Best Tasting Strains

The best tasting cannabis strains


Best Tasting Cannabis Strains

Cannabis cultivation has been perfected over the years, leading to new and tastier strains. We’ve learned what grows well and how to combine strains into better strains. This wasn’t always the case. In the 1970s, you’d only find Landrace strains. Now we have some of the best-tasting cannabis strains to experiment with.

Whether you’re a lover of fine wine or you simply appreciate good tasting weed, life’s pleasures are best savored. Cannabis is no exception. There are hundreds of strains to choose from, and many of these best-tasting weed strains are easy to grow. When you’re ready to delight your senses, rely on ILGM for some of the tastiest flavors on the planet. The list above includes our best tasting cannabis strains - all in one place.

Whether you love the sweet taste of tropical fruits or you kill your munchies with candy, you’ll find some of the tastiest marijuana strains at I Love Growing Marijuana.

Delicious Weed Seeds to Try

Full-flavored and fruity to the max, many people love the tropical flavor of Pineapple Haze. It’s definitely one of the best tasting weed strains around, but it’s also known for its large yields. This 70% Sativa hybrid is a strain made for savoring. Enjoy it during the day for a happy, energetic buzz. It’s great for stimulating creativity or making it easier to socialize. This strain grows best indoors or in sunny Mediterranean conditions. Expect flowers in around 12 weeks.

Strawberry Cough also delivers a mouthful of fruity sweetness along with a cerebral high that leaves you feeling focused and clear-headed. Legend has it; this strain was originally grown in a strawberry field, leading to its deliciously sweet strawberry taste. This 80% Sativa strain delivers moderate levels of THC and is perfect for beginner growers. Expect flowers in as little as 8 weeks.

Buy the Best Tasting Cannabis Strains

We ship cannabis seeds worldwide, and we take pride in sending seeds to our happy customers securely and discreetly. Our seeds include a 100% germination guarantee, so you can rest assured that your best tasting strain seeds will flourish into beautiful plants with a little love. Our diverse selection of some of the best-tasting strains worldwide makes it easy to experience that Californian chilled-out vibe or the free-spirited yet practical Dutch effect. When you’re ready to grow some delicious weed, our best tasting strains collection will place you in the right direction.

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