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Blue Weed Strains

Blue Weed Strains

Blue weed strains

About Blue Weed Strains

Blue weed strains are beautiful, taste delicious and have effects like no other. They get their vibrant color as their buds develop, leading to beautiful blues that are revered by expert cannabis growers.

The color intensity of blue weed strains depends on a couple of factors; firstly, your choice of strain. The other factor is your growing conditions. Cannabis plants that are exposed to colder temperatures during the later parts of the flowering stage will often produce striking blue colors.

The History of Blue Weed Strains

The first-ever blue weed strain to achieve worldwide recognition is the legendary Blueberry. It is an Indica dominant hybrid strain that mixes cannabis plants from Thailand and Mexico. Blueberry was originally created in the Netherlands by DJ Short in the 1970s and rapidly gained popularity. Blueberry won the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2000.

While there’s no concrete evidence, cannabis folklore says that all true blue weed strains contain genetics from Blueberry. That’s one reason why this strain has been the base strain for some of the most potent and fruitiest strains on the planet.

Blue Dream is another strain with a rich history, this blue weed strains seeds were first planted in the surf town of Santa Cruz, California. Originally created as medical marijuana by crossbreeding Blueberry and Santa Cruz Haze, it became the go-to strain for West Coast cannabis growers and dispensaries.

Where Do Blue Weed Strains Get Their Color?

Blue weed strains like Blueberry get their blue and violet color from anthocyanins; flavonoids that become visible when there is no green chlorophyll remaining in the leaves or buds of the marijuana plant. These natural plant substances aren’t just in cannabis. Anthocyanins are present in regular household items that we consume every day like red cabbage, raspberries and eggplants.

Cold weather isn’t the only thing needed to turn cannabis blue. For marijuana flowers to turn a color other than green, they need the right genetics. Start with strains known to turn blue, then manipulate them to produce the richest blue colors by keeping the temperature as low as possible.

Blue Weed Strains Seeds

To grow your own blue weed strains, start with the highest quality seeds. I Love Growing Marijuana carries a large collection of both feminized and autoflowering marijuana seeds. We stock the famed Blueberry strain, known worldwide for its delicious taste and relaxing high since the 1970s. If you have the space, grow the original Blueberry indoors or outdoors, or try the smaller Blueberry autoflower.

We also carry Blue Haze, a sativa dominant hybrid that provides a clear-headed and full-bodied high. It also boasts a delicious scent and flavor. For many, Blue Haze is a pure piece of art with sparkling crystal trichomes and a striking color.

I Love Growing Marijuana specializes in carrying high-quality seeds for both beginner and expert growers. We also guarantee our seeds will sprout! Check out these blue weed strains and many of our other strains, and get started growing your next great plant.

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