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Oregon Seed Bank

The state of Oregon is one of the best places in America to grow weed due to its moderate climate yet diverse environments. Oregon’s climate varies from coastal weather along the shore of the Pacific Ocean to continental dryness and severe weather in the center. Unlike other states at similar latitudes, the Pacific Ocean has a major effect on the atmosphere, keeping temperatures mild. 

Oregon is the perfect environment for native plants like Cow Parsnip, Oregon Grape, Seep Monkeyflower, and Blue Elderberry to thrive. There’s also an abundance of berries, pears, potatoes, onions, wine grapes, cherries, and more. That is why Oregon is ranked 6th in the U.S. for the amount of certified organic acreage. The state has a whopping 195,000 acres.

Weed growers should make the most of their Oregon location since the environment supports a large variety of plants. With the right marijuana seeds from a reliable Oregon seed bank, marijuana can be a staple amongst your personal garden too. 

Oregon Marijuana Seeds

You can find Oregon marijuana seeds in a variety of places - including online. For the most variety through choosing online seed banks with Oregon seed bank shipping. You might be able to get them from dispensaries or other marijuana plants. The key issue here is the quality of the weed seeds and whether they will germinate and thrive. The best cannabis seeds germinate easily and become strong and healthy plants, while poor quality weed seeds don’t. They might frustrate you with difficulty germinating, or they may grow extremely slowly or not at all. 

Slow growth can be due to reasons you can avoid by starting with cannabis seeds from a trustworthy seed bank and educating yourself on the different types of marijuana seeds online. 

There are a few things to look for when attempting to purchase high-quality marijuana seeds. First of all, you want fresh seeds. Cannabis seeds contain the genetic material that eventually turns into a marijuana plant. However, this genetic material has a lifespan, so it dies over time, and so do the chances of these seeds germinating. As a result, planting old weed seeds takes a lot more time and resources than new marijuana seeds. But there have been times where an old marijuana seed germinates and grows nicely. In the end, it’s luck, the skill of the grower, and perhaps the way the marijuana seeds have been preserved. 

Cannabis seeds with proper storage are more likely to thrive. That’s why it’s a good idea to always check the conditions of the seeds, especially whether or not their shells are damaged before ordering via Oregon seed bank shipping. These factors determine a lot! 

Some people rely on something called bag seeds. These weed seeds magically appear in your usual bag of weed. They aren't supposed to be there, and you shouldn’t bother with growing them. Even if the buds you found these cannabis seeds in were of superior quality, it doesn't mean the seeds would produce weed of the same grade. The only way you can assess the quality of a cannabis seed is by planting it and waiting for the results.

Many people believe that the best pot seeds have hard shells with dark tiger striping. The reality is that flimsy marijuana seeds can also be successful. Those stripes are just a protective coating that can be rubbed away with time and storage. The color intensity and hardness don't determine much about the eventual quality of the weed you produce. Instead, you should be looking at something entirely different; gender. 

Marijuana seeds can produce or male plants. There’s a reason for this, but the most important thing to remember is that female flowers are the ones that create buds. That's why it is always in your best interest to figure out whether your plant is male, female, or hermaphrodites as soon as possible. That way, you can remove any males before they begin developing pollen sacs and fertilize your females. If allowed to grow, male plants can impact flowering female plants, and affect your harvest. You can also save that hassle and simply buy feminized seeds online.

Buying Pot Seeds in Oregon: What You Should Consider

Many new growers make common mistakes when buying pot seeds in Oregon. They think all marijuana seeds are the same, and you don’t need to put much thought into it beforehand. Unfortunately, that is extremely untrue. Selecting the best Oregon cannabis seeds online is more than picking your favorite strain. When you buy cannabis seeds, your experience in cultivation, local weather patterns, and the quality of the seeds themselves should be a top priority. 


You can grow marijuana indoors pretty much anywhere in the world, but to grow outdoors, you might need special conditions. Overlooking the Pacific Ocean, the west coast of Oregon has an oceanic climate characterized by gentle humidity, particularly in the summer. The southwestern part of the state has a Mediterranean climate that gets incredibly hot in the summer. The northeast has a steppe climate with subarctic conditions the higher up you go, while the rest of the east is semi-arid with cold and icy winters. 

To take advantage of Oregon’s weather and plant outdoors, you will need to buy special strains of marijuana seeds. Mold resistant cannabis strains are great for the humidity of the western part of Oregon, for instance.

Oregon growers will have a lot of luck with Blue Cheese Feminized seeds. These are amongst the best feminized seeds in Oregon since they are so easy to grow. These (appropriate for Oregon) marijuana seeds are mold-resistant, making them suitable both indoors or outdoors. Plus, the plant is exceptionally beautiful to look at with its signature deep blue color. Blue Cheese is a strong Indica with an 80% concentration of it.  Its blend of sweet and savory flavors is worth a try.


Your cultivating skills largely determine the types of seed strains you should buy. Amateurs don't know how to build complex hydro environments or cope with pests. That’s why you need experience to grow some of the more advanced strains. They require special resources and care. 

