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Arkansas Cannabis Seeds

Arkansas Cannabis Seeds

Cannabis seeds for Arkansas

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Arkansas Seed Bank

Marijuana is partially legalized in Arkansas, in that there is a medical marijuana program currently in operation. Growing marijuana plants, however, is not legal. It leads to possession, possession with intent to distribute, or worse.

Any kind of possession (except for registered medical marijuana patients) has a fine and possibly jail time. Under 4 ounces is a misdemeanor. However, there’s a fine of as much as $2500 and as much as a year in jail. Anything more than 4 ounces, or a second offense, is a felony.

Arkansas is behind the times, at least legally speaking. That doesn’t mean you have to be behind the times, too. If you are interested in growing your marijuana, whether for recreational or medicinal purposes, the best option is ordering from a discreet, reputable seed bank.

Because there are no in-person seed banks in this state, marijuana seeds in Arkansas come from somewhere else. The good news is that, with the dawn of the internet, growers world-over can get top-quality seeds delivered discreetly. ILGM helps you grow when you need to be a little less obvious. Our trusted seed bank has great reviews because we send reliable marijuana seeds to Arkansas, and we teach you how to grow them.

Arkansas Marijuana Seeds

Because of this state’s strict marijuana laws, it is hard to find high-quality cannabis seeds in Arkansas. However, that does not mean that it is completely impossible to get your hands on some pot seeds in Arkansas. You may simply need to look outside of your neighborhood to find them.

Part of the reason it’s so tricky to get some decent marijuana seeds is that there is not a single Arkansas seed bank that people can go into and buy the seeds they want. Instead, Arkansas residents must check online for everything they want. Need growing supplies? That’s one website. Need seeds? That is another. Now, what do you do with both of them? This is a lot of work to grow a marijuana plant, especially when you rely on it for therapeutic use.

There are some medical dispensaries geared toward registered patients, but they do not sell seeds since it’s illegal to cultivate marijuana in Arkansas. For that reason, we recommend that people living in Arkansas use a seed bank online to get the high-quality seeds that they need. In a state where the laws are so restrictive, it is hard to come by seeds that are truly high in quality, or at least reliably so.

High-quality seeds are a critical foundation for growing marijuana and are certainly worth the trouble of seeking them out. This is because the quality of seeds will determine the potential yield of your plant. Even if you do everything right, starting with low-quality seeds will almost guarantee disappointment at the time of harvest.

The Problem with Bad Seeds

  • They probably won’t grow
  • The plants will be weaker
  • They take longer to grow

So, how do you source good seeds? Some people insist that getting them from a plant is best. If you are already growing marijuana plants, this may be true. It’s an easy process; simply take the seeds from a plant with excellent genetics. However, this will mean that you must sacrifice a female plant that would otherwise produce rich marijuana buds. If you want weed, you’ll have to wait until your parents produce seeds.

Some people find seeds in their buds, whether from their own plant or from someone else they bought it from. Trust us -- this will not grow you anything worthwhile. Even if it germinates, you won’t have any idea what to expect from the plant, and most likely, it will end up being a waste of your time. These seeds or any low-quality seeds are much more difficult to grow. They might not even germinate, to begin with.

Seed Quality Matters

Your best option is purchasing seeds from online seed banks. Purchasing online is always best, especially if you double-check that the seed bank you’re buying from is reputable and trustworthy. When you order from a seed bank, you can do all of your research on the specific and seeds online- ahead of time. If you order online, you could end up growing the best auto seeds in Arkansas, for example, or perhaps a photosensitive strain that you like better.

Sometimes, if you find some seeds without knowing the source, it could be worth trying out. For this option, you should look closely at the seeds and inspect them. A trained eye can see if they’re unusable. Found seeds are a great way to test out your judgment.

If the seeds look beat up or damaged, they probably aren’t worth the effort. If the seeds are really old (like, more than a few years old), or if they are pale in color or seem incredibly flimsy, that could also mean that their protective coating is no longer intact. If you’re someone who enjoys a risk, it could be worth trying to grow any of these. Keep in mind, there’s a good chance they won’t do anything, or they will take ages to germinate.

Buying Pot Seeds in Arkansas: What You Should Consider

If you are an aspiring Arkansas grower looking for high-quality seeds, you should consider a few things. Where you are growing, and your skill level can help you identify the best type of seed regardless of which online seed bank you chose. Some people go for the best feminized seeds in Arkansas and call it a day, but we recommend digging a little deeper.

Let’s take a look at some tips for picking the right seeds for you. Buying online takes some time. Choose good seeds; that way, for growers in Arkansas, the seed bank shipping costs and effort will not be a waste of time.


You should first consider the climate you will be growing in. Because Arkansas is relatively humid and warm, while winters are somewhat cool, certain types of seeds will work better than others. The best seeds for Arkansas growers will be ones that thrive in temperate climates.

