ilgm product references

Product References

Because Warehouse Numbers Can Be Confusing

Dear ILGM customer,

The abbreviations and codes on your seed packaging may sometimes be confusing. The list below is an overview of our products, their respective reference, and warehouse bin number. Use these to match with your seed packages.

Some of these reference numbers may look like a calendar date, but in fact aren't. You only get the best and the freshest seeds we harvest!

If you have received an order that does not include a full strain name, please have a look at the list below to match any of the codes on your package to the strain name.

Our apologies for any inconvenience.


The ILGM Team

Strain name Reference Bin number

Afghan (fem)

SYP-AFG-FX AA01-06-02

Afghan Autoflower

SYP-AFG-FAX AA01-06-01

Agent Orange (fem)

SYP-OXS-FX / SYP-AGO-FX AA04-05-02 / AA06-09-02
AK-47 (fem) SYP-A47-FX AA01-06-09
AK-47 Autoflower SYP-A47-FAX AA01-06-07
Amnesia Haze (fem) SYP-HAZ-FX AA01-07-08
Amnesia Haze Autoflower SYP-AMH-FAX AA01-07-09

Banana Kush (fem)

SYP-BNK-FX AA01-10-04

Banana Kush Autoflower

SYP-BKA-FAX AA01-10-05
Big Bud (fem) SYP-BGB-FX AA01-10-07
Black Widow (fem) SYP-BWW-FX AA02-01-07
Blackberry Kush (fem) SYP-BCK-FX AA02-01-08
Blue Cheese (fem) SYP-BLC-FX AA02-02-01
Blue Cheese Autoflower SYP-BLC-FAX AA02-02-02
Blue Dream (fem) SYP-BLD-FX AA02-02-03
Blue Dream Autoflower SYP-BLD-FAX  
Blue Haze (fem) SYP-BLZ-FX AA02-02-05
Blueberry (fem) SYP-BBY-FX AA01-02-06
Blueberry Autoflower SYP-BBY-FAX AA-02-02-10
Blueberry CBD (fem) SYP-DBL-FX AA01-08-08
Bruce Banner (fem) SYP-BAN-FX AA02-03-10 / AA02-04-03
Bruce Banner Autoflower SYP-BAN-FAX AA02-04-01
Bubba Kush (fem) SYP-BBK-FX AA02-04-10
Bubba Kush Autoflower SYP-BBK-FAX AA02-05-01
Bubble Gum (fem) SYP-BBG-FX AA02-05-02
Bubble Gum Autoflower SYP-BBG-FAX AA02-05-03
California Dream (fem) SYP-CAL-FX AA02-05-05
Candy Kush (fem) SYP-CDK-FX AA02-05-07
Cannatonic (fem) SYP-CAN-FX AA01-01-02
Carma CBD (fem) SYP-CAR-FX AA01-02-09
CBD Kush (fem) SYP-CBK-FX AA02-07-01
CBD Kush Autoflower SYP-CBK-FAX AA01-09-05
Cheese (fem) SYP-CHS-FX AA02-07-08
Cheese Autoflower SYP-CHS-FX AA02-07-09
Chemdawg (fem) SYP-CH4-FX AA02-08-01
Cherry Pie (fem) SYP-OKC-FX AA02-08-02
Chocolope (fem) SYP-CHC-FX AA02-08-03
Chronic Widow (fem) SYP-CHW-FX AA02-08-07
Critical Mass (fem) SYP-CRT-FX AA03-01-02
Critical Mass Autoflower SYP-CRT-FAX AA03-01-03
Critical Mass CBD (fem) SYP-CCM-FX AA02-06-05
Critical Mass CBD Autoflower SYP-CBC-FAX AA01-08-10
Crystal (fem) SYP-CRY-FX AA03-02-06
Do-Si-Dos (fem) SYP-DOS-FX AA03-02-10
Durban Poison (fem) SYP-DPO-FX AA01-04-02
Fire OG (fem) SYP-FOG-FX AA03-03-07
G13 (fem) SYP-G13-FX AA03-03-09
G13 Autoflower SYP-G13-FAX AA03-03-10
Gelato (fem) SYP-GLT-FX / SYP-GEL-RX AA03-04-01 / AA01-04-03
