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Virginia Seed Bank

Virginia is one of the best places to grow weed due to many factors. Its climate is one. The state of Virginia has diverse wild flora throughout its borders. The Atlantic ocean significantly influences Virginia’s southeast location, creating a humid subtropical climate in the eastern part of the state, while the west has a combination of humid continental and oceanic climates. 

Native plants such as Beautyberry, Red Chokeberry, Bloodroot, Fire Pink, Helen’s Flower, and Virginia Bluebells reveal the amazing potential for Virginia marijuana cultivation. It should be no surprise that certain types of cannabis also do well here. With the right marijuana seeds, Virginia growers can enjoy Virginia marijuana whenever they want. All it takes is high-quality cannabis seeds to produce healthy, high-yielding, home-grown marijuana in Virginia. 

Virginia Marijuana Seeds

No one wants to end up with poor-quality weed seeds that don’t germinate or grow - even if they don't realize they have them. Beginners often blame themselves when their cannabis dreams fail, not realizing that poor quality cannabis seeds may be the culprit. If you want a successful harvest, you must think about the quality of the marijuana seeds before planting them. That way, you don't waste time, effort, and resources on a doomed endeavor. You can’t always tell how good a marijuana seed is by looking at it, but there are ways to identify the best marijuana seeds for Virginia. 

Whether they are cannabis or otherwise, seeds contain all of the plant’s genetic material, including its lifespan. This lifespan is also dependent on how well you store those seeds. Generally speaking, the fresher the weed seeds, the better the results. While weed seeds last a long time, the chances of their germination diminish with time. In other words, that genetic material dies if not properly stored. Expert growers can plant old marijuana seeds in Virginia and still yield excellent results; however, why should you go through the hassle? Focus on finding fresh seeds for sale for a better experience. 

You also need the correct gender. Before purchasing marijuana seeds for Virginia, make sure those seeds produce female plants! Female cannabis produces the flowers that we use for marijuana. Male and hermaphrodite plants (those with both male and female parts) pollinate the females causing them to produce seeds and less THC. If you care about THC, it’s very important that you only cultivate female plants. Discard anything else. A trusted online seedbank will have feminized marijuana seeds for sale. However, if you want the best feminized seeds in Virginia, you need to purchase marijuana seeds from one of the best seedbanks. 

You can also sometimes find free seeds in your weed. Bag seeds are those random marijuana seeds that you don’t want to smoke. They are a gamble, even for the most experienced growers. Why are they unreliable? First of all, it is impossible to look at a cannabis seed and identify if it is female or not. Even if the seeds come from high-quality weed, that doesn't guarantee it's female. You don’t know that seed’s sex until it’s a mature cannabis plant.

It's a common myth that the best cannabis seeds have dark tiger stripes with hard shells. In reality, these stripes are only a protective coat. In fact, you can sometimes rub it off.  Dark stripes are not necessarily an indicator of the seed’s quality. Pale seeds can germinate and grow as well. While some marijuana seeds have a thin or fragile outer shell, the seed is viable as long as it is undamaged. 

Buying Pot Seeds in Virginia: What You Should Consider 

Now that you know some facts about the quality of cannabis seeds in Virginia, you are ready to start thinking about buying marijuana seeds. Before you do, there are some things to keep in mind. For example, where do you intend to grow it? If it’s outside, you’ll want to think about the climate.  The environment you plan to provide for your seeds is a key aspect of growing pot seeds in Virginia. You should also consider the difficulty level of the strain and where you purchase it from. Here are the three things to consider before you buy cannabis seeds online. 


You must think about the climate when choosing marijuana seeds in Virginia. This will help you determine which strains will best match your environment and growing conditions, especially if you plan to grow outdoors. Virginia primarily has a humid subtropical climate. West of the Blue Ridge Mountains, it's humid continental and oceanic. The state additionally sustains intense weather like thunderstorms, hurricanes, and tornadoes, particularly in the summer. Snowstorms are not uncommon during the winter. The main thing to consider is Virginia's humidity. Although cannabis is hearty, not every strain is a fan of humidity. 

Choose strains that will thrive in Virginia by selecting seeds for a humid climate. These strains are either accustomed to humidity or have mold resistance. One strain that does well in Virginia’s climate is Zkittlez Autoflower. This small and bushy plant grows in many climates, so you can plant them pretty much anywhere and have success. Zkittles thrives both indoors or outdoors in Virginia. Because they are mold, mildew, and humidity-resistant, they are one of the best auto seeds for Virginia.


You should also select seeds based on your skill level. Amateur or beginner growers may struggle with strains that require specific setups like hydroponics or that are particularly sensitive to diseases, pests, or environmental conditions. We want the experience to be fun; that’s why we always recommend beginner-friendly strains for beginners growing pot seeds in Virginia.

