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Texas Cannabis Seeds

The best marijuana seeds for Texas

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17 Items

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Texas Seed Bank

Texas is one of the best states for growing marijuana because of its range of climates covering the Great Plains to the Gulf Coast. Each region provides an exceptional environment for all kinds of cannabis strains to grow and flourish. 

The northern part of the state has a semi-arid climate with hot summers and cold and snowy winters. Plants like Purple Coneflower, Crossvine, and Dwarf Palmetto are native to that region of the state. In comparison, Central Texas enjoys more from semi-arid to subtropical climates with hot and humid summers to mild winters. Native plants like Black-eyed Susan, Red Yucca, and Rock Rose thrive there. 

The Eastern part of Texas has a more humid subtropical climate, while the Western region has an arid to semi-arid climate. Beautyberry and Yellow Bells grow natively in the Eastern and Western parts, respectively. Finally, the South of Texas is famous for Texas Sage and a semi-arid climate. So with all of this diversity in flora and atmosphere, you can count Texas as the perfect state to grow your marijuana collection. 

Texas Marijuana Seeds  

Cannabis seeds in Texas are everywhere. They can be passed on from a friend or even found in your bought bag of weed. But you will find that the best Texas cannabis seeds always germinate and grow quickly. Those come from a Texas seed bank or an online seedbank.  

If your cannabis seeds aren’t from a seedbank, you may experience some issues. You can never be sure how your marijuana seeds were handled or preserved. You certainly should not expect them to germinate and flower. Marijuana seeds purchased from a seed bank, on the contrary, are of good quality and have preserved genetic material that grows into strong and healthy plants. 

How do you know your cannabis seeds for sale are any good when they come from an unreliable source? For instance, consider bag seeds. These weed seeds, commonly found inside a regular bag of weed, are tricky to cultivate. A common issue? The cannabis seeds may be damaged from poor storage, causing them to become hermaphrodites. The problem is, you won’t know this until you plant them. If you find some of these ‘hermies’ growing in your garden,’ we recommend tossing them' as soon as you identify them. To sum it up, bag seeds can easily become a frustrating situation.  

Speaking of 'hermies,’ you’ll want to buy the right gender of pot seeds for Texas growing, to prevent the cultivation of male cannabis plants. The only cannabis seeds that produce flowers are those of the female gender. Hermies and male cannabis seeds produce pollen which causes cannabis flowers to produce seeds. Feminized marijuana seeds are the best way to ensure your cultivation experience runs smoothly. You can buy cannabis seeds like these at any reliable marijuana seed bank for Texas growers, such as ILGM, which offers the Best Feminized Seeds in Texas.

Another way to determine the quality of your marijuana seeds is their physical condition. The shells of cannabis seeds can become slightly beat up over time thanks to terrible storage or poor handling. This usually means that these marijuana seeds are unlikely to germinate, let alone grow. If your Texas cannabis seeds have flimsy or broken shells, then you already know the results. Some people still take a risk and buy marijuana seeds online like this, and with a little extra care and attention they lead to great results. However, it is a risk that could or could not pan out. That's why a cannabis seed bank is a more functional place to get your marijuana seeds in Texas. 

A common misconception is that pale and soft marijuana seeds will not germinate, but that’s a rookie mistake. People are too concerned with the look and color of the weed seeds rather than their actual state. Marijuana seeds don’t have to have hard rocky shells or have their signature tiger stripes to be viable. Instead, it’s the cannabis seeds’ age or its storage that matters most. Old marijuana seeds take longer than fresh ones since the genetic material dies with time. Fresh weed seeds are rich in the DNA required to produce THC-rich buds. 

Buying Pot Seeds in Texas: What You Should Consider

Beginners and experts alike fall make common errors when purchasing marijuana seeds. They fail to recognize the many factors around purchasing cannabis seeds for Texas. These factors influence how easily your weed seeds become beautiful marijuana plants. They include your gardening expertise, local weather conditions, and the cannabis seeds. Many people buy cannabis seeds depending on their preference or familiarity and forget that each strain requires a particular kind of environment to flourish. 


The climate in Texas is varied, ranging from arid and semi-arid in the west to warm and subtropical in the east. The state's enormous size means various weather conditions depending on where you are. Texas is prone to wildfires, thunderstorms, hurricanes, floods, and tornadoes in late spring and early summer. Plus, the northern panhandle is in America’s infamous Tornado Alley. Because the weather is so unpredictable, we recommend growing your plants indoors

In general, we suggest you buy cannabis seeds from our Steppe collection when selecting marijuana seeds for Texas. These marijuana seeds are perfect for this state, both indoors and outdoors. This collection includes OG Kush, Gold Leaf, and Cherry Pie, but OG Kush Autoflower is one of our favorite marijuana strains to grow in Texas. 

OG Kush is 70% Indica with THC levels that can reach 19%. Since it is susceptible to pests and diseases, beginners should take special precautions when growing outdoors, or keep it in a stable environment, such as indoors. The autoflowering version of this strain is ideal for Texas’s unpredictable weather because of its fast harvest. Plant it early before the crazy summer weather -it flowers in just eight weeks. OG Kush is one of the best autoflowering seeds in Texas; you will want to give it a try. 


