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Seeds for a Cool Climate

The best weed strains for outdoor growing in a cooler climate

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Seeds for a Cool Climate

Growing marijuana outdoors can be challenging in cold, damp climates. However, it doesn’t need to be impossible. Cannabis can grow anywhere. If you’re looking for marijuana seeds that grow in cold climate conditions, these are some of the best. A few of these in your shopping cart will last you all winter.

Marijuana has three distinct growth phases. First is the seedling stage, where plants need plenty of light and attention. Then, there’s the vegetative stage. During this time, cannabis plants grow in size and strength to prepare for flowers. Finally, during the flowering stage, they develop their cannabinoids and terpenes.

Although we want our cannabis plants to grow as fast as possible, each stage is crucial for growing high-quality marijuana. Unfortunately, the vegetative stage only lasts if the temperature stays warm. This stage also needs sunlight. Sunlight and warm temperatures can be hard to provide outdoors in colder climates -especially during Fall.

How to Grow Outdoors In Cool Climates

For the best possible marijuana, a cannabis plant must receive enough light during its vegetative stage. Indoors, this is easy with artificial lights. Outdoors, it is the will of nature.

The warm temperature won't hang around forever. That's why, when the timing is critical auto flowering marijuana is the way to go. The fact is, if you want to grow where it is cold, you'll need autoflowering cold weather seeds. Our collection of cool climate seeds flower quickly. These autoflowering strains reach the flowering phase before it gets too cold for them to grow.

Timing is key when growing outdoors in a cooler area. You must plant your cannabis seeds when you know they will receive plenty of sunlight. They must finish their vegetative stage before the energy from the sun goes away. Use our Grow calendar to help calculate when that will be. If you know your environment will not produce enough sunlight, grow indoors with lights.

You Can Plant Weed in Winter

Autoflowering cannabis makes it possible to grow year-round. The easiest way to do this is by keeping your plant indoors. However, if you can ensure mild temperatures, they can grow outside as well. Some places have mild enough temperatures for wintertime growing. Others may need to use greenhouses and heaters to prevent frost damage. Whenever you choose to plant, if cold temperatures are a concern, planning is critical auto flowers are the solution.

Autoflowering plants combine Siberian Ruderalis genetics with popular marijuana varieties. This combination led to hearty, rugged plants that can survive the occasional frost. That doesn't mean all auto flowers are suitable for winter growing. However, in general, they tend to be much better adapted.

How to Know If It’s Too Cold to Grow Weed

Marijuana can grow well where it's cool and survive where it's cold. In the Northern hemisphere, a cool climate might occasionally have cold September temperatures. Colder climates, on the other hand, frequently have frigid Septembers that sometimes freeze. For cannabis strains, regular freezing temperatures are not okay. However, a hearty plant should be able to survive one day of freezing temperatures.

If your area never freezes by mid-October, you do not need cold weather plants. It's probably best if you choose one that is suitable for warm environments. If you plant cannabis strains that are best in cold climates in a warm climate, your plant may never reach its full terpene potential.

Growing Marijuana Strains in Colder Climates

Marijuana strains that thrive in cool weather have a few similar traits. Besides having shorter vegetative periods, cold climate autoflowering seeds also need less sunlight. This one fact means you can grow these strains in cloudy conditions, such as in Europe or the Pacific Northwest.

While needing less sun helps autoflowering strains survive, it also makes them more at risk for mold. That’s why the best strains for growing in cold climates are also mold resistant. Many cold-weather varieties produce hearty, mold-resistant marijuana plants. Finding them is the hardest part.

If you decide to buy marijuana seeds cold climate conditions limit your selection, but they do not make it impossible.

Top Cannabis Strains for Cold Weather

To grow a marijuana plant outdoors from seed in cold weather conditions, you’ll need high-quality autoflowering cannabis seeds. Without this, your plant may move through the vegetative cycle fast but suffer during the flowering stage.

If you’re wondering who sells the best autoflowering strains for outdoor cold climate conditions, the answer is clear. It’s us.

Here are a few of the marijuana seeds best for cold climate growing :

Purple Kush

In general, indicas grow well in cold weather, however many strains struggle with mold. Purple Kush is a pure Indica with high mold and pest resistance. Experienced growers are rewarded with THC levels that can reach up to 22%. It also produces a euphoric head high instead of a mind-numbing couchlock.

If pruned, Purple Kush strains grow well outdoors in cold weather. The flowering time is eight weeks and yields between 5 and 9oz of marijuana.

Purple Haze

Here’s another purple strain that will put you in a good mood. Purple Haze is a sativa dominant cannabis strain that is an easy grow and delivers great yields. Although it’s mostly sativa, this average-sized plant flowers fast and produces relaxed vibes. The 20% THC is also a nice reward.

Purple Haze is easy to grow outdoors and has a flowering time of just nine weeks. Cooler temperatures will help turn it purple. The average yields reach 14-19oz.

Gorilla Glue Autoflower

The autoflowering version of this strain grows great in most climates, has high THC levels, and is easy to grow. Guerilla Glue Autoflower is a quick-growing, balanced hybrid that relaxes and uplifts at the same time. When it comes to potency, this gorilla makes itself known. The THC content in this strain can reach 26%.

Gorilla Glue is one of the best outdoor autoflowering cannabis strains. The autoflowering version flowers in 8 weeks and yields up to six ounces.

White Widow Autoflower

This classic indica dominant cannabis strain is one that’s known for delivering good moods and a relaxed experience. White Widow is also incredibly easy to grow in most climates. Many choose to grow this plant indoors, due to its small size. However, its ruderalis genetics mean it will grow perfectly outdoors as well.

White Widow plants can reach 19% THC. This autoflowering cannabis yields between 4 and ounces.

Northern Lights Autoflower

Northern Lights is another easy-to-grow indica dominant strain that is suitable for cold climates. Since the autoflowering version flowers in only eight weeks, it can grow outdoors in areas with very short summers. Many people are familiar with the ultra calming effects of Northern Lights. This strain boasts deep relaxation and happy vibes.

A Northern Lights plant can produce up to 6 ounces of marijuana and 18% THC.

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