Beginners also benefit from reading and referencing information about marijuana growing. Our free Marijuana Grow Bible is a wonderful place to start. It has guidance on marijuana growing that helps you avoid common mistakes, manage pests, disease, and environmental challenges, and harvest your pot plants successfully at the end. 

Seed Bank 

The final thing to consider when buying marijuana seeds online is where the seeds came from. A  Virginia seed bank may have feminized cannabis seeds, but you want the best seeds, especially if you are a beginner. While there are many places to purchase seeds from online, you need to access a trusted seedbank for the highest quality seeds.

Reliable cannabis seedbanks know how to store a marijuana seed so that it produces a healthy plant with heavy yields. When you purchase seeds from a trusted source, you ensure quality and simplify your growing process. Online seedbanks are a great place to buy marijuana seeds because they offer a large variety of strains and convenient Virginia seed bank shipping directly to your location.

Where to Buy the Best Marijuana Seeds in Virginia?

You can skip all of the frustration of growing poor-quality seeds and opt for a more enjoyable cultivation experience when you purchase from ILGM. We offer high-quality, feminized seeds for a large variety of strains so you can cultivate strong and healthy marijuana plants. 

Choose from our cannabis seed selection based on your personal preferences and growing conditions. You can even find multiple options for many of our seeds, including autoflowering and high CBD genetics. We also sell plant nutrients and provide a wealth of marijuana-growing information to ensure your garden thrives. For many growers in Virginia, seed bank shipping is our best aspect. Not only do we guarantee your marijuana seeds will sprout, we also guarantee they’ll show up at your door. 

The Top 5 Cannabis Seeds in Virginia 

There are many marijuana strains to choose from in our store, making it hard to identify your best option. Here are some of our top-selling strains, as well as some guidance on growing them in the state of Virginia.  Our list includes Sativa, Indica and hybrid options, so you’re sure to find a strain that perfectly matches your needs. Whether you’ll be growing indoors or outdoors, enjoy our selection of the top 5 cannabis strains - for Virginia growers. 

Blue Dream Seeds

Blue Dream seeds are 80% Sativa with generous THC levels that can reach 24%. The resulting plants have a unique blue and purple color that gives them their name. This popular, easy-going weed strain is a favorite among new and experienced growers because it is easy to grow and smoke.  

Blue Dream seeds can be grown either outdoors or indoors in Virginia. If grown inside, Blue Dream plants are prone to spider mite infestations, so you’ll want to prepare accordingly. 

Durban Poison Seeds 

Durban Poison seeds are a real treat to Sativa lovers. The plant is a 100% Sativa landrace descendant originating from South Africa. It has a unique flavor profile that some describe as earthy, sweet, and skunky with hints of cheese and citrus. 

Durban Poison should be grown indoors in Virginia. Unfortunately, it’s a bit particular indoors and needs a hydroponics setup, which can be challenging for beginners. Once in place, however, these plants are resilient and low maintenance. Durban Poison seeds flower rather quickly; indoor growers can expect their harvest in 7-9 weeks. 

Hindu Kush Seeds 

Hindu Kush is a 100% Indica strain with a THC concentration that reaches about 18%. This plant is compact and bushy, with high yields of 14-17 oz per 3x3 feet. These plants flower in just eight weeks. They’re also beginner-friendly and easy to grow.

Hindu Kush plants thrive in warm, dry environments like that of its homeland in the Middle Eastern Hindu Kush mountain range.  Because of Virginia’s humid climate, you should grow this strain indoors, where you can control the humidity. 

White Widow Seeds 

White Widow seeds are a balanced hybrid strain that's 60% Indica and 40% Sativa. They can be grown indoors or outdoors in much of Virginia’s climate. White Widow plants are compact with high quality and quantity yields, up to 18 oz per 3x3 feet.

In general, White Widow is an enjoyable plant for beginners to grow.  It is pest and disease resistant and thrives in many conditions.  We carry multiple versions of this strain, including an auto flowering version.  Autoflower strains are popular because they are easy to grow, grow quickly enough for multiple harvests per season, and don’t require manipulation or reliance on light cycles. They also stay small, making them perfect for indoor gardens.

Gorilla Glue Seeds

Gorilla Glue is a beast of a marijuana plant. The perfect 50/50 hybrid can produce a whopping 26% THC concentration. It has powerful indica properties that will effectively put you to sleep, but not before the sativa puts a pleasant smile on your face. It’s also quite easy to grow. 

While beginner growers will love Gorilla Glue, this strain does not like humidity. Therefore you should grow it indoors in Virginia. However, since Gorilla Glue plants tend to grow quite large, we recommend the auto flowering version. Otherwise, you will spend plenty of time pruning this monster-sized weed plant. 

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