Medium THC

THC levels between 15 and 18%

THC levels between 15 and 18%

About Medium THC Marijuana

These seeds are supplied with decent THC levels without the knock-out!

THC concentration in the Cannabis plant is expressed as the percentage of THC per the dry weight of the marijuana. Marijuana is the leaves and flowers from the Cannabis plant. Hashish is the secretions of resins from the plant itself.

In the United States, the average concentration of THC available for purchase is:

  • 1-5% in Cannabis
  • 5-15% in hashish
  • 20% in hashish oil

However, the average THC seeds sold on today's market can yield Cannabis with 15-20% THC or even more than that!

Why Choose Average THC Seeds

Recreational users who prefer a less intense high go with strains with average THC levels. Consumers are not left feeling incapacitated because the high is lighter than that of high THC strains. For those who use average THC strains for medicinal purposes, they monitor and administer their own doses, according to need.

Recreational doses of average THC Cannabis have been found to help users:

  • Become relaxed
  • Feel sense of well-being
  • Relax inhibitions
  • Feel sedated
  • Improve moods
  • Decrease panicked reactions
  • Lower paranoia levels
  • Improve appetite
  • Become more aware of hearing, smell, sight, and taste

This particular level of THC is popular with both sporadic and regular users. If the strain is sinsemilla, it only takes about 1-3 hits for users to achieve the desired effect, or high. Experts suggest that a single marijuana joint is equivalent to one or two drops of hash oil placed on a cigarette.

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