Gelato Autoflower SYP-GEL-FX  
Girl Scout Cookies Extreme (fem) SYP-GSC-FX AA03-04-03
Girl Scout Cookies Extreme Autoflower SYP-GSC-FAX AA03-04-04
Godfather OG (fem) SYP-GOD-FX AA06-04-05
Gold Leaf (fem) SYP-GLF-FX AA03-05-01
Gold Leaf Autoflower SYP-GDL-FAX AA05-05-02
GG4 SYP-GOA-FAX AA03-05-05
GG4 (fem) SYP-GOG-FX AA04-05-03
Granddaddy Purple (fem) SYP-GDP-FX / SYP-GDP-RX AA03-06-01 / AA01-04-04
Granddaddy Purple Autoflower SYP-GDP-FAX  
Green Crack (fem) SYP-GCK-FX AA03-06-08
Harlequin (fem) SYP-HAR-FX AA01-04-06
Hindu Kush (fem) SYP-HDK-FX / SYP-HDK-RX AA03-08-01 / AA03-08-02
Jack Herer (fem) SYP-JCK-FX / SYP-JHR-RX AA03-08-01 / AA05-05-01
Jack Herer Autoflower SYP-JCK-FAX AA03-08-05
L.A. Confidential (fem) SYP-LAC-FX AA03-09-04
Lowryder Autoflower SYP-LRD-FX AA03-10-07
LSD (fem) SYP-LSD-FX AA03-10-08
LSD Autoflower SYP-LSD-FAX AA05-05-10
Mango Kush (fem) SYP-MGK-FX AA04-01-03
Master Kush (fem) SYP-MSK-FX AA04-01-05
Maui Wowie (fem) SYP-MWI-FX AA05-06-04
MK Ultra (fem) SYP-MKU-FX AA04-02-01
Northern Lights (fem) SYP-NTH-FX AA04-02-09 / AA01-05-01
Northern Lights Autoflower SYP-NTH-FAX AA04-03-02
NYC Diesel (fem) SYP-NYD-FX AA04-04-01
NYC Diesel Autoflower SYP-NYD-FAX AA04-04-02
OG Kush (fem) SYP-OGK-FX AA04-04-03
OG Kush Autoflower SYP-OGK-FAX AA04-04-04
OG Kush CBD (fem) SYP-COK-FX 01-09-06
OG Kush CBD Autoflower SYP-COK-FAX  
Orange Bud (fem) SYP-OBU-FX AA04-04-09
Pineapple Haze (fem) SYP-PHZ-FX AA04-05-08
Power Plant (fem) SYP-PWP-FX AA04-05-10
Pure Indica (fem) SYP-PUI-FX AA04-06-03
Purple Haze (fem) SYP-PRZ-FX AA04-06-05
Purple Kush (fem) SYP-PPK-FX AA04-06-06
Purple Kush Autoflower SYP-PPK-FAX AA04-06-07
Purple Punch (fem) SYP-PPP-FX AA04-06-10
Runtz (fem) SYP-RTZ-FX AA06-08-10
Skywalker OG (fem) SYP-SKY-FX / SYP-SYO-FX AA01-05-03
Sour Diesel (fem) SYP-SOD-FX AA04-09-06
Sour Diesel Autoflower SYP-SOD-FAX AA04-09-07
Strawberry Cough (fem) SYP-STC-FX AA04-10-08
Strawberry Kush (fem) SYP-STK-FX AA04-10-09
Strawberry Kush CBD (fem) SYP-STW-FX AA01-03-06
Sunset Sherbert (fem) SYP-SUN-FX AA04-10-10
Super Lemon Haze (fem) SYP-SLH-FX AA05-01-02
Super Lemon Haze Autoflower SYP-SLH-FAX AA05-01-03
Super Silver Haze (fem) SYP-SSH-FX AA05-01-03
Super Skunk (fem) SYP-SSK-FX AA05-01-05
Super Skunk Autoflower SYP-SSK-FAX AA05-01-06
Trainwreck (fem) SYP-TWR-FX AA05-02-07
Tropicana Cookies (fem) SYP-TCP-FX AA05-02-10
Wedding Cake (fem) SYP-WDC-FX AA05-03-03
Wedding Cake Autoflower SYP-WDC-FAX AA05-03-04
White Rhino (fem) SYP-WHR-FX AA05-03-06
White Widow (fem) SYP-WWI-RX / SYP-WHW-FX AA01-05-07 / AA05-03-09
White Widow Autoflower SYP-WHW-FAX AA05-03-10
White Widow CBD (fem) SYP-CWD-FX / SYP-CWW-FX AA02-07-05 / AA01-03-08
White Widow CBD Autoflower SYP-CBW-FAX AA01-10-01
Zkittlez (fem) SYP-ZKZ-FX AA05-04-06
Zkittlez Autoflower SYP-ZKZ-FAX AA05-04-07

ILGM Support