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Maine Cannabis Seeds

The best marijuana seeds for Maine

The best marijuana seeds for Maine

About Maine Cannabis seeds

Maine is a great place to grow weed, yet Marijuana seeds in Maine can be hard to come by. This is not due to a bad climate. With good air quality, moderate temperatures, and four seasons, Maine's climate makes the life of Cannabis growers as pleasant as can be! The climate is humid continental, with pleasantly warm summers that only states near the ocean experience. Summer temperatures average at the highly comfortable 70°F, the optimal temperature for the home grower. With over 200 sunny days in an average year, Maine sees evenly spread-out precipitation all year round, making its natural greenery extremely happy.

Also known as the Pine Tree State, Main is the most forested state in the US, with over 80% of its land covered by forests. These forests are full of a wide variety of plants that love to call Maine their home. These include Cardinal flowers, Swamp milkweed, Great Blue Lobelia, and many more!

Luckily for growers in Maine, a seed bank online, such as ILGM, is a reliable place to buy marijuana seeds. It's time to start shopping online for all your marijuana seed needs!

Maine Marijuana Seeds

Like everywhere else in the United States, Maine outlawed Cannabis in the early 20th century. Luckily, they joined the US states that permit the adult use of recreational marijuana. Now is the time to find a seed bank that understands marijuana and guarantees top genetics that will germinate. Plus, you can find what you need from the comfort of your home. Well-established online seed banks make seed shopping easy, highly accessible, and guarantee marijuana seeds that thrive. Make the safe choice and buy your Cannabis seeds from a reputable seed bank.

The main issue with buying Cannabis seeds in Maine is that you want high-quality marijuana seeds, not just any old run-of-the-mill product. High-quality marijuana seeds will germinate and produce a reliable harvest. Keep in mind; good genetics do not guarantee everything will go perfectly. However, poor genetics or low-quality seeds are a guarantee that you will have a frustrating experience. But what are low-quality seeds, and how can we avoid them?

Many factors can give a seed bad quality, all of which can be avoided by buying seeds from a reliable source such as a reputable online seed bank. Bad seeds, often received from friends, unreliable sources, or the bottom of a bag, can be beaten up, old, and often both, making their chances of germinating exponentially slimmer. Bad seeds may have seen excessive wear, losing their protective coat and exposing the core to harsh conditions. While the occasional random seed may prove fruitful, most will be a waste of your time and your money.

It is also important to remember that the gender of the species is very important when it comes to growing weed. While seeds of both male and female plants can germinate and flower, only the flower of female plants will turn into buds. It would be very frustrating to place a lot of time and effort into a plant that will not yield the desired product.

Unfortunately, you can find low-quality Cannabis seeds for sale everywhere. They are in inexperienced dispensaries and get gifted by well-meaning but naïve friends. Sometimes, marijuana seeds for sale are actually leftover “bag seeds”. They may have come from a great Cannabis plant yet they'll produce nothing of the sort. These are not worth your time, effort, money, or losing those well-meaning but naïve friends. When it comes to your garden, don't settle for anything but guaranteed high quality.

You can ensure you are starting with the best marijuana seeds by purchasing from reliable seed banks. While pot seeds in Maine can come from a dispensary, these are relatively new. Many dispensaries do not have the experience, resources, or range of selection that distinguished online seed banks do.

This is why we recommend turning your sights, as growers in Maine, to seed banks online. Seed banks such as ILGM have access to the most sought-after Cannabis seeds and strains possible. In a state like Maine, seed bank shipping will deliver your seeds discreetly and safely. Reliable seed banks will deliver only what they promise - Cannabis seeds that become healthy marijuana plants. Plus, if it's ILGM and your seeds do not germinate, you'll receive replacement marijuana seeds for free.

Buying Pot Seeds in Maine: What You Should Consider

Buying marijuana seeds can be a challenge, not because there are few options out there, but because of the opposite: there are tons of marijuana seeds to choose from these days! So, how can you figure out which Cannabis seeds are just so-so and which ones might end up being the best feminized seeds in Maine or even the best auto seeds in Maine?

We recommend considering three main factors. These factors include the climate you'll create for your marijuana seeds (this is particularly important when you are growing outdoors), the grower's expertise (you!), and the marijuana seed bank you choose to buy Cannabis seeds from.


If you are growing outdoors, you need to consider your climate. In Maine, this is especially important, as its continental climate is not necessarily best for all strains. Maine's continental climate is very cold in the winter and relatively warm in the summer. This climate means autoflowers might be a good choice because you can make use of the fairly short summer by growing something with a shorter flowering time. Other Cannabis strains work well, too, however.

