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California Cannabis Seeds

The best marijuana seeds for California

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The best marijuana seeds for California

About California Cannabis Seeds

California is a great place to try growing marijuana for the first time or to continue growing every season throughout the years. Not only is the climate sunny and warm, but the state is also quite friendly to anyone who enjoys weed or grows marijuana plants.

In terms of growing Cannabis seeds, California has three distinct regions. The sunny southern region is mild and dry, perfect for growing most sativas. The northernmost areas boast old-growth forests and freshwater-fed mountainsides that are perfect for indicas. Everywhere else is that perfect 65 to 75 degrees with moderate rain that Cannabis loves - also known as the Mediterranean climate.

While these conditions make the idea of cultivating California marijuana seeds quite favorable, there's also a practical aspect to growing marijuana. Besides buying items for the perfect setup for growing marijuana, growers must also buy Cannabis seeds in the first place.

A California seed bank might sell marijuana seeds in California, but the best way to know whether the seed bank you're buying from provides high-quality products is its reputation. One positive aspect of buying seeds in California from an online seed bank -- is that you can check out hundreds of reviews and comments on any strain. This knowledge helps you know what you're getting yourself into. A good place to start is ILGM.

California Marijuana Seeds

Buying pot seeds in California is no easy task, even if it's easy to grow. Part of the problem is that marijuana is common in California, and seed quality can vary hugely. There is no way to know if the seeds bought from the seed bank down the road will germinate or not. You also won't know whether the prices are competitive.

This does not mean you won't find good brick and mortar Cannabis seed banks -- there are certainly good ones around! But if you want to ensure high-quality marijuana seeds, ordering online is your best bet. An online store makes it easy to research specific strains and find reputable, well-established seed banks.

ILGM, for example, has over 25 years of experience! Plus, there are tons of positive ratings and reviews to show for it. We're so confident in our product that we guarantee the Cannabis seeds we ship. That means that if one, two, or even more weed seeds do not germinate for some reason, you'll receive replacements of those weed seeds -- for free!

California has a long history with marijuana - since 1996 - and most people in this state are fairly accepting of the practice. However, marijuana is highly regulated in California, making it easy to purchase licenses and manage the marijuana industry; however, it did not simplify the supply chain for acquiring pot seeds in California.

Although many adults feel comfortable cultivating marijuana in California, finding Cannabis seeds might be a bit of a challenge. If you don't have the best Cannabis seeds in California already, it is very difficult (if not impossible) to end up with high-quality plants.

The ILGM Difference

  • Stealth delivery - guaranteed
  • High-quality weed seeds
  • Expert Cannabis growing tips

You're also likely neglecting potential yields. It might be that you don't want anything fancy, like the best auto seeds in California, but even so, you're going to want something that will grow, and grow well. To do that, your best bet is to buy online.

If you aren't already aware of the difference a high-quality or low-quality Cannabis seed can make, pay attention. Low-quality seeds can ruin all of your efforts. Low quality means poor genetics, and your Cannabis seeds' genetics determine how good (or bad) your plants become.

A Cannabis plant is limited by the potential of its seed. If you have low-quality marijuana seeds, they might not even germinate, to begin with -- making them a total waste of money and time. Even if they do germinate, their yield might be disappointing, or they might struggle to stay healthy and alive.

If you invest time and energy into choosing high-quality seeds, you will have much more positive results -- it is definitely worth the investment.

Buying Pot Seeds in California: What You Should Consider

Several factors are worth considering when you are growing weed in California. These factors should determine which types, or strains, of marijuana seeds you should buy. If you're growing outdoors, you should choose a strain that grows well in your local California climate.

Choosing your best Cannabis strain may mean growing the best auto seeds in California or finding beginner-friendly strains that produce hardy plants. Just make sure you understand what you are buying. For indoor growers, choose strains that do well in whatever your environment looks like -- whether that means buying the best feminized seeds in California or any other kind of seed, your environment should match your seed.

The good news is, in California, seed bank shipping is top quality these days. This is mainly the case if you are ordering from a reputable company such as ILGM. With us, that means whatever strain you choose, you can rest assured that our Cannabis seeds will arrive at your house or apartment safely. Finally, choose marijuana seeds that work well with your level of expertise. If you're a beginner, you should buy beginner seeds -- otherwise, you might have regrets when it is time to harvest.


If you're not planning on growing your plants indoors (which you can do year-round), you should think about the vast array of climate zones within California. There are two dozen different climate zones to choose from, so make sure you have accurately identified yours.

ILGM lets you search marijuana seeds by climate - which is recommended for any outdoor cultivation. Southern California should look for seeds designed for a sunny climate, while northern parts of the state might do well with autoflowering strains. The most important thing to remember is to buy marijuana seeds whose descriptions (and reviews) align with your climate conditions.

