our free Marijuana Grow Bible to improve your skills before the grow season begins.   

Seed Bank  

The third and final point you should think about when shopping for cannabis seeds, is which seed bank you are buying from. You might have found the best feminized seeds in Idaho somewhere, but that doesn’t mean they’re going to get delivered to you safely. In Idaho, seed bank shipping is essential since you need to buy marijuana seeds online discreetly. One of the best-known-- and the most trusted -- options worldwide is ILGM.

Where to Buy the Best Marijuana Seeds in Idaho  

Are you still wondering where to find marijuana seeds for sale?  As you already read, the seed bank is everything when you’re ready to buy marijuana seeds. Even if you’re not going for the best auto seeds in Idaho and just want a simple, effective marijuana growing project for the season, high-quality cannabis seeds are necessary. For folks growing in Idaho, a seed bank that ships reliably is incredibly important. 

ILGM doesn’t just sell feminized marijuana seeds; it also includes detailed online descriptions of every strain and seed, as well as feedback from customers on their experiences. ILGM’s online seedbank has been in business for multiple decades. This is an eternity when you consider the age of the internet and marijuana legalization worldwide.

The Top 5 Cannabis Seeds in Idaho 

If you’re just starting your marijuana seed journey and you’re looking for the best auto seeds in Idaho -- or even the best feminized seeds in Idaho --, then you’re probably overwhelmed by the huge array of options on ILGM.

We recommend starting with our list of beginner strains as well as checking out the following five bestsellers in Idaho today. This list details some of each strain’s notable characteristics to help you determine which seeds to buy.  

Blue Dream Seeds 

Blue Dream is a sativa dominant hybrid that is popular for its relaxed vibes. For Idaho growers, Blue Dream Autoflower seeds are great because, like most auto strains, they are small in stature and do well indoor. 

Because they are autos (rather than photoperiod plants, which react to the amount of sunlight and transition into the flowering phase based on that), they can handle a lot of sunlight all the time. They’ll even enter the flowering period based on their internal clock rather than external environmental factors, making “too much light” not a thing.   

Hindu Kush Seeds 

Feminized Hindu Kush seeds work well for beginners too. If you’re growing indoors, as you probably are in Idaho, these seeds are an excellent choice. It also does really well in small spaces, despite the fact that it isn’t an autoflower strain. It is a pure indica plant with 100% indica genes, so for those looking for some nice calming, pain-relieving effects, you’ll be happy with this option.

Durban Poison Seeds 

Durban Poison is the opposite of Hindu Kush. It is 100% sativa, and likes plenty of sun. These seeds will thrive in the bright and sunny Idaho summer. Durban Poison is a social, energetic, creative high, rather than one for the end of the day. 

Durban Poison seeds have a short flowering period, which most growers enjoy, of only 8 weeks long. It’s also moderately easy to grow. Although it might not be the best choice for absolute beginners, it will do splendidly for your second or third grow. 

White Widow Seeds 

If you know about any marijuana strain, you’ve probably heard of White Widow. This strain is a classic in the coffee shops of Amsterdam, and it has made its way across the pond to enthusiastic US-American growers too. Lucky for Idaho growers, the seeds of this well-established strain come in various versions: autoflower (which grow faster), CBD, and feminized. Take your pick for an easy strain to grow and smoke!

Gorilla Glue Seeds 

Lots of people love to grow and consume Gorilla Glue because of well-balanced genetics. However, this 50/50 hybrid also has extremely high THC levels (26%) and resistance to common growing problems, including mildew and mold. Better yet, Gorilla Glue comes in an auto and a feminized version. 

If you are growing this strain in Idaho, choose the auto flowering option for a reliable and manageable process. For outdoor growers, this version will reach its harvest before the snow arrives. Indoors, the plants stay small.

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