The learning curve of some marijuana plants is why we suggest beginner-friendly strains for growers who are not yet familiar with marijuana seeds in Oregon. It is also helpful to learn more about germinating cannabis seeds, growing marijuana plants, and the nature of marijuana seeds in Oregon by researching and reading before searching for marijuana seeds for sale. This will better prepare you for those first-time issues. ILGM's Free Marijuana Grow Bible is the ultimate guide to sharpen up your growing skills. 

Seed Bank

Buying cannabis seeds from a reliable Oregon seed bank is one of the easiest ways to ensure good quality. Seed banks have marijuana seeds for sale with the intent of preserving their genetic material. That means you can buy marijuana seeds that have been carefully stored and maintained to produce A+ plants.

Also, since their specialty is collecting the best genes, Cannabis seed banks often have a wide range of strains. An Oregon  seed bank online like ILGM has a wide variety of seed strains, including feminized and auto flowering varieties for beginners and experts. Plus, since it's online, you gain all the convenience of ordering hassle-free and without having to search for the information you need.

Where to Buy the Best Marijuana Seeds in Oregon?

Everyone is looking for the best quality marijuana seeds in Oregon out there so they can get top-notch results. But impressive results call for impressive seeds. You need to buy marijuana seeds in Oregon that will do well in Oregon. These can only be found in a professional and trustworthy Oregon  seed bank online like ILGM. 

When you buy marijuana seeds from ILGM, you set yourself up for the most enjoyable cultivation experience, by buying the best cannabis seeds of your favorite strains. We make it easy to buy the best feminized seeds in Oregon from ILGM and have them shipped directly to you.

A reliable platform like ILGM has so many happy clients who review the seeds and share their knowledge. Learn on your own or learn from others; ILGM is the best place to buy seeds. 

The Top 5 Cannabis Seeds in Oregon

Still don't know where to start when buying cannabis seeds in Oregon? We have got you covered! One of the hardest aspects of growing marijuana is selecting the right seed. Here’s our list of some of the most popular marijuana strains to grow and how to best grow them in Oregon.

In terms of timing, early summer is the best time to plant outdoors and harvest in November before the winter freeze. Or if you create a suitable growing space and buy cannabis seeds that do well indoors, you can grow year-round. Our list includes both Sativa and Indica dominant options to satisfy every taste. Choose from these five options, or use them as inspiration for finding your perfect strain. You’ll never lose when you start with the best seed strains.  

Blue Dream Seeds

Blue Dream cannabis seeds are 80% Sativa and 20% Indica with THC levels that range between 17% and 24%. This mood-altering strain is powerful without being too overpowering. Its defining purple, green and blue color and sweet blueberry flavors are loved by many.

Blue Dream Seeds work well for both beginners and experts since they are relatively easy to cultivate. While these marijuana plants can be vulnerable to mite infestation and prone to severe weather changes in some parts of Oregon, you could cultivate this strain outdoor in most of the state, as long as there is a  Mediterranean climate. You can also grow them indoors in a controlled environment. Mind your space, though. They grow tall!

Durban Poison Seeds 

Durban Poison seeds are some of the best pot seeds in Oregon you can get. Durban Poison is a 100% Sativa landrace strain with THC levels that can reach 20%. It provides focus and boosts moods, is excellent for parties, and is a favorite of many weed lovers. Its citrusy grapefruit aroma and flavor are definitely worth giving these seeds a try. 

However, growing these cannabis seeds won’t be easy. Durban Poison comes from South Africa, which is a very different climate from Oregon. Therefore, these cannabis plants are best grown indoors in Oregon - with a hydroponics setup.  You’ll want to be moderately experienced before growing these feminized seeds. 

Hindu Kush Seeds 

Hindu Kush is named after the Hindu Kush mountain region in Afghanistan, where the seeds’ genetics originated. These cannabis plants do better in warm weather conditions but don't thrive in humid environments. That's why growing them indoors in the humid parts of Oregon is favorable. This indica plant is ideal for small spaces and is super easy to grow for beginners. 

Hindu Kush is 100% Indica with THC levels that reach 18%. It is a soothing strain that calms the mind while still gently motivating the body. Its earthy sandalwood aroma and sweet citrusy flavor will take you where you want to go.

White Widow Seeds 

Are you looking for the best auto seeds in Oregon? We got them! White Widow is available in various forms on the ILGM website, but the autoflowering version is best for Oregon growers. Auto flowering seeds grow into manageable-sized plants, making the White Widow auto flowering marijuana seed an excellent solution for indoor growing because the plants stay compact. 

White Widow plants can grow in nearly any climate, making them a great starter plant for beginners. They also have many versions, including a high CBD strain. The hybrid is 60% Indica/40% Sativa with THC concentrations that can reach 19%.

Gorilla Glue Seeds

Gorilla Glue cannabis seeds are also some of the best auto seeds for Oregon, and they’ll thrive in Oregon’s perfect climate. Grow Gorilla Glue marijuana plants outdoors and experience why this strain earned the name Gorilla - if you have the space. 

Gorilla Glue feminized seeds have high resistance to rot and mold and love Oregon’s mild climate. The perfectly balanced hybrid delivers extreme THC levels that can reach 26%. You’d think something so potent would be challenging to grow, but it’s not. These cannabis seeds are easy to grow and very beginner-friendly!