One strain to try is Afghan Feminized. This feminized, fast-flowering plant flowers in 8-10 weeks, even though it is not an autoflower. It is also quite easy to grow, whether you grow it indoors or outdoors.

Remember that you can grow marijuana plants indoors throughout the year, which takes a lot of the struggle of planning for climate out of the equation. Growing smaller plants (like autoflowers) will make your life easier since you won't need to prune as often (if at all) in smaller grow spaces, but other types of plants will do just fine in an indoor setting as well.


You should also consider how good your own growing skills are. Instead of simply buying marijuana seeds that you think will be the best auto seeds in Maine, go for ones that you know you can grow well with your current set of skills. You need to know what you are doing. The information you need is easier to find online than in a Maine seed bank. ILGM includes details on the difficulty level of every strain. That way, you can decide whether a particular Cannabis seed is suitable for your skillset. Then, improve your skills by downloading the Free Marijuana Grow Bible.

Seed Bank

The seed bank you order from is essential to consider. That is because high-quality Cannabis seeds tend to come from reputable, reliable Cannabis seed banks. Your best option is ILGM. Not only do they offer information on all their strains -- from the best feminized seeds in Maine to the most commonplace seeds -- but they also offer germination guarantees and safe shipping. You receive the best genetics and can rest assured that your money was well spent.

Where to Buy the Best Marijuana Seeds in Maine

For growers in Maine, seed bank shipping is also critical. ILGM offers a guarantee on their Cannabis seeds so you're certain you'll receive your Cannabis seeds, and they will germinate. If they don't, simply let ILGM know, and they will send you replacement seeds free of charge. That is how confident they are in the quality of their marijuana seeds.

ILGM is also one of the best-established seed banks on the market -- the global market. We've been at it for 25+ years and love what we do. We have tons of experience producing and shipping top-notch Cannabis seeds and just as much experience growing them.

The Top 5 Cannabis Seeds in Maine

We know it can be tricky to find the perfect Maine Cannabis seeds, especially if you are new to growing marijuana. That's why we have compiled a list of the top-selling strains for Maine growers. We've included some of the main characteristics of each strain to help start your research.

Blue Dream Seeds

Blue Dream is a hybrid of sativa and indica (80% and 20%, respectively) known for its mellow effects. People love enjoying it throughout the day because of its uplifting effects. It delivers a social and creative high that's cheerfully pleasant.

The plants grow to be rather tall, and it is best grown indoors. It has THC levels of between 17% and 24% and CBD levels of 2%, both of which are quite high on average. Blue Dream is easy to grow but not the absolute easiest. It might be a good one to try for your second growing season.

Because it grows tall and ideally suited for an indoor environment, we recommend training techniques to keep it bushy and dense rather than monstrously tall and cramped indoors.

Durban Poison Seeds

We don't recommend Durban Poison for beginners for a few reasons. First of all, in Maine's climate, Durban Poison should stay indoors. Secondly, the indoor setup should be a hydroponics setup -- and that is not beginner-friendly. There is very little room for error with hydroponic growing.

If you have some experience, however, Durban Poison can be very rewarding. Its 100% sativa landrace genes and THC levels of up to 20% deliver potent mood-boosting qualities.

Hindu Kush Seeds

Hindu Kush is best in a warm, dry environment. In Maine, it will thrive indoors, but probably not outdoors. It does well in small spaces, so you will not need a large space to grow it. It also very beginner-friendly, so growing Hindu Kush will be a breeze. This 100% indica strain has THC levels of up to 18% that deeply calm and relax.

White Widow Seeds

White Widow is a crowd-pleaser, plain and simple. There are several different White Widow varieties, which just adds to this Cannabis strain's popularity. The regular, feminized seeds produce world-renowned effects, but there's also a CBD-rich version. Our autoflowering Cannabis seeds make it easy to grow outdoors, even in Maine.

White Widow has a pleasant and fun high, with 19% THC levels that make it potent enough for all to enjoy yet mellow enough to not scare off the newbies. It's also incredibly easy to grow due to its disease resistance.

Gorilla Glue Seeds

Gorilla Glue is an excellent strain with high resistance against rot and mold. That means it will thrive even in humid or wet conditions. Gorilla Glue is an even blend of sativa and indica. Our auto flowering version stays small, making it suitable for growing indoors. However, you can grow this version outdoors in Maine, as well.

Many people love Gorilla Glue simply due to its high THC content, which can reach up to 26%. It will not only relax you mentally and physically but will also uplift your spirits. It's the perfect way to end a long day spent at work.

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