When you buy cannabis seeds online you consider your marijuana growing experience. Expert growers know how to create unique environments and cope with pests and bugs. On the other hand, Beginners lack the necessary expertise to cultivate more challenging marijuana strains. 

If you are a beginner, look for beginner-friendly seeds for sale. This will eliminate a lot of time and hassle. Getting educated on growing pot seeds in Texas is also a good idea. If you do, you’ll learn to avoid some of the typical pitfalls and problems that people encounter when cultivating marijuana for the first time. Our free Marijuana Grow Bible can help you learn everything you need to create the ideal setting, germinate seeds, and handle plant diseases. 

Seed Bank 

When you buy cannabis seeds from a reputable supplier, such as a Texas seed bank online, you invest in a better harvest. Because of how well the seeds are created and preserved, seed banks deliver high-quality cannabis seeds. Plus, there’s plenty to choose from, so you can always find your favorite strain as well as new ones to experiment with.

Any dedicated weed grower will tell you that reputable seedbanks like ILGM are an excellent source of weed seeds. This is because they provide you with the Best Feminized Seeds in Texas and the knowledge to help them grow.

Where to Buy the Best Marijuana Seeds in Texas?

There are many ways to buy marijuana seeds in Texas, but for the best feminized, autoflowering cannabis seeds, choose ILGM. ILGM provides the best auto seeds for Texas weed growers - ones that flower in no time and produce harvests several times a year! For growers in Texas a seed bank online like ILGM is the optimal choice. 

Browse the store to find strains for beginners, experts, and everything in between. Choose from cannabis seeds with high mold and disease resistance or those with high THC levels- it’s up to you. Since it’s all online, you’re only a few clicks away from Texas seed bank shipping right to your door with no hassle. 

The Top 5 Cannabis Seeds in Texas

Everything is bigger in Texas, and we’d like your harvest to be the same. Knowing which marijuana strains to grow is a start. Here are the top five marijuana seed strains to consider when growing marijuana in Texas. Choose from uplifting Sativa and relaxing Indica dominant strains. Some strains thrive outdoors, while others should stay indoors with a hydro setup. This overview will help you select your best options.  

Blue Dream Seeds

Autoflowering Blue Dream cannabis seeds are a great choice for Texas growers. They mature into a stunning plant with a distinctively rich and vivid purple hue. Blue Dream Seeds have 70% Sativa content and very high THC levels of up to 21%. They're perfect for growing indoors or outdoors in subtropical parts of the state.

The autoflowering version reaches harvest faster than other options, which is a good idea in Texas’s unpredictable climate.  The plants are sensitive to spider mite infestation and climate swings, so beginners may want to keep them indoors.  In general, Blue Dream cannabis seeds are easy to cultivate and possibly one of the best auto seeds for Texas. 

Durban Poison Seeds

A 100% Sativa landrace descendant, Durban Poison Seeds are native to South Africa and have a cheesy, citrusy, earthy, sweet, and skunky taste and aroma. It can grow outdoors in arid parts of the state since it is super resilient. It is truly a low-maintenance strain when grown in Texas. However, it can reach tall heights, so keep that in mind. 

Durban Poison seeds flower in just eight weeks. Their yields can reach 18 to 21 oz per 3x3 ft. 

Hindu Kush Seeds

Hindu Kush is ideal for Texan cannabis cultivators because it grows well outdoors in the arid parts of the state. Hindu Kush is a 100% Indica strain with THC levels of about 18%.  Its effects are deeply relaxing, but not so much that you pass out.  

Hindu Kush seeds grow into a compact and bushy plant that takes up little space but produces abundant yields. Hindu Kush seeds are an excellent choice for beginners because they are simple to grow and sustain. In only eight weeks, you can expect 14 to 17 oz per 3x3 ft. 

White Widow Seeds 

In addition to high pest and disease tolerance, White Widow seeds stay small and easy to grow. These compact plants deliver reliable effects - especially as an autoflower.  Grow them indoors or outdoors anywhere in Texas. In just nine weeks, regular seeds can deliver a harvest of up to 18 oz of weed. 

White Widow is great for beginners who are looking for something easy but rewarding. This strain is available in various versions, so you can pick and choose the one that best matches your needs. It's a well-balanced combination of 60% Indica and 40% Sativa with world-famous effects that you will absolutely love.

Gorilla Glue Seeds 

Gorilla Glue seeds can thrive in the Texas heat and typically produce generous yields as well. Ideal for products such as cannabis oil, this hybrid is popular for its effects. Gorilla Glue has a powerful punch that's mentally uplifting, but also quite relaxing. It's guaranteed to improve your mood.

Gorilla Glue is a balanced 50/50 hybrid with amazingly high THC levels that can reach 26%. The earthy, sour, and sweet effects result from an easy growing experience that any  Texans is sure to love. 

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