How to Pick the Perfect Seeds

  • Consider your climate
  • Know your skill level
  • Choose the best seed bank

One issue specific to Californians is water conservation and quality. For rules around this, familiarize yourself with the California Water Boards Cannabis Cultivation Policy. This policy's purpose is ensuring water runoff coming from Cannabis cultivation does not have any negative environmental impacts. Learning the policy, especially if you plan to grow many plants, can help ensure you are not breaking any rules or accidentally harming the local environment.

Because you can only grow six plants at a time in California, we recommend a high yielding strain for the best value. Try Girl Scout Cookies Extreme Feminized. We're convinced it might just come from the best feminized seeds in California (although we suppose that is a subjective measurement). The autoflower variety grows faster and has a shorter growing season overall.


As mentioned briefly above, stay away from the difficult strains unless you are a veteran grower. Only choose beginner-friendly seeds if you are not very experienced, or especially if you are an absolute beginner. To improve your skills, you should do some research and get some practice. A great place to start is our Free Marijuana Grow Bible.

If you are interested in growing commercially in California, you are likely past the beginner stage, but there's always more to learn about staying within the law. Visit our blog to learn the basics of starting a legal marijuana business in California.

Seed Bank

Your final considerations should be the seed bank itself. For growers in California, a seed bank online is the most reliable way to go. For growers throughout the United States and in California, seed bank shipping is easy and reliable, removing much of the hassle. Cannabis seeds in California are a dime a dozen, but quality Cannabis seeds are harder to come by. You'll only find them at quality seed banks. If you order through an online seed bank like ILGM, you can pass by any possible quality risks.

Where to Buy the Best Marijuana Seeds in California

The best seeds come from the best seed banks. Luckily, no matter where you live in California, you can have Cannabis seeds delivered right to your doorstep. These shipments are stealthy, with external packaging that doesn't reveal the presence of seeds. In California, our stealthy shipping is less about getting caught by the law and more about not tempting thieves to steal your package.

Shipping aside, ILGM is well established and well known for its wide selection of high-quality seeds. Scroll through and see the experiences of other growers for yourself. It helps to know that what you are ordering is worth the money.

The Top 5 Cannabis Seeds for Sale in California

There are many Cannabis seeds, but here are some of the top-selling strains in California. Our feminized Cannabis seeds produce female plants, and we guarantee it. Here are descriptions of some of our customers' favorite strains so you can decide whether or not you'd like to grow them.

Durban Poison Seeds

Durban Poison is entirely sativa, meaning it loves the sun and grows quite tall. When growing indoors, keep it tamed and trimmed. Durban Poison has a short flowering phase of only eight weeks or so, making it a good choice if you want to have multiple grows per season. It is also great for a generally fast grow. When you smoke it, you'll find yourself feeling euphoric, uplifted, happy, and relaxed.

Hindu Kush Seeds

Hindu Kush is an ideal beginner strain. It allows plenty of room for error and is good even in the less ideal grow spaces. If you want to try your hand at indoor growing, Hindu Kush is a great way to go.

Hindu Kush is 100% indica with a heavy sedating effect that many people love for their end-of-day smoke. If you want to accomplish anything after smoking, Hindu Kush is not the best choice. This strain will put you to bed while also relieving your troubles and fears.

White Widow Seeds

Everyone knows about White Widow because it has been around for ages, it's an easy and smooth smoke, and it's super easy and fun to grow. It's such a staple (in both the United States and worldwide) that ILGM offers multiple varieties of it.

The original White Widow has regular, feminized Cannabis seeds, which can be grown in just about any environment, especially indoors. The second is an auto flowering strain, which grows faster and does better when it is grown outdoors. The third is CBD autoflower seeds, which are high in CBD and is often used therapeutically.

Gorilla Glue Seeds

Gorilla Glue is a 50/50 hybrid with some excellent genetics. The auto flowering variety is very popular because it has all of the positive traits plus some additional benefits -- namely, that it will grow faster. Gorilla Glue autoflower seeds go from germination to harvest in a record amount of time.

Gorilla Glue is known for its potency. Our feminized Cannabis seeds boast incredibly high THC levels (26 percent!) and will make you feel super happy and uplifted.

Blue Dream Autoflower Seeds

Blue Dream is another easy-to-grow strain that works well for beginners. Like any autoflower, it contains ruderalis genes, which are the very things to make it grow smaller on average compared to “normal” marijuana plants. This strain's sturdiness is highly desirable for many growers, especially when coupled with the fact that it flowers in 8-10 weeks.

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