One such strains, Zkittlez Feminized, is an indica-dominant strain with beautiful purple buds that are relatively high in THC (23%). It has a conveniently short flowering period (8 weeks) and tastes and smells delicious. If you grow this, you may be growing one of the best feminized seeds in Arkansas! Of course, you aren’t limited to temperate-thriving strains. There are plenty of cannabis strains that prefer different climates.  With some preparation,  you can grow any marijuana strain indoors.


You should take a good long look at yourself and your skills before committing to a certain seed strain. There is no reason for arrogance here, as you only have yourself to impress. Failing at your harvest because you decided to grow a more difficult strain than you’re ready for would certainly not be impressive. If you’re a beginner, choose beginner seeds.

When you are ready, grow something more challenging. There are plenty of ways to prepare yourself for a more difficult grow, especially if you have some time to read up on different grow techniques. Start improving your skills by downloading The Free Marijuana Grow Bible or reading our blog.

Seed Bank

Your choice of cannabis seed bank will make a huge difference in your harvest. That is because reputable seed banks simply sell more reliable products. How can you tell if an online company is reliable? Check the reviews! Regular growers love sharing their experiences and personalized tips with anyone who happens to be reading it. The same is true for marijuana lovers in general.

The ILGM Difference

  • Stealth delivery - guaranteed
  • Marijuana seeds that sprout
  • Expert tips to help you grow

You can easily find reviews and information about I Love Growing Marijuana because weed lovers talk. We are a well-established, reputable seed bank that provides reliable information and -- even more importantly -- reliable seeds.

Your grow is our goal. You will get what you think you’re getting, and our strong genetics ensure your marijuana plants have the best chance at maximizing their potential. ILGM also sends seeds very discreetly so that, based on the packaging, no one knows you ordered cannabis seeds. We want to help you grow marijuana in Arkansas.

Where to Buy the Best Marijuana Seeds in Arkansas

Whether you’re looking to start growing the best auto seeds in Arkansas or you simply want to grow a humble and effective garden of weed, online seed banks are the way to go. Choosing one that is well-established and has good reviews is generally a safe choice because you will have a much higher guarantee of success.

If you buy from, you are setting yourself up for success. You can filter through different types of seeds and pick a few that fit your climate and growing needs. You can also check out actual reviews from growers who had bought and grown the same seeds. The information on our site helps you learn what to expect from your seeds. At ILGM, your never alone - you have the opportunity to learn from both experts and casual growers!

The Top 5 Cannabis Seeds in Arkansas

Now that you know the basics of buying seeds and growing marijuana in Arkansas let’s take a look at some of the top-selling strains for Arkansas growers. Whether you are growing outdoors for the first time or indoors for the 100th, we have a top-notch strain for you. Each strain has specific characteristics that make it unique, so get to know these popular strains.

Blue Dream Seeds

Blue Dream is a sativa-dominant strain (80%) known for its sweet blueberry scent and calming bodily high. A few tokes send you into a somewhat clear-headed yet euphoric high. This is a plant that grows best outdoors, although it gets very tall. 

If you grow Blue Dream in Arkansas, you must have a discreet place to plant it. There’s also an autoflower version, which is smaller in size and has a shorter flowering time. That is probably the best bet. Blue Dream seeds are moderately easy to grow. 

Durban Poison Seeds

Durban Poison is a pure, 100% sativa strain that gets up to 20% THC levels. This plant is not for beginners, but for those who can pull it off, its yield and effects will be well worth the effort. In fact, this is a strain that does best in an indoor grow setting, and more specifically in a hydroponics setting. If you are a beginner grower, we typically do not recommend hydro growing. However, there’s nothing wrong with trying it out.

Hindu Kush Seeds

If you’re looking for a pure indica that is easy to grow, Hindu Kush is the one for you. Although it grows best indoors, Arkansas residents will enjoy the ease of growing this sweet, earthy bud. Because it is a pure indica, Hindu Kush has a very relaxing high and many therapeutic benefits. Try out your indoor growing skills with this popular strain.

White Widow Seeds

White Widow is a famous strain because of how enjoyable it is to smoke and because it is so easy to grow. Choose your favorite White Widow. We have numerous versions. If you want the fasted harvest, choose the autoflowering version.

White Widow Auto would also be a good choice for anyone who wants to grow outdoors since it is smaller in size and, therefore, more discreet. This indica-leaning hybrid has a sweet, spicy, earthy aroma and taste. It makes users feel happy, relaxed and uplifted.

Gorilla Glue Seeds

Gorilla Glue is a 50/50 hybrid strain with a powerful punch. It has very high THC levels, clocking in at up to 26%, which leaves the user feeling euphoric and uplifted. Gorilla Glue plants grow to a pretty tall height, making it a no-so-discreet grow for outdoor growers. However, it does well in indoor grow environments. You can also try the autoflower version for a faster grow and a smaller size.